Literature: Еkaterina Dorozhkina. Zero Budget Marketing
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A practical book about the importance of marketing in terms of when people and companies have limited resources

Marketing with zero budget. A Handbook for art-предпринимателей to promote the project to return attachment

Author: Ekaterina Dorozhkina
Year: 2015
Volume: 196 pages
Publisher: KatyaDorozhkina / VentureBox, USA
ISBN: 9781516864089

Despite daily contact with the marketing of all without exception of persons involved in art-рынка, the concept of it and the value of — for the success of an idea or a finished product — is often underestimated. However, four major misconceptions related to marketing, could not be better explain its function. "My idea is brilliant in fact — it is not necessary to test the market, the Price of the painting is defined only by me", "I don't care what gallery work: collectors all the same" and "Marketing — this extra cost, it is better to invest in PR and advertising." As you have seen, we are to ensure that the basic tasks of marketing are: verification of the idea to its implementation, definition of niche services or of a work of art and its channels of sales and promotion of yourself or your business. Marketing, of course, includes PR, and advertising, but his primary task — allow you to save some money spent on it and more. Without research on the readiness of the market and your audience — wasted.

Ekaterina (Katya) Dorozhkina — author of "Marketing with zero budget" — is not urged to cut back on marketing. On the contrary, it strongly shows its importance and provides practical guidance in which cases to study the market a young artist or entrepreneur can own, sending the money to create the product or service. American self-made-women (eng. — woman who made herself) with the Russian name and surname, Kate has spent the last 10 years in new-Йорке, working as a marketer in companies with different levels of difficulty — young from small businesses to global corporations, including Samsung, Bank American Express, Casio, and American Airlines. In addition, under her leadership, the market was released more than 130 young startups within the accelerator Starta Ventures. And perhaps the most insignificant detail, which should persuade you to read books: carried away by art, Katya Dorozhkina made hobby a ready-made business-продукт — the drawing Studio — and successfully hyped. In Manhattan, what's important.

"Marketing with zero budget" — book is not about art-рынке. It's about what art-рынок obey the laws of marketing, is to apply them in the work from the beginning. Starting with basic concepts, enabling once and for all pin to create the importance of marketing, in the following chapters the author proceeds to the practical knowledge and examples of what is good and works fast to promote art-проекта, and that will require additional budget, what the communication channels and advertising media allow to achieve maximum effect, and most importantly — as continuously to measure these indicators in order to spend no more than indicated in the witty title of the book. To their own projects appropriate Kate results good or not so good story from — on how through marketing has achieved recognition or failure Hotmail, Subaru or IBM. And perhaps the main feature of the book that distinguish it from otherpublications on marketing: in fact, from the first page the author invites to consider any of your ideas as a source of income. In other words, explains how using marketing strategy to bring the project to self-sufficiency and then — on profit.

With all the advantages of the publication, the main phantom menace from reading lies in the name itself — depends on how to read it. One business leader cover "Marketing with zero budget" will inspire experiments that will bring ultimate success, else — forced to recall the existence of the homonymous Department and come across the idea: say, the marketing Department is anachronistic and in need of budget cuts. However, AI believes that the first group of readers of this book will be most!

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