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Sculpture Murano glass Andrea Tagliapietra — on the auction AI
ARTinvestment.RU   28 июля 2015

The beauty of Murano glass creates the talent of the artists and the endless variety of traditional, forgotten and newly discovered, author and modern techniques. Andrea Tagliapietra — of those few wizards who possess the secrets of Murano glass

ARTinvestment.RU continues to acquaint its readers with the works of the masters of Murano glass. Last year we have addressed this topic in connection with the appearance of our trades glass vases and sculptures David Salvador. This time it will be about not less talented wizard Tagliapietra Andrea (Andrea Tagliapietra), whose the sculpture "Ribbon" today put up for auction AI.

Andrea Tagliapietra was born in Murano on February 17, 1955. At the age of 14 he started working in the glass workshop, following the example of his father Erminio — at that time one of the most gifted masters of the glass case in the firm Salviati & C, founded in the mid-nineteenth century. After ten years of working as an assistant in the Studio, in 1979 Andrea Tagliapietra received the title of master.

In 1980, as a recognized master, he was able to awaken their own vision and to create works that eventually became successful and popular. The works of Andrea Tagliapietra appreciated for their unique expression and style, their balance of form and color, comparable with works of great glass masters of the first half of the twentieth century.

In 1983, the work of Andrea Tagliapietra "Motherhood" was selected for exhibition in the Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation in Venice, where he started his show career a number of leading contemporary artists. After Venice of Andrea Tagliapietra participated in exhibitions in Vienna, Linz, Villach, Las Vegas, Nevada, palm-Бич, new-Йорке, Chicago, Bern and Tokyo; many of them straight from the exhibition booths were sold to private collections.

in order to better understand the work of Andrea Tagliapietra, the specifics of his creative approach to such complex material, such as glass, it is necessary to turn to the heritage of his teacher Nason of Ermanno (Ermanno Nason). From this follower of Picasso and tireless experimenter on the part of noble and at the same time bold forms as well as brand new chemical compositions and color combinations, Andrea Tagliapietra adopted many professional secrets that have made him one of the leading contemporary masters of the avant-garde sculpture.

Work Taliapietra distinct organic forms. The wizard specializes in sculptures created from a single piece of glass, and sculptures of glass with the effect of "natural chalcedony". "Chalcedony" glass — is glass with multicoloured veins, imitating the coloring of the stone chalcedony. It is obtained by adding to the glass a lot of various metallic impurities at certain intervals of time. Invented this technique was in the middle of the XV century, then lost and rediscovered about 150 years ago. Today it belongs to the limited circle of the masters of Murano, including Andrea Tagliapietra.

the sculptures of Andrea Tagliapietra today are sold mainly through galleries and the Internet. At auction they appeared until just a couple of times and at very affordable prices. Within a few hundred euros you can afford the product, able to fit perfectly into any interior.

Sources: muranonet.com, mondodomani.org, pacificwaveglassart.wix.com, artinvestment.ru

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