Tair Salakhov. Pictures before exhibition in the state Tretyakov gallery
ARTinvestment.RU   22 января 2016

On the eve of the exhibitions of such a high level, a growing number of search queries about auction prices of works of the artist

Today, January 22 in the state Tretyakov gallery on the Crimean Shaft opens the exhibition "Tair Salakhov. The sun in the Zenith". the Artist in this November marks 88 years. Interestingly, the eminent master, one of the founders and leaders of "severe style", the author of "Repairmen" and "Portrait of the composer Kara-Караева", this will be the first solo exhibition in the Tretyakov gallery.

Tahir Salahov — a man of amazing destiny. Father shot in 1938 by the verdict of the Troika. My mother was raising five children alone, about the fate of his father they learned only after rehabilitation in 1956. Was it possible to imagine that the son of "enemy of the people" with such starting conditions will be a twice laureate of state prizes after thirty years — Hero of Socialist Labor!

Salakhov has graduated from the Azerbaijan art school, and in 1957 — MGAHI Surikov. About this same time, late 1950s-х — the turn of 1960-х, came the dawn the severe style — of the new post-Stalinist realism, realism unvarnished reality, glorifying the heroism of difficult work. "the Painting is our need to learn to speak simple language of Mayakovsky", — said the young Salakhov in 1958, the correspondent of magazine "Art".

on the Eve of the exhibitions of such a high level, a growing number of search queries about auction prices of works of the artist (we see it on the statistics ARTinvestment.RU). Asked? Answer. Database of auction results contain information on six auction events salahovu between 2006 and 2015 Five of the six exhibited works were sold.

auction record for the artist was established recently — in December at Sotheby's. In the midst of the crisis one of its famous portrait of his daughter Aidan was sold, converted from pounds at $405 000. A year earlier, "Portrait of Aidan" is very similar in size (possibly the same portrait that after a year got on Sotheby's) was sold at a Japanese auction in Tokyo for about $56 000, which was the second largest result. Things 1960-70-х years worth at auction several times more expensive than the later ones. For example, Spanish "Granada", the bright and unrelated to stern style, in 2013, was sold for about $6 000 (it was in the wrong place @the mdas in Japan). stern "Rock. The Caspian sea" in Russia bought for $45 000 — however, that was 10 years ago. And only once at auction was offered graphics Salakhova: a small portrait of a man, 1964, made by felt-tip pen on the Notepad sheet that was sold at our auction AI the summer of 2015 for 20 000 rubles.

auction statistics Accumulated until sufficient to make reliable conclusions about price levels Salakhova. But — than the rich, and the General approaches are clear. Masterpieces 1960-70-х of years (and later replays) can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Late paintings — rather tens of thousands.

the Exhibition will last until 20 March 2016.

Source: tretyakovgallery.ru, artprice.com, artinvestment.ru

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