Tariff "Predaniy". Conversations in the evening closing AS43
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For many years, in the last hours of the Antique Salon, Konstantin Babulin walk the stands of familiar galleries. Ask about the results. Without specifics, and some sense, satisfied or not satisfied?

it is Clear that this is our Sunday night poll is not entirely representative. We ask because we are not all in a row, and only those, with whom to communicate easily and pleasantly. In this comfort mode it is possible to talk normally with 6-10 galleries. More than two hundred. Not much, but informative. Every time we see the same thing: in the beginning of the week — cautious optimism, at the end of the — complaints about the high cost, the results-сяк, neither good nor bad (in the spirit of "not enough sales, no new people and all that"). But every time six months later all these same people again participate in the Salon. That's far more eloquent than any final words.

And want to try to draw conclusions on the results of the salon themselves? Let's go! Below — fragments impersonal, to the best edited real dialogues. This individual answers of a question about how was the Salon. Exactly who said what — to specify will not, does not matter. Main — to capture the General mood. So, a common question was: how do you evaluate the results?

— we Have received the "club of interests". Come savvy people, communicate, but almost no sales. Before all have sinned in the Parking lot. Now Parking overpowered, 200 rubles per hour you can stand up, but people still little.

— How did it go? So the parlour is not yet over. So what, five hours? Vaughn on Thursday, many dispersed, and after eight a customer came and bought 6 paintings from those who remained in the stands. Now all sit to the last. So it is not over yet. New people — Yes, there is. Even what-то pros. And buy from us always after the salon, but not during.

— Have little sales rather eyeing. There are new people, dialogues are conducted. All the business cards handed out. The interest is there.

— fewer People, but the prices asked. I would say that this time is the Salon with the hope of renewal. In the Arena have to participate. Why? Gallery should participate in such events, to show themselves, not to become dealers.

— Sale is in the range of $20 000-60 000. But participation in the negative. Attendance falls. Well, what if the Chinese are right now on the stand went? Chinese — lot of money — little.

— Collectors little. And the prices there is heavy bargaining. Satisfied? Well, if refunds will not be happy. (We are talking about practice, because when you pay and take the item for a few days, subject to refund if not suitable. — Approx. ed.). Whether I will participate in the Arena? Probably not. Assume there will be no more shopping and ad format. Yes, much like in International salons fine arts.

— we Have sales in the range of $10 000-20 000. But this time not very happy. New buyers little. Hope — on sale after the salon.

— is Correct, as usual, we do not have to ask.

what became clear? @Ndashто. Not everything is taken at face value. Who-то lash out in anger. And who is-то, on the contrary, will not advertise tactical success, so as not to jinx it. After two weeks, participants will cool down, breathe more freely, "work contacts" and kinder. And have no doubt that with most of them we will meet again in February in one large room with a very-очень high ceilings in the immediate vicinity of the Kremlin. Despite the fact that there will berubles almost half as much and attention "closely".

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