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Literature: Georgina Adam. Dark Side of the Boom
ARTinvestment.RU   14 февраля 2020

Writer Georgina Adams does not seek to bring to light the "dark side" of the art market. According to the author, the only way to understand — it yourself to experience it

Dark Side of the Boom
The Excesses of the Art Market in the 21st Century

author: GeorginaAdam
year: 2017
232 page
publisher: Lund Humphries, UK
ISBN: 9781848222205

the Book, whose title can be translated as "the Dark side of the boom: the excesses of art-рынка in the nineteenth century" — the second monograph journalist Georgina Adam, in the past the author's column on the art market for publications such as The Art Newspaper and the Financial Times. Her first book — "Big money: surge art-рынка in the twenty-first century" (2014) — have been written on the rise of the market in terms of growth in the world economy. In other words, filled with cautious skepticism: on the rise to look expensive and attractive everyone can. In the present work, published after the beginning of economic turbulence, there is a hidden rapture: art-рынок still retains the face! Even if we consider that more than half of that person hidden under the mask, "the Dark side..." — is not an attempt to describe the seamy side of the art market. He is the wrong side, according to Adam.

Georgina Adam wrote analytical reports and columnist. Her book read like a personal blog: a single narrative, broken down into meaningful stories. Each plot — finished the episode with its characters, climax and denouement. Often these episodes is not enough space, so carefully, the author pushes the story into the allotted size. For those who want to understand more, there are links to: working in the media taught Adam to the fact that every fact of life art-рынка must be supported by original, otherwise the publication will get a subpoena. By the way, cases in the book given to more than half of the pages: about fifty legal precedents show the art market better than the mention of so many loud auction sales.

In "the Dark side..." (by the way, Russian translation is not immediately obvious that the title plays with the Pink Floyd album "the other side of the moon" — The Dark Side of The Moon) is moralizing don Thompson or specific sentences to the action of Adam Bamberger. This book — for those who have painted for yourself with a pencil structure of the art-рынка and ready to paint her new megabytes of information about specific events and figures. The phenomenon of market of Chinese contemporary art, the trial of Dmitry Rybolovlev and Yves Bouvier, shocking Japanese collector of Yusaku Maezawa and Basquiat for $110,5 million store, which sometimes find the stolen masterpieces, and relatives behind fakes, — about all that we read in the media. But the author turns the reader-наблюдателя to reader — participant; perhaps, this is the main merit of the book.

Georgina Adam did not stay long either in The Art Newspaper, nor in the Financial Times: it is the usual story for a man who drives a few facts together and gives the reader different from the official view of events. Another thing is that such people just a little.

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