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Movies: "Exit through the gift shop"
ARTinvestment.RU   02 июля 2020

The pseudo-documentary film that made street-арт of marginal flow part of the global contemporary art market

"Exit through the gift shop" (Original title: ExitThroughtheGiftShop)

Director: Banksy
released: 2010
87 min.
the film: ParanoidPictures, UK

representatives of the genre "mocumentary" (from the English. to mock –— fool, and documentary — documentary) — mockumentary created not to deceive the public, but for a better transmission of the statements of the authors. Using more visually immersing the viewer increases his empathy of what is happening on the screen. For the first time this trick was used Orson Welles, making the radio show "war of the worlds" on CBS radio in 1938: people, thinking, listening to the news about the alien invasion, was subjected to mass panic. In the following decades to "mocumentary" appealed Peter Greenaway ("the Fall") and woody Allen ("Zelig"), and J. J. Abrams (writer and producer of films "of the Blair Witch project" and "Cloverfield"). However "Exit through the gift shop"@now;— film about the art market, also taken by the artist, in this series stands alone.

the name refers to the famous Museum the axiom: to sell visitors a souvenir, the Museum shop should be located not at the entrance and at the exit. According to research the British marketer Andrew MacIntyre, held a year before the film's release (2009), 2/3 of Museum visitors come in without the intention to buy a souvenir, but 3/4 ready output, inspired by what they saw. In other words, the film's title tells us plainly: "You will buy what they want to sell you the market. But only after a beautiful wrap for you purchase."

the time of the release of the film (typically between birth of the idea of documentary cinema and its emergence takes place about three years) directly points to the chain of events: in 2004, Damien Hirst sold his famous shark for $12 million in 2006-м a book don Thompson of the suspicious nature of the transaction and the contemporary art market as a whole. As a result, 2007 was the most successful auction season for contemporary art in history. Banksy companions realized two things: the train you need to jump and satirical submission of any art affects buyers directly opposite — they are starting to buy more and more expensive.

In 2007 street-арт still considered a marginal area, only-только jumped into the category "blue chips" (in terms of price, of course) Keith Haring and Jean-Мишель Basquiat. Other street artists teetered between art and philosophy, sometimes considered by modern philosophers more than the modern artists. Like Diogenes, percutive barrel on the town square, closer to the crowd of people, street philosophers of the early XXI century, chose as their stage of urban space, and medium @the art of the mdas, is able to hold his glance in unexpected places. During the making of the film street-арт almost built into the market system for contemporary art (which is one sale the most expensive work of Banksy for $12.1 million — by the way, looks suspiciously like the price of a "shark" deal Hirst), but the mass recognition, thisthe market is supportive, he still had to earn. This trigger is a universal love for street art was "Exit through the gift shop".

Those who believe in the seriousness of what is happening on the screen, just not familiar with the methods of work of Banksy. Provocation is accompanied by not only the artist, but everything he does. In 2003, he was smuggled into Tate Modern and secured to the wall of my work — landscape of the XVIII century, complemented by restrictive police tape (the staff of the Museum, by the way, found a stranger only a few hours later). In 2005-м did the same at the Museum of natural history: in this case, a foreign object in the Assembly was a piece of prehistoric wall with a picture of a caveman with a grocery cart (this time between the mounting of the installation and its discovery two weeks). Another action mysterious artist in 2010-м became a full-fledged film, which, incidentally, was the crucible of the highest order — American Sundance film festival, where, unlike the Oscars, a bad movie just not allowed. On the "Oscar" "Exit through the gift shop" was also nominated (as best documentary film), but lost to "Insiders", which is very symbolic: reflection on the crisis of 2008-2009 ("Insiders") surpassed the growth of the art-рынка in the next decade ("the Gift shop").

Logically, the film is split into two parts: the first — glorify the direction of street art and its authors, the second — shows the path of an artist who decided to make street-арта modern selling kitsch. The first part is really assembled from documentary footage of street artists during an adventurous night attacks, full of danger, whether the fall from the roof or the intervention of the police. The second part is also filmed in a documentary style and with the same characters, but staged and with a fair amount of caustic satire. The transition between parts is so seamless that the viewer believes. And not just believes, but, realizing the absurdity of the situation, want this art to have.

throughout the film pearls scattered quotes denouncing the art market, but also adds some attractiveness to it. Here are just a few of them:

With the advent of the Internet <у street artists> has the opportunity to show his former, short-lived masterpieces, to an audience of millions.

one of factors of growth of the market street art

Street-арт here-вот had become the biggest cultural movement since punk.

One of the key phrases of the film, transcends into the heads of collectors

— Is you work like this?

— Is such a passion

— And earn as?

— that way and That. But I needed a break.

About the allocation of time over [email protected];% artists

the Traditional art of durable. Casting in bronze or painting on canvas can last for hundreds of years. But street-арт live very long. So he just needs Directors-документалисты.

the Official cause of the movie "Exit through the gift shop", Banksy announced

targeting the most famous wall in the world <Израильский barrier>, Banksy turned the act of vandalism in the category of international news. From now on, all beganto ask the same question: who is Banksy?

About the creation of myth through a well-known visual images

It was a spiral that I was falling down. Fell — and doing art.

About the creative beginning in the work of some artists

People <на the opening of the exhibition by Banksy in Los-Анджелесе> it is no less than the Museum of modern art. Our exhibition lasted for three days was located in the slums. I think many people didn't quite understand how this could happen. We <организаторы> and do not understand.

Banksy, modestly describing his marketing approach

Street-арт was drawn to the light of God, under the attention of the public. For several months, collectors have flocked to this market, and prices for leading artists street-арта skyrocketed.

Banksy — is barely noticeable on a clear split
market street art on the "leading" and others

Street-арт suddenly became a fashion item. No collection of modern art from now on could be considered complete without the works of Banksy.

a Marketing message to those who haven't bought Banksy to the time of the film

I saw Banksy and immediately realized that he was a genius. And everyone I talked about him, in the end what-нибудь he bought: it was the people who have the work of Pablo Picasso, Piet Mondrian or Paul Klee.

Wendy Asher, collector and curator, about the circle of acquaintances
and the influence of expert opinions on their tastes

we have Unexpectedly had money. But the money was always nothing to do, so I asked <снять film> and show that the most important thing in street art, not fame and not money, <а statement>.

[email protected];— that any statement
should be supported by a budget for its promotion

Many of his brothers-in-art <к that time> has already moved from the streets to the galleries.

About the fate of street artists,
want to monetize their statements


This is a very unpleasant situation — when the artist shows you their work, and it is the shit that you don't even know what to say

Banksy's on the fraternal support among the artists


Take, for example, Damien Hirst — one of the most expensive artists. It employs hundreds of people. Or do you think he sits <в workshop> and paper glue?

About the inner workings of art from some of the old masters

How I became an artist? Like went to bed — and woke up artist!

Perhaps the most concise and honest personal Manifesto
the writers decided to do art in adulthood

I wanted to do <свою exhibition> is similar to a show, amusement Park, attraction for arts. I turn attraction into art

press-релиза to the first exhibition of the writer of the previous quotation

And then <художник> began to pay us a salary, not to spend time on the production and every day to come up with what-то new... and change everything on the go.

the Assistants of the artist working on the preparations for the solo exhibition

Only now, under the constant action of painkillers,<художник> finally realized the significance of the event, which started.

About the benefits of a sober look at the workflow of the author

the Newspapers estimated a publicity stunt <выставки>: the first two hundred visitors received free mass work. Just had to figure out how <художнику> to transform two hundred of the same prints in collection samples of creativity.

About the difference between idea and implementation is great, with mind ideas

the hype in the press were tightened and private collectors started to inquire the price works <неизвестного artist> before the opening.

On the role of media before the opening (and reviews of art-критиков)

the Paint — it is like gold: it is necessary to not splash it on canvas — and the price will increase

I have never seen so many paintings at the personal exhibition of the artist. Don't know what elves it is all riveted, but they are great!

that the market understands everything, but to refrain from shopping cannot

you Know, it is <значительное> event! Don't know really what you see, but worried

About how we need to shape the image of a successful event

In the end, when the opening of the exhibition three hours left, the team of fitters decided to hang the pictures themselves.

On the modest role of the main persons responsible for the success of the exhibition
while the artist gives an interview on the opening day

People had to get inside that those who have not accommodated the hall, felt it necessary to break down the door.

About the most effective way to give
the event importance: to limit the bandwidth

— Why do you have this theme so often repeated in the works?

— Because it's — pop-культуры. Andy Warhol died and I'm here

About the skill of the artist to give concise answers to the interview

it's All about time. Because only you will be able to understand a real artist or not.

Banksy — on themselves and their brethren by spray and stencil


<Этот film> is not gone with the wind, of course, but what-то morality in it.

a Careless phrase Banksy,
which, perhaps, will soon have to be cut out of the picture

Neither the review of Banksy art is not complete without a discussion of his mysterious personality, so Express and my version of Banksy — is an unprecedented marketing the product, equally filled with spiritually and commercially successful. The key to Union — ideological productivity of its creators, tongue-in-cheek mystery of the Central character, the issue works both in non-commercial (installations), and in the market (painting and drawing products) formats as well as regular support shock stock. The most common opinion behind the scenes art-рынка: Banksy — is not one person, but a group of people United by common management. And most of this group appeared in the film in various roles.

According to the former President of the international Union of art-критиков ICOM Marek Bartelik, "even if tomorrow we will point out particular person, it will solve nothing. Banksy moved into the category of cultural phenomena, he has individuality. And impersonal character can not be exposed. Banksy — is actually each of us."

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