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Interview with the Chairman of the Moscow club of collectors Ildar Galeev
ARTinvestment.RU   03 февраля 2011

Last year, the Club for collectors of fine art in Moscow (often called the Moscow club of collectors) was replaced by the site. Club events have become part of Galeev Galleries

Last year, the Club for collectors of fine art in Moscow (often called the Moscow club of collectors) was replaced by the site. Club events have become part of Galeev Galleries. Face of the club - an exhibition from the collections of the participants ( last time the exposition is open now ). In the rest of the community does not seek to heightened publicity. Well, us something interesting. At the request of readers asked ARTinvestment.RU first cautious questions about the new club chairman - known gallerist Ildar Galeev.

ARTinvestment.RU: the Moscow club of collectors rather perceived as informal community and not a legal entity. What do his format? Does the club website?

Ildar Galeev: This "legal entities" for over forty years. True, there was also re-ten years ago. The first chairman - Vladimir Kostin. The same author of the monograph "OST", one of the best art - specialists in the art 1920-30-ies. Forty years ago the club was an island of freedom. Approximately the same as for drama - Taganka for music lovers - concerts, Richter, for rockers - cafe Lira, and for writers - Central House of Writers. Site of the Club is not. I do not think that for reasons of principle, just the winds of change have not yet proskvozil us so much. Communicate by telegraph, own Morse code ...

AI: As a collector to get into your club? Who is involved in the acceptance of new members? What requirements must meet the candidates?

IG : At each regular meeting (usually coincides with an exhibition from the collections of members of the Club) is refinement of the personal composition. There and make decisions. Anyone has a chance to be accepted. Importantly - to show people his "aptitude" or something, the collecting viability. Requirements: individual must be good.

AI: In 2009 the club had about 60 participants. Has the number in two years? This is a public list?

IG : We've had losses: died Georgy travelers. Accepted three new members in three areas: the West European engravings, European modernism turn of XIX - XX centuries, Russian art of XX century. List of members of the Club is not classified, but I do not think we need it public.

AI: What activities, in addition to the exhibition held at the Club? What's next for 2011?

IG : There is a plan of action. Once a quarter - a message of one of the members of the Club on the subject of his collecting: questions and answers, show the originals, if it is physically possible. In the near future is preparing an exhibition entitled "Garland Savitsky, reconstructed area and the range of collecting well-known figure of the museum. (Igor V. Savitsky (1915-1984) - painter, restorer, archaeologist, anthropologist, art historian and founder and first director of the unique museum in Nukus. - AI .).

AI: A place where meetings and other activities of the Club?

IG : Once the playground of the New Hermitage "(Gallery of Valeria Dudakova - a connoisseur, collector and former chairman of the Moscow club of collectors ) ceased to be the address of the club, he moved to the territory Galeev Galleries. I hope we are not there a conflict of interest, as our gallery is running on the same material as the gallery Valeria Dudakova - art pre-war period (until 1941). We are located at the Ponds: Large Kozikhinskiy lane, 17.

AI: I have heard strange thing to say: Last year, the Moscow club of collectors joined the club from St. Petersburg. What was that? Generally, there is a limit to the reception of members from other regions?

IG : In St. Petersburg there is no club of collectors, so it does not unite with whom. There are deposits of the collecting material, but organize it in any form as long as nobody can. This city, though the three revolutions, but still - the cradle. In general, geographical restrictions for joining the club of collectors there.

Work from the exhibition current exhibition of the Moscow club of collectors
Source: Press Release Galeev Galleries

AI: Does the club training program for beginning collectors? Seminars, lectures?

IG : The club - a community of trained people. No universal education and the Political Education Departments.

AI: Are the Collectors Club in contemporary art?

AND . G. : The club has a certain conservatism in the understanding of what art is. No snappish dogs under the guise of the holy and sacred, no actionists - for this is the scene.

AI: What is the entrance fee and annual dues?

IG : The annual fee - one hundred dollars. When you join any levies, rather general discussions about a potential member of the Club.

AI: Do you have a collectors club list of accredited /approved experts?

IG : How old collector's holy and immutable: you are no expert, you're gonna "theme" - you are the expert. Took falshaka - only himself to blame. No to anyone of claims and, heaven forbid, return - it's just not right. If everything was so organized now, so it would be a life ... Then we would all investors in the arts did not call themselves b "collectors».

AI: Can we count on the information promotion of the Club (consultation concerning the authenticity, exhibitions, etc.) those collectors who are not members?

IG : Absolutely. The club even though closed, but still alive, human. If you need to give free advice - no questions. I remember how he began collecting. Without the good /evil part "old" science is not.

AI: What will be different "club Galeeva" from the "club Dudakova»?

IG : And why should he different? "New" - this is not always good. Walk into any club in Pall-Mall in London and ask them what they new? And note the reaction of people.

Questions were asked by Vladimir Bogdanov, AI

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