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ARTinvestment.RU   20 июня 2013

Joint creation of "Cultural Alliance" Marat Gelman and "Live Journal" is positioned as a brand new social network for the art community

Last night on "Winery" presented a new draft . Joint creation of "Cultural Alliance" Marat Gelman and "Live Journal" is positioned as a brand new social network for the art community - artists, curators, critics, etc.

According to the founders of the new platform should combine the strengths of Facebook, Wikipedia and Presumptuous, but some logic in this. The fact that Facebook is already the de facto main social network artists and the art market - it is all there. Today it is the most effective tool for fast communication. But not for work with information. In the "Facebook" is not really search engine, so there is difficult and sometimes impossible to find a previous publication, correctly put on their references, you can not really edit. also not standard: it selects events in its sole discretion, is strictly the fact that she was interested - and have every right to be. "Wikipedia", in turn, is not so simple and intuitive for content creators. Not every blogger will have enough patience to deal with it - what can we say about the artists. In a word, each resource model and its nuances.

With regard to the specific tasks of network originally conceived not as an ordinary social network or directory of artists with a portfolio (although it is also available) as well as an aggregator of cultural events, running in the format of the designer. For example, if the bow festival, which is planned for 2000 activities and the need to put a poster in time, the new platform is expected to give its organizers a simple tool that they filled in the information about your event, and after that there is a special way to present this calendar on the website.

assumed that the unwound area will attract Learn to initial traffic, which is very important in the first stage. I have no doubt that many artists sign up. Let not the 8,000 people are expected, but certain number of registers - is another option to be seen. By the way, 8000 artists seems enormous figure, given that our database of auction results recorded just over 9000 artists - all in history, who has ever appeared at auction. But mostly, the success of the site depends on its ability to lure back eminent art market and representatives of institutions. Will - then turn.

And, of course, the press (see the presentation of the correspondent "MK", ​​was a camera channel "Russia") interested in the details of yesterday's resignation of Marat Gelman as director of the Perm Museum of Contemporary Art PERMM. Did not hear anything sensational: the resignation learned on the plane, according to press reports almost. The basic version - received an order from Moscow. He said that he is even the authors of the initiative surnames, but did not call. Perhaps the last straw was the resonant exhibition Basil Slonova Welcome! Sochi 2014 - a sarcastic look at the phobia against the subtropical winter Olympics. Sam Gelman did not say that, but so is not difficult to guess that it was a sore point for the ideologists of major sports events. Regarding the future plans Gelman said, bringing the end of the Permian festival "White Nights" until June 24, and then goes on vacation. Will it take the same subject in a different city - hardly. Because the risk of another story end in the same way - a team from Moscow. Officials appointed - officials and well filmed. According to the former director, now its most worried about the fate of the museum, which he created and which transferred part of his collection. Who will be the new head of how to change the show policy ... After all, "from the point of view of the budget process a bad show is no different from the good».

to the views of individual projects and the former director can be viewed as anything, but one fact is difficult to argue. Five years ago, about the Perm was not heard nor hearing, nor spirit. Was not the deaf, but the province. Gelman recalled that, according to opinion polls, wants to go out 60 per cent of young people. But it was not so much time, and began to make an impression Perm regional locomotive in cultural innovation. On the city talking all. Actually, Perm in the minds of many it has become synonymous with contemporary art. And the polls are showing that the number of those wishing to leave was reduced by five times. Such a result, anyway, is expensive. Can someone work better - look, the wait is not long.

Vladimir Bogdanov, AI
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