The third Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art. AES F
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ARTinvestment.RU presents the story of Russian artists - participants of the Third Biennale of Contemporary Art

September 25 in Moscow called The Third International Biennale of Contemporary Art. ARTinvestment.RU presents a series of stories on domestic and foreign artists, whose works can be seen at this exhibition.

Let's start with our fellow citizens, groups AES S . This artistic association has existed for quite a long time - since 1987. However, the letter «S» appeared in the title only in 1995, when Tatyana Arzamasova, Leo Evzovich and Vladimir Vladimir joined Sviatskoye Fridkes. «Backgrounds» artists from completely different: Arzamasova and Evzovich doing conceptual architecture; Svyatskiy worked in the field of graphic design, as well Fridkes famous as the fashion photographer - his work can be seen in the pages of leading magazines Vogue, ELLE, Harper's Bazaar, etc.

AEC S became known through a series of «Islamic project», devoted to the confrontation of Western and Eastern civilizations. Artists have tried to imagine what would happen to the cities of Europe and America in the case of Islamic conquest: their photos directly from a well-known buildings such as the Opera House in Sydney and the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, grow giant mosque, the area in front of the Pompidou Center of Paris turned into a bazaar , on Red Square with assault rifles roamed the Mujahideen, and the Statue of Liberty wearing a veil and changed the Constitution on the Koran. Series appeared in 1996, but the greatest impact was immediately after the events of September 11, 2001, when the previously considered ironic computer collages were perceived as a grim prophecy.

troubled relations of East and West is dedicated to another famous work by AES S - video installation called «yellow trains, eats white», «prime» which took place in 1998. On one screen, an Asian chef prepares incredible dishes, in another European gentleman to absorb. In this work, the artists clearly hint at the balance of power in the modern world. Even if the West and East decide to love each other, is, according to «aesovtsev», good end can not. In this paper, Who wants to live forever (1998), the bloody outcome of the novel symbolizes the Diana Princess of Wales, crashed in a car crash along with his Arab lover Dodi al-Fayed. Who wants to live forever - this video, where, under the same name of the song of Queen «Princess» coquettishly showing wounds received in a terrible accident.

Heroes of the many works of AES S are children. In 1997, the artists have presented a series «suspects» - seven photographs of girls who have committed particularly serious crimes and sentenced to imprisonment, and seven photographs of Moscow ordinary schoolgirls. All the pictures are mixed: the viewer is invited himself to guess who the perpetrator and who is not. Most is not possible.

AEC S pay attention to the fact that the violence - an integral part of the world today's children. However, in most cases, this violence is not present, as seen through the «gloss» prism of a Hollywood film, fashion, advertising and computer games. Popular «shooter» Action Half Life gave its name to a series of photographs (2003-2005), where the beautiful androgynous kids models posing with blasters on the background of biblical landscapes. In the eyes of these angelic creatures have nothing but indifference - as the main hero series «Rich Boy» (2001), cold handsome age 12, not age jaded entertainment. Each of the characters Action Half Life - «Survivor», seemed not to notice the presence of others: to achieve this effect, all the children were filmed in the studio separately. Landscapes were shot in the Sinai desert (not far from the places where George Lucas filmed his «Star Wars»), and a variety of futuristic weapons and facilities were built in 3D-graphics. In the series also includes graphic works created after photos, as well as bronze sculptures.

Another big project AES S - «Erlkönig» (2001-2004). Name gave him famous novel by French writer Michel Tournier (Michel Tournier). According to the old Germanic legend, the king of the forest - an evil spirit, kidnap and kill children. We tour as king of the forest stands a strange man, who's selection of teams for the boys of the Hitler Youth - «cannon fodder», grinds the ruthless machine of totalitarianism. The draft AEC F for totalitarianism responsible media. Boys and girls in white T-shirts, shot in the gilded interior of the Catherine Palace in Times Square in New York and at the mosque of Mohammed Ali in Cairo - not ordinary children, and the «future stars» sports, ballet, and modeling. Their task was to behave naturally, but, according to Fridkesa, «they can not keep still and pose, knowing how to present himself as a profitable way».

In 2006, saw the light, probably the most famous series of AES S - «Last Riot». As Action Half Life, it is devoted to «voynushke», but instead the children are arms waving teenagers. Another difference - in Action Half Life characters just getting ready for battle, and in «Revolt» already at war with might and main. Anemic individuals, however, all the same. And the blood is nowhere in sight - «voynushka» purely virtual. To perceive this work may be different: some will see as «Last Riot» allusion to the fact that today's children, well-fed blockbusters and computer games, perceive the war as just another game, others noted that the creation of an AEC F - the metaphor of «war of all against all », which are beautiful and ambitious young people who want to whatever was to declare itself: all« role »execute this model, hardened by countless auditions. One can not overlook the «formal» side of the project: posture patterns inspired by Caravaggio's paintings and sculpture by Lorenzo Bernini.

«Last Riot» - this is a series of photographs and sculptural ensemble, and video installation (the music of Wagner!) In 2007, the latter was shown in the main international exhibition of contemporary art - the Venice Biennale. With «Last Riot» AEC F were among the nominees for the first prize of Kandinsky.

The Venice Biennale - 2009 and has not been without our heroes: in the Arsenal Novissimo exhibited their new video «Feast of Trimalchio». Work is the main exhibit of the exhibition «Unconditional Love» (Unconditional Love). «Feast of Trimalchio» plot moves from «Satyricon», dedicated to orgies in the house of the Roman rich man today. Orgy takes place in a luxury hotel: first Asian maid give pleasure white guests, and then they switch roles. Of course, no pornography viewers should not wait: as always with AEC F, there reigns a cold glamor.

Creation AES S appeared at the major auction Sotheby's, Christie's, Bonhams, Phillips de Pury. The most expensive work of art is the sculpture «Warrior № 4» (a series of Action Half Life), sold 12 March 2008 at Sotheby's for 120,5 thousand pounds sterling (estimate 100-150 thousand). Second place - digital print on canvas «Action Half Life, Episode 2, № 12», which brought 42.5 thousand pounds at the same auction. The experts evaluated the work of 35-40 thousand. Ranked third with «Last Riot 2. Tondo № 19 ». This picture was sold May 16, 2009 at Phillips de Pury over 10 thousand pounds (estimate 8.12 thousand).

In Moscow AEC F represents gallery «Triumph». The works of artists will be exhibited in the main project of the Moscow Biennale (Center of Contemporary Culture «Garage», September 25 - October 25).

Material prepared Yulia Maximova, AI

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