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Artists in watchmaking
ARTinvestment.RU   14 июня 2012

With rare exceptions, "art clock" are not suitable as an investment object. But this review is more important than price and does not even own hours, and the artists whose works are inspired by the masters of Horology

Leading auction world (in particular, Sotheby's and Christie's) regularly watch auctions. However, it seems to me, they are more focused on the investment is not so much as on the collector's interest. Thus, a significant part of the prestigious "Rolex", "Vacheron" and "omega" in these auctions put up with the estimate is clearly below the purchase price. And the fact that for a collector of paintings would be rather strange time in the world of collecting is seen perfectly normal. No, I certainly have experts who know how to earn money. But to find objects for their money is much more complicated than in painting.

All the same is true for most "art clock" in this review. With rare exceptions, they can not be recommended as an investment object. Some of them if they will go up, it is very modest. From the mention of money to us, of course, can not escape. But in general, this review is more important than price and does not even own hours, and the artists whose works are inspired by the masters of watchmaking art.

Let us begin with the classics and then move on to his contemporaries.

Mark Chagall and Vacheron Constantin . In the famous factory Vacheron Constantin is a special hour series "Masters of Arts» (Métiers d'Art). Pro model Marc Chagall Paris Opera became known to one and a half years ago, but only for a matter of days were offered copies of a limited number of important customers factory. What is the "trick" in this series - it is clear from the title: Marc Chagall , the Paris Opera, the famous painting on the ceiling . Chagall was commissioned by the Ministry of Culture of France in 1963, aged 77 years. And with this titanic work handled during the year. Presently before the class, too, faced the task of mission impossible - move the painting the ceiling area of ​​220 meters on the dial diameter 31 mm. Yes, make this a difficult technique of hot enamel. As with Chagall paintings on the left at least a year, maybe more. But the result was an absolute masterpiece of watchmaking art.

Maurits Asher and Vacheron Constantin . Opening with a stylized picture-puzzle Dutchman Maurits Escher (Maurits Cornelis Escher) «Vacheron" made for a charity auction. . Opening with a recognizable face on the grounds "mosaic" of symmetries called Colombes. You would think that this time you will not see it? Even for sure. Ideas Asher continue to have enormous influence on contemporary design.

Vacheron Constantin Colombes
Vacheron Constantin Colombes. Detail of the dial
Maurits Escher Drawing
Maurits Escher Drawing
Source: mcescher.com

Dadaists and Swatch . Dadaism, of course, is international . He ate the energy of many cultures, but a nest in it - in Zurich, the famous cabaret "Voltaire." Dadaism today is absolutely up to date, though he appeared Dada Manifesto nearly 100 years ago. So this creative "chaos" - it is "antique" and classic. Tribute to the international recognition of absurdist movement has become a model Swatch Dadazueri 2004. The time and date on it is not defined. It would be strange if it were otherwise. However, a couple of them will be less radical model of Swatch Dada Traces 2003 - there are even numbers.

Dada Swatch Dadazueri
Source: swatch.com

Swatch Dada Traces. 2003
Source: swatch.com

In general, Swatch is an example of the very active collaboration with contemporary artists. We had read that the company is even associated with some sponsorship relationship with the Venice Biennale. After years of work hours in the archives of Swatch, created based on sketches by contemporary artists, gathered dozens of models . Look - this is very interesting and inventive. Plastic "Swatch" according to the sketches of artists were worth about $ 100, went to their hands and buy them today - a great success.

Pablo Picasso Pablo Picasso . On this watch is not much known. Their photos have appeared in December 2010 in Paris, the auction catalog Blanchet and Associates, declared the sale of Picasso's things, derived from its driver. The auction was supposed to go on-site Hotel Drouot, but canceled at the request of heirs the great Catalan. Honestly, no matter who the manufacturer and the mechanism of the body - it could be any company at that time. Watch interesting first of all a brilliant design move: in the name of Pablo Picasso was exactly 12 letters - the number of markers on the dial.

Watch "by Pablo Picasso»
Source: daylife.com

Salvador Dali Salvador Dali . Molten Clock - one of the most recognizable symbols of the ideologue of surrealism. On the Internet there are even videos on how to make them their own hands. Maestro Salvador Dali in his direction of the jewelry itself time and again turned to the theme of time. And today he has many followers who are trying to more or less successfully to reveal a metaphor for the current and flowing of time. Here, I do not even dare to appeal to a specific model. Indeed, the influence of Dali clock design was simple global.

Watches" Salvador Dali »
Source: artwatches.com

Modern clock on the shelf, inspired by Salvador Dali
Source: antartidee.ru

Faberge and Faberge . Jeweler Faberge workshop works with internal clock can remember a lot. In the Easter eggs, or in traditional forms, as a rule, were purely decorative items, table. It is interesting that today the restored grade Faberge (the one which is Faberge.com) also produces watches, but watches. In her catalog - the luxury model of white and pink gold, with special enamels, worth about 30,000 dollars. In particular, the model Faberge Alexei costs about 25,000 dollars.

Russia, St. Petersburg, 1894
The Company "K. Faberge. " Workshop M. Perkhin
silver, ivory, glass, clockwork, "Moser & Co."; Enamel over Guilloche, casting, chasing
diameter of 10.3 cm Weight 329.7 g
Znak -Art. 21.04.12. Lot 116
Base score: 2.1 million rubles
The result: 4 million rubles
Source: znak-art.ru
Faberge Alexei
Price 25,000 USD Source:

Corporate theme by Faberge - works in the form of Easter eggs - are inspired by other manufacturers. Sometimes, of course, without a direct appeal to the brand Faberge, but also because it is clear what is sending. In particular, Ulysse Nardin once quite accurately calculated specific tastes of the vector part of society in Russia and decided to combine in his Kremlin Collection Red Square and the Easter egg. Have turned the clock in the egg-blue box St. Basil Red Square - Kremlin Collection. The forum forum.artinvestment.ru write , that the case was made by Andrew Ananova jewelry and watches on sale in the amount of 30 pieces. It was in 2005. And in 2009 a copy of the series was sold at Christies's Dubai for 86.5 thousand dollars.

Ulysse Nardin St. Basil Red Square Platinum
Estimate: 80-120 thousand dollars
Result: 86.5 thousand dollars
Christie's. 28.04.2009
Source: christies.com

Andy Warhol and Movado . The ideas of the father of pop art and, as recently revealed, the chief of aliens Andy Warhol watches used by many manufacturers. Perhaps the most striking attempt to rely on his artistic theme has become a model Andy Warhol Times /5 well-known watch company Movado. Actually, it's five o'clock, five dials, collected into a single bracelet. Hours were released a limited edition of 250 copies in 1988, ie after the death of the master. Today, these watches can be purchased except at auctions. Not so long ago at Christie's copy of Times /5 was sold for 6000 dollars .

Movado Andy Warhol Times /5. 1 988
Movado Andy Warhol Times /5. 1988
Estimate: 3-4 thousand dollars
Result: 6,1 thousand dollars
Christie's. 27.05.2009
Source: christies.com

However, there uorhollovskie options and cheaper. In Russia, for example, for 200 dollars you can buy a watch brand enigmatic Andy Warhol, which was owned at different times to different producers. Before - as if the Swiss (see here ), and now - whether Japanese, the Does anyone else. The question of belonging helluva brand is not advertised, but certainly under license. It goes without saying that all these hours are used brand themes of Warhol - and flowers, and spray guns, and the skull, and a banana, and the bank, "Campbell". In short, what is not a way to show their affiliation to an art medium?

Opening with the theme of Andy Warhol Campbell
Opening with the theme of Andy Warhol Campbell
Source: bestwatch.ru

Watch Andy Warhol with the theme of banana
Source: bestwatch.ru

James Rosenquist, and Movado . Since we are talking about pop art, then continue. The "Art" series and the model was Movado in honor of James Rosenquist - a living classic of postwar American art. The three recognized indices, merged into a single composition, were produced edition 180 copies. Since the release of the series has been more than 20 years, so now this model can only be found at auctions. But prices are not exorbitant. .

Movado James Rosenquist . 1991
Estimate: 6-8 thousand francs
Result: 6.875 Swiss francs
Sotheby's. 15.11.2009

Kenny Scharf, and Movado . This weakness of the right producer to pop art. Here and in the design of Movado watches dials on the works of artist Kenny Scharf (Kenny Scharf) is also used in pop-art theme, inspired by 1970s animation 80s. Scarf - Keith Harring friend, an artist from New York's Tony Shafrazi party circle. The clock is probably depicts a series of characters sharfovskaya The Groovenians. Hours turned out badly for the amateur, but in America, those are not enough. As with most hours of Movado, on sharfovskih no numbers, no divisions. Only the arrow. Interestingly, the prices for the famous Swiss manufacturer is quite affordable, even special series can be bought for less in 1000 dollars. Theoretically, if you can find.

Movado Kenny Scharf Source: movado.com

Takashi Murakami and Casio . Extravagant Japanese swinger, one of the most expensive contemporary artists (the year before his sculpture sold at Phillips for nearly $ 8 million), chose not to cooperate luxury Swiss brand, and National Japanese.

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