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Andrea Yes, Passano (Endré)
ARTinvestment.RU   01 августа 2014

In the catalog one of the closest auction included a sketch of a theatrical suit of the work of the author under the pseudonym Endré. The French regarded him as their compatriot, by the Italians @the mdas, and he was born in St.-Петербурге and was the native grandson Saltykov-Щедрина

In the catalog of one of the closest auction included a sketch of a theatrical suit of the work of the author under the pseudonym Endré. The French regarded him as their compatriot, by the Italians @the mdas, and, meanwhile, was born in St.-Петербурге, was the son of Lisa — beloved daughter of writer Saltykov-Щедрина, and therefore, the native grandson of the great Russian satirist.

Andrei, Yes Passano (we will call it the name received at birth, although the names and aliases he had many: Andrei de Bassano, Andrea da Passano, Andrea Da Passano, DaP, Endré) — designer, comic book artist and a spiritualist — was born 21 November 1905 in St.-Петербурге, the son of an American Italian Marquis eugène Yes Passano and Elizaveta Saltykova, daughter of M. E. Saltykov-Щедрина. After the October revolution, poverty forced family to move to Paris (thought for a while, was @forever mdas). It was there that Andrea (in France it was called Endre) began to develop their creative abilities. Already with 16 years he painted the costumes for the famous music-холла "Foley-Бержер" (Folies Bergères) in the Rue richer, 9th-м district of the capital (under the pseudonym Endré). In addition, he designed the submission mistarget in the famous cabaret "Moulin Rouge" and painted posters for couturier Pasco (Pascaud).

With the advent of sound film music-холл fell into decay, and Passano was forced to withdraw completely in the picture. From 1926 to 1932 he designed the playful magazine "Le Sourire" ("Smiling"), and also made the illustrations for two books by French novelist Félicien, Sampsa (Félicien Champsaur) and publishers Ferenczi (Éditions Ferenczi). In France he is best known for a series of works 1932 "Le gigolo à travers les ages" ("Gigolo through the years"). Endre works are often erotic, they show the passion of the author in historical costume, fairy tales and mythology. Yet another economic crisis once again thwarted artist, he tried happiness in London and the US, but in the end, in 1938, settled in Italian Genoa.

Yes, Passano together with the philosopher Tullio Castellani (Tullio Castellani) was founded in Milan spiritualist centre. Then he began his career as a comic book artist with books about "white Mickey mouse" Kodino, published in 1939 publisher Edital in the collection "Gli Albi dell'Allegria" ("happiness"). A new version of the comic was published in the series "Albo dei Bambini" ("Children's album") by the same publisher Edital in 1949. Among other works for Edital — comics "Sardella e Barile" ("Barrel of sardines") and "Coccodé La Signora" ("Madam Cockade"). After serving in the Italian Navy during the war, Andrea Da Passano returned to civilian life in September 1943. Soon after, he created a humorous series of "Il Professor Distrattini" ("Professor Distracting") for the magazine Albo publishing house Audace Bonelli and comics "Isodoro, il bimbo che nacque da una fata" ("Isodoro, a child born a fairy") for publishing Valsecchi (1944).

In November 1946 he continued to work with the Milanese publishing house Casa Editrice Edital and began to sign his work "DaP". He became the main artist of the comic book series of the publisher "Chriche e Croc" based on the famous Comedy Duo of Stan Laurel and Oliver hardy. Passano drew not only the main characters, but also elements of background: in cooperation with scriptwriter Roberto Renzi (Renzi Roberto) in 1946-1948, he designed the comic book "lady Cockade" and updated version "of Professor Distracting". In the same period he created the comic book "La vita nel bosco" ("Life in the woods", 1946) and "I Terribli Moschettieri" ("the Formidable Musketeers", 1949).

Yes, Passano and writer Gianluigi Bonelli (Gianluigi Bonelli) has also created the comic book series "Hypnosis" for the collection "Mysterious issues" (Audace rooms from 15 to 32 in February — August 1947). He obviously had his own comic book Studio "DaP" in Milan, where out "Roal, Il Tarzan del Mare" ("Real, sea Tarzan", 1947-1948), "Rizza manina d'acciaio" ("Rizza steel hand", 1948) and "Biancaneve" ("Snow white", 1948-1949) lyrics by Roberto Renzi. Another comic that time — "Il Professor Klop" ("Professor Bug"). In 1948 Passano drew a big book of comics "Bertoldino alla Corte del Gran Can" for the Italian publishing house Edizioni E. S. A. In the early 1950-х he worked with publishers Edital, Genio ("Zig Zag e" and "L'ABC dei Cuccioli"), before embarking on an educational program of UNESCO in Mexico.

In Mexico Andrea da Passano founded the cultural center Chapultepec (Mexico city) and worked as a graphic designer for companies Chocolatera Larin, Ford, Palmolive, Gillette, Chevrolet, General Motors, and Pepsi Cola Fab. For advertising Pepsi, he invented the character of Pepsicola Pepe (Pepe Pepsicolero). In 1956 he wrote in Paris a daughter of George Plekhanov: "In Mexico I'm at the invitation of the local government as a cultural figure... (I'm here 5 years). I came to work on an alphabetical system, which is a major national problem. Now in addition to the work of the architect and decorator, I run the advertising Department of a major Mexican industrial companies. I've also made numerous lectures, mainly on Eastern philosophy, in recent years, in particular, on issues of epistemology and its impact on the Outlook and orientation of modern man (...) I'm on-французски, Italian, German, English, and, of course myself,-русски" (op. CIT. in: "About the fate of the writer's descendants. "Enemy of the people" — granddaughter Saltykov-Щедрина")

In 1961-1966 Andrea taught sociology of culture at the University of Guadalajara and did the illustrations for Editorial Novarro.

In 1968, the artist moved to Texas, and in 1977 moved to Los-Анджелес, where he founded the Temple of Esoteric Science, devoted to sexuality and magic. Passano practising Buddhism since the early 1940-х, has developed a course of yoga "the path of the mage"; he regularly appeared on us television as an expert on esoteric questions (like "Tomorrow with Tom Snyder" in 1970-80-х). In the early 1980-х under its former alias DaP he illustrated the book "Bolitas, Pececito el Rojo" ("Bolitas red fish", 1980) and "Group training for dogs" (1983). In 1984 he wrote the book "White light, the story of reincarnation", and in 1987 co-authored the book "Inner silence".

Died Andrei Yes Passano in the USA in 1993.

for a Long time the name of the mysterious Italian artist, Passano Yes, signing the pseudonym of DaP, was surrounded by mystery. Built a lot of assumptions about how his name is — or Guido, or Andrea. Later, the Italian expert on comics Luca Boschi (Luca Boschi) confirmed that his name was Andrea da Passano. Luerti and Angelo (Angelo Luerti) the article Vita di Andrea da Passano, in arte Endré ("Life of Andrea da Passano, in art Endré) published in 131-м the issue of Italian magazine Charta in 2014 (P. 60-65), disclosed details of the vast and varied career of the artist before and after the period of Italian comics. The name of the father Yes, Passano mentioned in the book Luerti Angelo Non solo Erte. Not only Erte. Costume design for the Paris Music Hall 1918-1940 (2006;, "Not only erté: costume Design for the Paris music hall-холла 1918-1940"), under Italian artists.

: lambiek.net, alaz.moy.su, parismusichall.altervista.org, artinvestment.ru

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