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Young artists: make and conquer. Part 1
ARTinvestment.RU   07 февраля 2020

The change of generations of collectors, which is celebrated since the beginning of 2010-х, brought to the art market a new generation, armed with their own taste, allergic to set the trends and the habit of buying pre-looking at the indexes of the artist on the Internet

Collectors, based on the rule of the real estate market The Best and The Rest ("best — and the rest"), began quietly to undermine the concept of "middle class" and among artists, focusing on the most expensive segment and at the same time digging out the mines in search of young raw talents. According to Artprice, the art market valued from $5 thousand to $20 thousand over the last five years has tripled. In the civilized world it means today, buy young.

the Metamorphosis in the preferences of the collectors pulled him and another, slightly less visible, changes: many contests and grants in recent years have increased the age limit for "young artists" from 35 to 40 years. On the one hand, in order to throw more awards and bright gowns on young shoulders, in the light of increasing demand. On the other —, the concept of "young artist" in the world is associated not only with reproductive art-возрастом as the beginning of a career. And in recent years, given the increased number of educational programs and cross-культурных collaborations, to create pieces of art were the representatives of many humanitarian professions.

the Central question today before the young and advanced in age "intuitive independence": if you as the artist created himself, with whom, in the end you need to sell? And whether or not to trust someone-то but themselves if clients using active feed Instagram you find more leads than your supervisor or the agent? Online and print publications you can find dozens of recommendations what to do and what not to do to the artist in self-promotion, and also in communication with an agent or gallery. On the market there are services that can be called "remote supervision" from agents who represent several artists, to online-галерей opening for a nominal fee (but a significant percentage) mini-экспозиции artist on the Internet and promise a guaranteed sale and the attention of collectors.

As a young artist to understand how and with whom to work and what to require from the partnership? Face it together.

First and foremost: if you dream of entering the international market, you need professional art education. CV economic, legal and even humanitarian education, even in the presence of the "certificate course for young art-бойца", immediately lay down: art-образование the essence of the pledge of added value in the eyes of the international collector. A Russian classic education — is one of the best in the world, with a small addition: we have still not talking to students about the role of the concept (ideas) the basis of any work. the Senses in art the artist in recent times expressed a hundred and fifty years ago, before the era of the Impressionists with a steam locomotive and a camera. Since that time it's time thought in art.

Important: if you are a genius by nature, sooner or later you will be noticed and invited. But think a hundred times: the artist of today must be controlled by the gallery, and the genius and control are usually incompatible. Of course, if you are satisfied with the attention of the Russian business-элиты to your pictures in combination with a short skirt to decorate the office — educationthe artist does not need. If seeking to enter the world history of painting — go for the diploma!

On. In the international practice of training of the artist there is such a discipline as Self-PR and Self-Promotion other words, an independent business-становление and promotion. Many people mistakenly believe that the independence of the author does not involve interaction with an agent or supervisor, but it is not. Artist are taught how to exist and succeed in the market ecosystem, as well as tell you where to look for, what criteria to choose and how to interact with agents and supervisors. This training has two objectives:

  • At the time of release from the educational institution, the artist must understand the needs of market participants (galleries, collectors) and to be able, respectively, to present their work;
  • the Artist must know the mechanisms of work of agents and supervisors — so it will be easier to choose a decent Manager, to efficiently deliver tasks and require their decision.

What is included in these disciplines?

  • Identity: understanding strengths and weaknesses, creating and honing their personal statements;
  • the optimization of the working process from cost planning to accounting revolving Fund works;
  • CV and presentation: the two main documents of the artist;
  • the Creation of visual identifiers: a website, social network;
  • Participation in competitions residences and grant [email protected] semicolon
  • The interaction with the external environment and the media: from interviews to master-классов in his own Studio;
  • Rules galleries: exploration, interaction, negotiation process;
  • Legal issues: the contract system, copyright;
  • the Basis of mechanisms of the art market and the functionality of its main players.

continuing the series we solve each of these points, highlighting and summarizing the main additions as of the beginning of 2020.

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