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Spring Antique Salon 2016, or If tomorrow the war
ARTinvestment.RU   05 апреля 2016

All the talk about the fact that we have no antique market that now is not the time to trade, and need to sit and wait for the sea of good weather, — is complete nonsense. We have to live now, and we need to work now

coincidentally, maybe-то hard, but the time of the exhibition accounted for the lull in hostilities. About the Donbass have not remembered, from Syria we came out with a victory, but in Karabakh and/or Afghanistan has not yet entered (and, God willing, will not enter). So you do not disturb and do not distract, creating the illusion of calm. Well, what else do you need "poor" antiquary? Of course, peace and quiet, everything else will follow. So I hear-то corrosive'll try to fix it: like, more important than silence, and customers with money, and preferably with a stray that "thigh harness". So-то it, only where they easy money? And we gradually come to the main issue... There is not crazy about money, but about the buyers. It is this endangered species of humanity? In the last few years it seemed that all — extinct. Remained only at the level of hunting tales: who-то told me how she had met once hardened buyer, but was so confused that I didn't have time to offer him. Since then and on the trail, but does not catch. All attempts of the past years, as-то to lure a buyer for the Salon ended in failure. The Parking spaces will scare him, the collapse of the ruble, and then go take a NAP, dearest, with fatigue so hard that no amount of advertising will not Wake. And empty corridors of the CHA are covered with Antiques.

And then...

And suddenly to the evening reception 40-го Salon came unusually crowded. And it's not so much in quantity as in quality. The people were good, interesting, and all about prices to be tried.

And it was the first good signal.

  • Весенний Антикварный Салон 2016

Second good signal came on Monday, when suddenly the room was not empty. That opening, bad-бедно come, — is clear, but further on in the week, — that's-то new. But so it was. This Salon was celebrated on good attendance, as new buyers, old and fading, which has already been copied to the scrap. And for good reason. Whether we really got used to the crisis, about which, by the way, in all the conversations I have not heard even once. Whether the notorious import substitution beginning to bear fruit, whether... come on, let's not bother the strange reasoning in the style of the government. All clear: the success of today — is adequate time prices. All? No, not all. Adequate pricing must be accompanied by high-quality material. And he was this time. From Polenova-Саврасова-Айвазовского to Malevich-Гончаровой. That is something to look at. And the prices? Pictures by-разному, and it is best to paraphrase the classic definition. The rich have become richer, in our case, high prices have directed in space (and even not fantastic, and schizophrenic), and the poor... no, not poorer, and, say, the running price range was adequate. Adequate and almost mass. Cultural values at $4 000-5 000 most offered at very correct prices. For example, a good watercolor Fonvizin when I bought in for $3000, and good slepysheva not bought for $5 000 because of this size had to cost three. In short, sales in this price range were almost all. The next mass level — to $50 000, or rather $15 000-25 000. There is also one-двум transactions were the majority of participants. Of course, at this point, I hear: Hm, is it a success? Sometimes 10-15 of these pictures left the stand for the Salon. And you two happy. — On this can only be sarcastic, "to Whom the pearls are small, and who is the soup watery". So we won't act like a grouchy old-timers, and will rejoice, though small, but the massive success.

  • Весенний Антикварный Салон 2016

It's all good, but there were some serious shopping, ask me real buyer. What you here about what-то detail all the writing. You're talking about serious amounts of write. Here in this place I ask the reader: what are pictures be taken seriously? For example, the price in $850 000 for the average cow can be considered serious? And this despite the fact that over the last two years in any auction, including Sotheby's and Christie's, prices did not rise above $150 000 $. And the price Krachkovsky $650 000 can be considered serious? When his record at Christie's in 2007 was $350 000. It is useless to even start bargaining, and no wonder that nothing of such had been sold. And here where the prices were adequate, sales, and us $100 000 and $250 000. Yes, of course, antique dealers when I complained that the rate of profit was not the one that these transactions took place, had of narrowing down the extreme. Well, what to do? The buyer now understands that the situation is bad and you have to use and tends to buy very good stuff at a very reasonable price. The phrase in the title "If tomorrow the war" no wonder there — this state of mind prevails over the other, and qualitatively distinguishes the current state of Affairs.

  • Весенний Антикварный Салон 2016

to Summarize.

the Salon was held, and it was good. Visitors came, and a good thing too. The sale was, and this is all the more good. So all the talk about the fact that we have no antique market that now is not the time to trade, and need to sit and wait for the sea of good weather, — is complete nonsense. We have to live now, and we need to work now, and who dare he is...

the End?

No, not the end, here's the sketch for dessert.

the Third floor down to the second and continues to push there painting. And the neighborhood porcelain Stalin almost in the growth of European still lifes even though it looks comical, but not surprising. What to do this time. And by the way, when I'm on the last day of the Salon did not see Stalin porcelain, inwardly gasped: "Oh, really, sold the father a native (by the way, is not cheap: $30 000 wanted for it)"! But no, nothing happened, not sold, just before the time Packed.

the third floor Itself was finally determined and only offers DPI, porcelain and icons.

So it's all good. No matter how unexpectedly it may sound.

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