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Literature: Jean-Noel Kapferer, Vincent Bastien. The Luxury Strategy
ARTinvestment.RU   10 июля 2020

The publication, according to the methodology which built their career KAWS and Kanye West

the luxury Strategy: breaking the rules of marketing in the creation of luxury brands

Authors: Jean-Ноэль of Kapferer, Vincent bastien
Year: 2012
Volume: 408 pages
Publisher: KoganPage, UK
ISBN: 9780749464912

"Two ways to fail in creating an upscale brand — not to listen to their customers and listen to them too much" — told the readers of the book The Luxury Strategy the authors in 2012. Readers in the mass was in confusion: at the turn of 2010-х actively developing forums, the blogosphere and social networks, and book market fueled their growth recommendations to obediently respond to the dissatisfaction of each customer and to join him in stage and public correspondence. Nevertheless, it is the tenets outlined in The Luxury Strategy, developed a number of brands that are now showing tremendous level of sales and hold based on army of followers. Brands, which refused helpful the marketing of the XX century, instead of creating a product for which the client stretches himself wishing it fit. "I don't want — do not" — that's their motto, bringing millions. Because seeing this attitude, the client starts to want.

Why do we remember about the book of 2012 right now? In-первых, because the tenets of its authors can be found in the strategies of today's artists — same Banksy, Koons or KAWS. Most successful contemporary artists, in principle, is to "brand yourself". In-вторых, during a pandemic, art-рынок closely intertwined with the market of luxury goods — today they are not only sold in one combined auction, but sold among collectors. In-третьих, a new generation of buyers, which will determine the trends in art-рынке in the following decade, — Generation Z — increasingly comes to the world of art through the collector's design, the flesh of the product quality. To follow first, understand second and miss the third, you should know what they're basing strategy of the modern brands.

For the generation of 40-летних art buyers the question "where bought?" (Sotheby's, Art Basel, Gagosian) in recent years, increasingly prevailed over the question "what did you buy?" (Basquiat, Richter, Giacometti). 20-летнее generation is buying more multi-dimensional and in relation to the objects of his attention and passion set much broader range of issues than the collectors of the older generation: how difficult (and hence prestigious) was to get ahead of other people willing to get the subject as fast as I can at the event to sell, what social benefits I hold, what values are professed Creator of the subject, how many people in the world own the same things I am and how to contact them for mutual benefit? Collector classic interpretation — high love for the subject and a deep knowledge about it — representative of the young generation art-покупателей not be. His love is utilitarian, and knowledge is very practical. However, this approach is more honest than buying art, focusing only on the seller.

Jean-Ноэль of Kapferer and Vincent bastien, authors of the book The Luxury Strategy, also have direct relevance to the world of art. Kapferer beingmarketer and business-тренером, held a lecture for the group PPR collector françois Pinault, and bastien were headed divisions at Louis Vuitton (collector Bernard Arnault) and Yves Saint Laurent (again-таки françois Pinault). Looking at the rules for creating brands that they offer in your publication, I understand that you see them on the contemporary art-рынке very often: for example, covenants "to sell — do not sell" or "Let the virtual value of an object exceeds its real value" is followed by the most successful art-дилеры. The chapters on the positioning of luxury goods on the Internet, as if copied from our time. And the secret in General is simple: 408 pages market players finally-то read to the end.

Finally, — is another phrase from the book, which is a falls on the world of art and can serve as our recommendation that artists and gallery owners: "If-то not sold — do not make sales! Break the subject into parts and give the value of each of them".

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