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The story of how Harvey Weinstein made a good movie about injustice against women

"Big eyes" (Original title: BigEyes)

Director: Tim Burton
year: 2014
106 min.
film: TheWeinsteinCompany, USA

44 % 56 % — such was the gender ratio of female artists and artists sold by international galleries in 2019. Those who began to follow art-рынком last season, was seriously puzzled: where is the vaunted Western equality? Others who are familiar with similar numbers for at least the last ten years, was relieved: finally-то equality has reached in the art market at the stage of sales. Sales — because the last five years the number submitted galleries, artists and artists was close to equal, but was sold the authors-женщины much worse in the ratio of approximately 1:5. Forces, Georgia O'keeffe, Marlene Dumas, Cindy Sherman is not enough to affect the statistics of the auction: among the 10 thousand the most expensive in the history of the work of women-художницы by the end of 2010-х represented 8 % vs 92 % "male" trades. A sudden burst of activity of the women-покупателей on the art-ярмарках, to the disappointment of many, was not a consequence of strengthening of gender equality: it turned out, the purchase of art began to carry the young widow collectors, in recent years, massively has left our world.

From the Preface you probably caught: "Big eyes" — film on gender equality. More specifically, his inequality, which is clearly a caricature and depicted in the example of the United States of the mid-twentieth century — with edifying message to our generation, of course. However, on the first frame it looks like over a woman's fate the authors being ironic: the phrase "1950-е years were a great time... If you were born a man, of course" and "She decided to leave her boring husband before it became fashionable" forced to think that we have before us another ode to masculinity. And Harvey Weinstein as a producer... But stop: in 2014, the Oscars brought Harvey, still outweighed in the eyes of the Hollywood vices. This is when he stops them to bring...

Today it does not like to remember, but then Weinstein took (he since Tim Burton took the Director's chair just in time) movie about the victory of truth over lie, fairness over malice — and women. The plot has a direct relationship to art-рынку: the heroine is able to draw, but not able to sell [email protected] semicolon character knows how to sell, but completely incompetent in painting. Instead of hiring shop with ten immigrants from third world countries, mountain-художник marries the brilliant artist — and at the same time gives her work for his. The family unit is built on her talent and humility and the gift of persuasion and money. After ten years of marriage, the wife decides to restore justice through the courts — and, to the delight of the audience, effectively wins it.

this Story has a real basis: in fact, at 1960-х a (at that time widely known) Walter Keane became a sought-after market because of his wife, which is safely concealed from art-общественности in the workshop. In the film there is even an authentic quote-комплимент Andy Warhol, which he wrote in the address of Keane: "His art can't be bad. Whether it is bad — it would not love so many people." Surrounded by universal love, Warhol knew what he was talking about. And perhaps even knew in advance what the outcome of the real story: the market interest in the works of Margaret Keane, despite the proven authorship, almost instantly faded — and her former husband, Walter, stole all the money before the court's decision. But back to the movie: hired consultants art-рынку provided a peerless set of references to the real situation at the level of the dialogues between artists, gallerists, critics and buyers (the class of "collectors" in the US, while still forming). An additional charm to the picture makes the fact that everything happens in the microcosm of the emerging art-рынка California in the late 1950-х, which are hard competition four gallerists, and literary laurels divided between the two art-критика. In the background of this miniature art-диорамы judgments of the characters on the art market and different strategies look like and naive, and scary.

But judge for yourself:

— For beauty should go to the gallery Six.

— Have only modern?

— At all now.

the modern sense of beauty.

— I studied at the art Institute in Nashville, then studied illustration in new-Йорке. This — pastel paintings. And this is — a charcoal portrait.

— But you understand that we make the furniture?

Prophetic joke about the development of ArtFurniture.

— Cute pictures. And how much?

— Today discount. Two dollars.

—, I'll give one.

About the strategies of some of today's Facebook-аукционов.

— You definitely deserve better. Don't sell yourself for pennies!

— Importantly, <покупателям> liked.

— Be above it — you write heart!

On the right the initial pricing of the artist.

— Now I will show you how you need <себя to sell>. Hey girl! Want your portrait wrote the world-famous Margaret Ulbrich, Queen of the Gulf? Just a moment, and it stares into your soul!

About how important it is to find the right slogan for self-promotion.

— In this song its brilliant spontaneity. See, the image has no visual center!

— You are right, there are only hints!

— That's it! There is a strong influence of tachisme.

—, I heard of Tab hunter looked at you?

— Sorry, I can't say... But — Yes.

About the art gallery to make a sale.

-— do Not understand: you lived in Paris for a week — and still painting his landscapes?

— People want Kandinsky and Rothko. They don't need street scenes.

the harsh truth of art-рынка.

— Is not art. It's more like a cover of "draw, send us — and win the competition".

About moderation works at reception in the gallery.

— We can't get. There is a secret society of gallery owners and critics, they meet on Sundays in Sausalito and decide what will be considered art and what — no. Some are elevated to the surface @and other mdas are subjected to the unknown.

— Incredibly!

On the structure of the international art-рынка from 1960-х to this day.

— I think people buy what they like.

— You're living the dream!People don't want to think. They buy that hangs at the right time in the right place.

one of the factors of growth of the market street art.

— that's what I thought, your walls are so boring... And I'm — artist!

— And what color would you advise them to paint?

About the everyday life of art-консультанта, who came to the meeting in the Bank.

— can See you are a connoisseur of art! Can I help you?

—, I'm looking for the toilet.

On the bottom rung "of the pyramid Maslow".

— We're famous: people came to see the pictures from-за which a fight broke out.

About marketing strategies in the promotion of art, if nothing else helps.

Walter Keane was not a sensitive artist. Because vulnerable not sold.

On the importance of equanimity of the artist.

— We will become the best team: I communicate with the right people, and you're doing what you love.

About the best Union, which rarely come true.

Buyer pays more if he sees the artist.

the importance of communication in the promotion of the artist.

In this picture, a deeper meaning, which I know as the artist — and now you, <как buyer> of course.

About how we need to sell in one sentence.

My work is now in the collection of Italian industrialist Dino Olivetti. His protection gives me reputation. And reputation earn respect. And respect — is a sale!

About food chain art-рынка.

— Who was on the selection Committee <ярмарки>?

— selection Committee was not. We had dinner: me, Ted, Jerome and Jerome's wife.

About the most efficient way to qualify for the fair.

His art is worth nothing. He has no awards.

the importance of competitions and residences in CVхудожника.

— How many of us sales?

— Sales? We have no sales. Just staring, these people have no money for pictures. But we handed out a bunch of posters!

— Then we will sell the posters. After all, people do not care what it copies. And you can sell them everywhere!

About modern merchandising.

— Why he is rich and we — not?

— Because he's a genius. Sells first painting, then the images of the paintings, and then cards with pictures of paintings.

the story of the merchandising.

Conclusion AI: "Big eyes", no doubt, a good and beautiful film Hollywood storyteller Tim Burton. Except that, instead of the usual johnny Depp, the main role is given to Oscar-winner Christoph Waltz (Weinstein protégé after "Inglourious Basterds"). Brand 3D-графика Director used only once, but very scary-удачно. If you are willing to take a short course on survival in the art market for two hours by the songs of Lana del Rey, this movie is definitely for you.

And if you're a fan of conspiracy seriously took quotes from the film as a means of constructing a model of art-рынка, ready to throw you a question for thought. What do you think random was the signing of one of the world's leading galleries, Pace, artist, Yoshimoto Nara — for the year before the film's release in 2013? Because of the work of the Japanese is very similar to "big eyes", created by Margaret Keane. And sold he has since become more and more often.

What do you say, Weinstein and Burton were aware of? Or share?

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