Literature: Anna Arutyunova. Art-рынок in the XXI century
ARTinvestment.RU   15 июля 2020

The first book about the art market, created by Russian author

Art-рынок in the twenty-first century. Space art experiment

Author: Anna Arutyunova
Year: 2015, 2017 (2-е edition)
Volume: 232 pages
Publisher: Higher School of Economics, Moscow
ISBN: 9785759812876

When 2008-м year, the canadian economist Donald Thompson released his best-selling book "Stuffed shark for $12 million," many believe that pull off art-рынка sheets have exposed it completely and forever. "What else can you tell us about the art market?" — were perplexed ones. "What else enable art-рынок to tell us about yourself?" — others said, more understanding. Would allow, and a lot of it: following Thompson's book, "Supermodel and plywood box" (2014) came out a little less revealing, but so rich in facts, and the cost of all these art objects in the amount even exceeded those from the first book. Big names and a fantastic amount instead of attracting new customers has created the illusion of elitism of the art world, disempowering the majority of readers on their tastes and the capacity of the wallet. As a result, since the beginning of 2010-х years, with the filing of such publications and dispersing the price boom of the media, many readers unwittingly stopped in development, and not taking a step from art lovers into buyers, and buyers — to connoisseur collectors.

about the nature of collecting, one of the pillars of art-рынка, none of the Western media wrote. And in the Russian field, this book just appeared. Its author, art historian Anna Arutiunova at the time of the publication of the first edition (2015) was hardly the best candidate for it. Graduate student of historical faculty of Moscow state University, graduate of international curatorial course at the Foundation of the Biennale of Gwangju (South Korea) by mid-2010-х has worked with almost all the important Russian publications, creating materials on the interaction of art and the market for Openspace, ART AUCTION, Black Square, The Art Newspaper Russia, "Orthida", Friday, "Vedomosti" etc. aware of the nature of art-рынка and with a basic knowledge of the history of art, Anna has offered in his work a fundamentally new approach to the presentation of the traditional set of market facts, missing numbers using four filters: economic, art, philosophical and sociological. In the end, the book was not only showing but also explaining; is not only provocative, but also reconciling all sides of the market.

for example, for the first time in the literature were available they provide a classification of approaches to collecting art, shows the main motivation of buyers. For the first time combined in one section biennials and art-ярмарки, due to the historical causal-следственной the Association of the occurrence and continuation of their invisible Union these days. A large number of detailed examples applies not only to artists from among the stars of the first magnitude, but small associations, and local markets, experience which equally can be scaled in a conditional the United States, and in the unconditional States. "The art market in the twenty-first century" is not a compilation of works by students of the Institute of art Sotheby's (the rumored sin many Western authors), and the history of art-рынка, come down fromfirst owner to a market specialist in art education, stand the facts in a logical system. The system is equally understandable and useful for both the art lover and the professional researcher.

Those who with the beginning of the pandemic suddenly discovered that quality art can be much cheaper than in the headlines of evening sales at Christie's, it remains only to sympathize: immediately obvious about the book "the art Market in the twenty-first century" you learned just now. However you lost in just five years, but become smarter and more affluent: read, learn, collect!

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