Literature: Richard H. Rush, Art as an Investment
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The first edition of the investment approach to buying art, published in 1961

Art as an Investment

author: Richard H. Rush
publication: 1961
418 pages
publishing: BonanzaBooks, USA

the Graduate of Harvard business-школы Richard rush amazingly lucky: the beginning of his writing career had on "Golden age" of collecting the late 1950-х years. In the United States, after world war II and the recession of 1956, the newly formed middle class and rapidly growing personal capital wealthy. For the money and the other began to actively fight the real estate markets, luxury goods and art. In particular, by the end of 1950-х in one new-Йорке there were more than 500 private art-дилеров. It was then that the rush and received a Commission to write a book about proper investment of money in art.

Despite some naivety, the monograph is written in step with the times, given the parallel development of the stock market of the late 1950-х and economic theory in General. The author really dwells on the major periods and schools, accompanying the description with figures and retelling stories of the insiders of the art world. The description of the current system of art-рынка given only 10 pages out of 400, and the same — principles of collection based on the author's experience. That can unconditionally supply the author plus is the manually collected data on the auction results of more than two hundred artists (when he published a book, before the advent of Artnet remained for 28 years. — AI.). The book, produced by Michael Moses and David may (Mei & Moses Index), Anders Petterson (Art of Tactic), Claire McAndrew (Arts Economics) and many other art-аналитиков new generation, of course, interested researchers of the art market. Especially its history.

Following the monograph "Art as an investment" in the 1960-х Richard rush, released 16 other best-selling books: the object of his attention became Antiques, cars and other collectibles — down to things with the sales of escheated property. In 1980-х he received a professorship at the American University of Washington and taught the fundamentals of investment activities at the Smithsonian. In the circle of his friends was listed as major collectors of art — in particular, former US President Gary Truman and industrialist Jean Paul Getty, founder of the eponymous Museum in Los-Анджелесе. The rush also was a collector of art in his collection was listed the old masters of Holland, France and Italy. In short, we have before us the portrait of a successful art-дилера, who came to the profession via journalism. But traded the author is not an art, and information.

In conclusion, we present 5 best, in our opinion, quotes from the book of Richard rush:

1. "Today, to buy the work of Paul Gauguin for $100k — unacceptable waste".

2. "Art that looks like a Rorschach test, at the-видимому, enjoying his sunset". Meant galaxy abstract Impressionists, particularly clyfford still.

3. "the lowest rates of growth of the cost of the old European masters, particularly of the Venetian school". In the author's collection figure was a lot. Perhaps in this way he bought them at a discount?

4. "directoriesthe British auctions, it is possible to understand how the auction house is confident in the authenticity of the work. If the lot is entitled @ldquo;Сэр Peter Paul [email protected]; — front of us a genuine work, if there is “П. П. Рубенс” — auction doubts. And when you see one name @ldquo;Рубенс@rdquo; — rather, we have before us the forgery".

5. "Suggest the time to invest in art today: 20 years of art-рынок likely to die".

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