650 thousand rubles paid for the autograph of Lily Brik for the book "it"
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And other results of book auctions "Cabinet" of 22 June

Extensive catalog of book auctions "Cabinet" of 22 June it was broken into two sessions. The first session consisted of 380 lots of books, photos, autographs and postcards, and a separate string of books, photographs and posters of the great Patriotic war. In the second session were present the entire collection of bibliophile Tambov Nikolay A. Nikiforov (1914-2003), gathered over 35 years.

a Dozen spectators in the room mostly just watching the lots go to the phone players, or the Internet, and sometimes — on zaochke. However, in some cases, and the audience could-то to purchase. The final statistics look very encouraging for the end of June: sold lot 181 of 428 (42 %); the total result of RUB 7.8 million (54% of the average total estimate).

the Most expensive lot of the evening was the book of a German engineer Johann Ludwig Hogreve "Description of shipping channels excavated in England in 1759 and now for the most part over, internal communication most illustrious trading cities, prisovokupleniem experience the history of inland navigation, and all this day inside and outside Europe famous navigable channels" translated into Russian language and published by the Imperial Academy of Sciences in 1800 on the orders of Paul I. In the extremely rare in the antique market a book online-игрока argued with 500 to 750 thousand rubles (estimated 500-550 thousand rubles).

the Second top-лот — is the already mentioned edition of the poem of Vladimir Mayakovsky "About this" (М.; PG.: LEF, 1923) were of particular value to bibliophiles with autograph of the poet's lover Lili Brik. This is a brief inscription of Lily Brik in the address of Boris kokhno, dated 14 October 1945. The book was estimated at 200-220 thousand rubles, however, several participants in the Internet, two phone player and one in the hall estimate quickly overcame and exceeded three times. The lot was bought online-участником for 650 thousand rubles.

the Third cost lot — instance the three-volume work "the Asian Russia" in 1914 with running a separate book Atlas, book jackets and transit boxes. Edition was bought on launch for 440 thousand RUB over party online.

With a fourfold excess of the estimate have been sold a book of essays of the writer V. G. Korolenko "hungry years" with the autograph of the author (2-е ed. SPb.: Publishing of magazine "Russian wealth"; Tipo-лит. B. M. Wolf, 1894). Per lot fought two phone and Internet. With an assessment of 20-22 thousand rubles dotorgovalas to 85 thousand.

Deltiologists horse lovers addressed to was 139-й lot — collection of 571 cards with photographs and hand-drawn stories connected with horses. For Russian and European postcards and photographs of the early twentieth century "TRISTANIA" was between multiple online-игроками and one phone. The result is a lot of 100-110 thousand RUB rose to 260 thousand rubles (not including auction house Commission). Won the race to the telephone participant.

several times was exceededestimate the autograph of Alexander Vertinsky. The manuscript of the poem, 1952 "Farewell dinner", dedicated to the neighbor Vertinsky giving E. A. Elsina, was bought for 270 thousand RUB when assessing 60-65 thousand.

In the second session of the auction devoted entirely to the collection of Nikolay Nikiforov, the most expensive lot was the book "the Children of Lenin" in 1926 with a design by Boris Kustodiev: the lot gave 100 thousand rubles (estimate 95-100 thousand RUB).

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