The seventieth birthday of Boris Kocheyshvili
ARTinvestment.RU   23 марта 2010

April 1, 2010 marks 70 years of Moscow artist Boris Kocheyshvili. ARTinvestment.RU joins congratulations from collectors and fans of the artist's work and take this opportunity, acquaints readers with key milestones of his work

March 25 at Gallery A3 exhibition opens Boris Kocheyshvili «signs of attention" -- first in a series of commemorative exhibitions dedicated to the seventieth of the artist.

own recognizable style of Boris Kocheyshvili formed in 1970. At the heart of it - a characteristic sharp picture, theatrical, a kind of plastic sharpness. It is believed that Kocheyshvili particularly strong schedule, master of composition and plastic products. The main artistic revelation for himself, he believes Deesis rank Andrei Rublev, first seen in his youth and described later as "five exhaustive body positions in space." Of the contemporary artists, the greatest influence on Boris Kocheyshvili had a creative sculptor Ala Pologova, with whom he had a longstanding friendship. Inspired by her dynamic, bright distinctive, individual plasticity, the artist began to strive for credibility in the schedule of sculpture and painting, carried away by the relief. In this technique embodied the artist is always the inherent desire for illusion, the more plastic the credibility created by the spaces and images.

In the 1960 work of Boris Kocheyshvili became available to the public. In 1963, the printed graphics artist exhibited at the Second Exhibition of Print in Moscow's Pushkin Museum, along with the works of such masters as Oleg and Illarion Golitsyn. In 1981, the work Kocheyshvili took part in the exhibition of works of Moscow artists, known as the exhibition "23's", along with work H . Nesterovoj , T. Nazarenko , I. Starzhenetskaya etc. After this exhibition, 13 graphic sheets were purchased by the artist of the State Tretyakov Gallery. In 1985, the schedule Kocheyshvili went to America, at Chicago International Art Fair, where he stayed, raskuplennaya to the last page.

Despite the success in the schedule, Boris Kocheyshvili unexpectedly long abandoned paper and carcasses, sending all the creative energy to create paintings in oil on hardboard. "And now, when the artist seemed to have found his one letter and it only remains to develop its variants, is unexpected for those who managed to love and appreciate his work, and perhaps unexpectedly, and for himself, he starts all over again, beginning almost from scratch "(J. Milk" Soviet Graphics "). Soon Boris Kocheyshvili altogether left the village, where for two years had built the house and wrote poetry, trying to realize the reality of their fantasy of the perfect artistic space.

in 1990 - of 2000's Boris Kocheyshvili continues to work actively and regularly exhibit. The main reasons (women, architectural fantasies, illyuzionisticheskie linear landscapes), as well as stylistic devices remain unchanged and are easily recognizable. But the artist embodies them in a variety of techniques: black and white and color graphics, pastel on corrugated board, oil and acrylic paintings, reliefs.

Portfolio Boris Kocheyshvili today began to appear on Russian and world auctioned, but the vast number of works in circulation is in art galleries market. The prevailing price guidance for its large oil period 1980-90-ies lie in the range of 6-8 thousand dollars, expressive graphics 1970 sold a little cheaper - about 1,5-2 thousands of dollars.

Despite the fact that many artist's works have found their place in the collections of Russian and foreign museums and private collections, by and large, his work remains little studied. Only this year, the anniversary, will last the first large catalog of the artist.

Editor : 1 April 2010 the Moscow artist Boris Kocheyshvili is 70 years. ARTinvestment.RU joins congratulations from collectors and fans of the artist's work!

More about the exhibition "signs of attention" will open on March 25 from 18.00 to 21.00 in the Gallery A3, you can read here .

exhibition is open to the public from March 26 to April 4 at: Starokonyushenny Lane., 39. Gallery is open daily, except Mondays and Tuesdays, 11.00-19.00.

Read poems and memories of Boris Kocheyshvili see his work, learn about his life and work of the forum ARTinvestment.RU .

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