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Photo Club "Innovator"
ARTinvestment.RU   18 декабря 2013

Club - a legend. Club - an era. Moscow Photo Club "Innovator" trained a galaxy of photographers - amateurs and professionals

History photoclub "Innovator" began in 1961 , when photographers Soshalsky and George decided to create a club to meet with like-minded people - professional and amateur photographers . During the thaw of the 1960s fotolyubitelstvo engulfed whole country became more accessible cameras and products for printing , photography has become a popular hobby .

Anatoly Boldin The first president ( AV Khlebnikov )
Source: Moscow Photo Club " Innovator " . 1970 /Comp. A. Boldin . - M., 2013
 Georgy Kolosov master ( GN Soshalsky )
Georgy Kolosov master ( GN Soshalsky )
Source: Moscow Photo Club "Innovator" . 1970 /Comp. A. Boldin . - M., 2013

Photoclub "Innovator" gathering of amateur photographers who in ordinary life worked doctors, engineers and even locksmiths , but enjoys photography . Club meetings were held weekly in the House of Culture builders "Innovator" , which gave the name PHOTOCLUBS ( hence the name of the club has nothing to do with ambition photographers) . At meetings photographers share information , opinions , discussing each other's pictures .

By mid-1960 the number of members exceeded 300 people. This is not surprising . Guide photoclub attracted to assemble the best professional photographers: section reportage led , a section of the landscape - Sergei Ivanov - Alliluev at the meeting also came pictorialists Ulitin and Abram Sternberg . Leaders photoclub Khlebnikov and Soshalsky originally set the bar high for the level of art work that he allowed to talk about certain artistic program, and perhaps in the future and the art school. At least the club was to be its "face" . And face it formed in 1960 -70s , when the pictures " novatortsev " exhibited in numerous exhibitions throughout the country and photographers often have to take first place at competitions . Due to its popularity "Innovator" became the center fotolyubitelskogo movement .

lovers club became photographers with artistic taste and technical skill . Some started working photojournalists . This layer is called the "elite fotolyubitelstva " (the term photo - criticism Stigneeva VT ) . A characteristic feature of " novatortsev " 1960 was a hobby and genre of reportage photography .

YURI KOROVIN The department A. Vartanova
in Institute of Art , left to right : A. Boldin , A. Sokolskaya , M. Leontiev , M. Dashevskii , V. Mikhalkovich , A sticky, VA ​​Aleksandrov, Vardanov , Erin A. , G. Soshalsky , G. Metter . 1980
Source: Moscow Photo Club "Innovator" . 1970 /Comp. A. Boldin . - M., 2013

backbone photoclub in 1960 were Alexander Khlebnikov , George Soshalsky , Anatoly Boldin , Yuri Lunkov Mikhail Dashevsky, Anatoly Erin , Victor Bashkin , SN Ivanov, Nikolai Lavrentiev Valentine Zelenova Alexander Vihansky Eugene Nemtchinov Rustam Agasyants and others .

YURI Lunkov Winter. 1965
Source : rosphoto.org
 ALEXANDER Vihansky Old Arbat
ALEXANDER Vihansky Old Arbat
Source: Moscow Photo Club "Innovator" . 1970 /Comp. A. Boldin . - M., 2013
 VICTOR Bashkina Too late
VICTOR Bashkina You're late
Source: Moscow Photo Club "Innovator" . 1970 /Comp. A. Boldin . - M., 2013
 EUGENE Nemchina Bird Market
EUGENE Nemchina
Bird Market Source: Moscow Photo Club "Innovator" . 1970 /Comp. A. Boldin . - M., 2013

Alexander Khlebnikov ( 1897 - 1979) studied applied Photography , reached a high skill in this area. Khlebnikov specialized in advertising photography , cinematography by shooting of reproduction , creating photograms . From 1963 to 1965 was chairman photoclub Khlebnikov , but actually directed it along with Georgi Soshalskaya .

In 2008 photo Khlebnikov's "Still Life - Milk" paid 1320 pounds at auction in Bonhams London. In 2012, the auction Russian auction house in Moscow photo " Glove " paid 150 thousand rubles .

Still - Milk .
1926 gelatin silver print , printed later . 27 × 22
Bonhams. London . 10.06.2008 . Lot 9
Estimate: 1 500-3 000 pounds
Result: 1320 pounds
Source : artinvestment.ru

Photogram , vintage print . 28,7 × 23,1
Russian auction house . Moscow . 02.06.2012 . Lot 63
Estimate: 000-170 140 000
Result: 150 000 rubles
Source : artinvestment.ru

Georgy Soshalsky (1895-1993) came into the picture of jurisprudence. Soshalsky engaged Applied photography, filming and everyday life of people in Central Asia, has developed a unique method of making slides ( from 1929 was director of the factory slides ) . In 1963-1969 Soshalsky was chairman of the " Trailblazer ," a teacher for many members of the club .

In 1971-1978 , 1979-1983 and 1985-1991 chairman of the club was the photographer Anatoly K. Boldin ( 1937). In the "Innovator" came in 1968 . involved shooting genre . Author or co-author of books on GN Soshalskaya ( Moscow, 2005 ) , about the photo club "Innovator" 1960 ( Moscow, 2008 ) and 1970 ( Moscow, 2013 ).

 GEORGE Soshalskaya In the chair . 1927
GEORGE Soshalskaya In the chair . 1927
Source : photographer.ru
 Anatoly Boldin Grandmother and granddaughters
Anatoly Boldin Grandmother and grandson 's collection

Source : mdf.ru ​​

Michael Aaronovitch Dashevskii ( 1935) became a member of the club in 1968 , is engaged in shooting genre .

MICHAEL Dashevskaya Shadows of life. 1970
Source : rosphoto.org

Anatoly Erin (1936-2010) joined the club in 1964 . Copyright huge amount of scenery , the motives for their pictures he found in Karelia and Arkhangelsk region , in the suburbs. Worked soft-focus optics and monocle ( which are often designed himself ) in the original technique close to pictorialism and later received own name - neopiktorializm .

Anatoly Erin Sunset on Valaam
Source: Moscow Photo Club "Innovator" . 1970 /Comp. A. Boldin . - M., 2013

In 1970 photographers fond of complex ways of processing of negative and positive , some turned to pictorial aesthetics. Photographers often resorted to photomontage , with an emphasis on graphics ( even coined the term " photographica »).

key figures in the photo club in 1970 were : George Kolosov , Alexei Vasiliev , Boris Dolmatovsky , Igor Palmin Galina Lukyanov , Mikhail Golosovskiy Elena Glazacheva Paul Ivchenko, M. Kahn , VP Rounov Peter Nosov, Vitaly Senin , Valery Yegorov , Edward Musin and others .

Alexei Vasiliev
Kamchatka Source: Moscow Photo Club " Innovator " . 1970 /Comp. A. Boldin . - M., 2013
PAUL IVCHENKO « Study guy ! »
Source: Soviet photo . 1971 . Number 04
Igor Palmin With the referee not argue
Author gelatin silver print
Source : mdf.ru ​​

Georgy Kolosov Mstislavovich ( 1945) joined the photo club in 1978 . Acting photographer, lecturer, exhibition curator and author of articles on pictorialism , scholar N. Andreeva and co-founder of the Center 's name. From 1983 to 1985 he was chairman of the photo club . Just as Anatoly Erin , shot landscapes in the style of Russian North neopiktorializma develops its own soft-focus optics scheme .

Photographer Boris G. Dolmatovsky ( 1942) came to "Innovator" in 1972 . He became known after the publication of photos of the young Garry Kasparov at chess tournament in the magazine " Soviet photo ».

GEORGE Kolosov In the city of Vologda
Source: Moscow Photo Club "Innovator" . 1970 /Comp. A. Boldin . - M., 2013

BORIS Dolmatovsky Serious Party
( Kasparov in 10 years )
Source: Moscow Photo Club "Innovator" . 1970 /Comp. A. Boldin . - M., 2013

In 1968 Mikhail Golosovskiy (1936) founded the Photo Club " Krasnogorsk " in the same year joined the club "Innovator" . Golosovskiy - not only a photographer, but also a leading collector of domestic photography , which began collecting in the 1970s .

wife Golosovsky - photographer Galina Lukyanov ( 1943) - was also a party photoclubs " Krasnogorsk " and " Innovator" . Lukyanov children engaged photographic education, led the heading " Language of photography " in the magazine " Soviet photo » (1984-1987).

GALYNA Lukyanov Country idyll 's collection

Source : mdf. ru

In the 1980s, came to the fore social picture . Photographers interested in real people's lives , their concerns and experiences. In the 1980s in the photo club in the first place was self-expression, individual attitude of the photographer to an event. While many members of the author's style appears . If earlier captions indicated only club name and date of creation, it is now more important was the author's name .

In the late 1970 's - early 1980's Photo Club came Boris Savelyev , Elena Gladyshev , Alexander FURSOV , Sergey Ter- Oganesov Alexander Shechkov .

Source: Moscow Photo Club " Innovator " . 1970 /Comp. A. Boldin . - M., 2013

Boris Savelyev ( 1947) better known not as a member of photo club "Innovator" , and formed as a photographer, an informal creative leader , with his recognizable style of shooting . Savelyev himself always prints your photos using various techniques of hand printing ( gum arabic, a platinum print) . Savelyev - acknowledged master , he has held more than 20 solo exhibitions. Favorites .

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