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Artists in the series "the Red Queen"
ARTinvestment.RU   17 марта 2016

Faith Aralova, Leo Life, Slava Zaitsev, Boris Messerer — artists who were friends and took part in the fate of the "Russian Sophia Loren", mannequins Regina's Life

the Beginning of the show on the First channel of the series "the Red Queen" dramatically affected the attendance of the site ARTinvestment.RU. Internet users suddenly began to be actively interested in biography Faith Aralova — artist and leading specialist of the all-Union house of fashion on Kuznetsky most. It is 1960-х found and brought to the podium Regina Zbarsky — the first beauty of the Soviet Union, "the most beautiful weapon of the Kremlin", "Russian Sophia Loren". The series is based on the true story of fatal love and the tragic fate Zbarsky Regina (nee Zoe Kolesnikova). In fact, the script was written by life itself, and even in the rich decorations of the time. History has provided everything necessary for adventure novel: a beautiful woman, sweet Bohemian life, foreigners, counterintelligence, artists, poets and of course artists. But Faith Aralova, in the history around the House models featured the young head of the experimental Department Slava Zaitsev (in life, not only fashion designer but also a painter), dandy and successful Soviet plot Felix-Лев Zbarsky, who was a friend of the artist Boris Messerer, actor Igor Kvasha and many other prominent figures in the artistic environment. For queries on the website shows that people are interested in their real biography, art, prices for works. Well, it is to us, at.

the Announcement of the series "the Red Queen" Source: 1tv.ru

the Artist Vera Aralova Ippolitovna-Паттерсон (1911-2001) was held as a theatre designer and artist-модельер. Designed productions of the Moscow art Theater, Theater. City Council etc. to Her clothing brought her national and international recognition. In 1956 she received a gold medal at the International competition of clothes in Warsaw.

Patterson it on her husband, an American fighter for equality who remained in the USSR and worked as an announcer on the radio (in Komsomolsk-на-Амуре Lloyd Patterson a memorial plaque). One of their three sons — James — many of our readers have seen in your favorite movie Stalin — "Circus". Remember, in the final scene, Lyubov Orlova cuddle the Negro and sings the song "Broad is my native land"? That's just a little Jim, the son Aralova. Later he became a Soviet officer-подводником, wrote poetry, published. In 1990-е James Patterson immigrated to the United States, the homeland of his father, took the mother. And her paintings. Yes, in addition to applied graphics, Vera Ippolitovna was engaged in easel painting.

At the auction of her paintings appeared only once — in 1992, on a small French auctionsite and therefore was sold for a "symbolic" money in the range of $1000. At the Russian auction of her work appeared, too, once, in 2005. Then, 11 years ago, two sheets of theatrical graphics Aralova were sold respectively for $850 and $550.

the husband of the models — artist Felix-Лев Zbarsky — mythical figure of his time. When the movie was made, he was still alive. Although already terminally ill (lung cancer) and led a reclusive lifestyle. Academy died in new-йоркском hospice just one month ago — 22 Feb 2016.

Zbarsky emigrated from the USSR in 1972, in the Prime of life and career. The artist was the son of Boris Barskova — chief specialist of embalming Lenin. Felix-Лев (uncredited normally Felix, and friends in Moscow called Lion) was a talented and very successful schedule, and book artist. He designed works of Yuri Olesha, Korney Chukovsky and many others. The expense of books went to ten. And there were more shows and cartoons. The USSR Academy was a very wealthy man. But nonetheless left.

In new-Йорке he has lived since 1978. Write that he had a big loft, the artist lived surrounded by its own sculpture, was a frequent visitor, even in the face of the restaurant "Russian samovar". His works certainly have friends and collectors. But in the auction market, they were not asked even once. Once I did that I saw Barskogo lithography on the forum. And never met. But I think that soon his work will appear on the market, and the series will definitely give this process impetus.

Slava Zaytsev, Vyacheslav Mikhailovich, the person needs no introduction. An outstanding Russian couturier and then a very young Director, was a key person in the modeling career of Regina Zbarsky. He has repeatedly taken part in its destiny, helped to get back on the podium after the suicide attempts. Interestingly, the man sharp tongue and is quite ruthless in, and decades later spoke highly of the personal and professional qualities of Russian fashion models.

But now on the other. Fashion designer Vyacheslav Zaitsev has long been seriously engaged in painting and easel graphics. His work has been exhibited and sold at auction. Auction record is £4 800 / $6 000 for a large pastel. Approximately the same cost its spectacular costumes.

Boris Messerer Asafovich — theatre artist, husband of the poetess Bella Akhmadulina, 1960-е was a close friend of Leo Barskogo. I do not know what role to play him in the movie, but in real life she was.

Boris Messerer know buyers of the Auction, we sold a lot of his work. Literally in February his drawing for the Auction AI went for 120 000 rubles. But the record belongs to watercolor "Portrait of Marianne Vertinskaya" (second wife of Leo Barskogo), which in 2014 was sold for 180 000.

Everything passes, but remain beautiful story and of course artwork. The series "Red Queen" will end next week, on Monday. The final series will be shown in 21:35.

Sources: liveinternet.ru, bbc.com, sobesednik.ru

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