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ARTinvestment.RU   06 марта 2013

Vigilance participants forum.artinvestment.ru, noting dozens of questionable activities that made the exhibition in Tsaritsyno one of the most talked about in recent times

On Sunday, March 10, at the State Historical, Architectural, Art and Landscape Museum-Reserve "Tsaritsyno" exhibition ends with « The Edge of the old collection. From the collection of Sergei Grigoryants. Painting, drawing, arts and crafts XII - beginning of XX century ».

exhibition as the exhibition: one of hundreds held in Moscow on a monthly basis, in not the most popular for such exhibitions place. Initially did not even came to our attention. Nevertheless, it was one of the most talked about for the last time on forum ARTinvestment.RU . She has collected nearly 9,000 hits and more than a hundred comments, while the usual statistics for antique exhibitions - 1000-3000 hits, and for contemporary art - at least 1000. The secret of success was unexpected: in the issued in Tsaritsyno meeting forum members discovered dozens of dubious and very questionable in terms of the authenticity of paintings and drawings. And sound the alarm ( topic "Collection Grigoryants in Tsaritsyno" Online AI ).

Feedback from collectors, the strength of the collection of Sergey Grigoryants (its Russian section) has always been and graphics, rather than big names, how many interesting things. The exhibition revealed the congregation literally from surprise to know him by collectors: in addition to a rare, really interesting graphic display dozens of large and medium-sized paintings, and even completely "names»: I. Repin , N. Roerich , Vereshchagin , Surikov , Kandinsky , B. Kustodiev , I. Aivazovsky , I. Shuhaev , M. Vrubel , M. Larionov , A. G. Jawlensky , etc.

Fears of Forum were baseless. According to some experts, who discussed the situation ARTinvestment.RU, 18 exhibited works (mostly paintings) are very questionable in terms of authenticity, and at least seven works (including works by Kandinsky, Vrubel, Surikov and Kuznetsova) - and worse. For the exhibition in the State Museum - obviously too much. In this case, we considered only the Russian segment, while a large part of the nearly 400 exhibited works include the West European art (where Derain, and Dali, etc.).

Questions on This situation raises a lot. Motives and intentions of the organizers may be different. Strictly speaking, the collector - is a private person, a man, as a rule, carried away, which is free to persevere and to think about their subject whatever. Confirm your things examinations, documents or funds without evidence to believe in their authenticity is also a personal decision. But it is quite another matter - an exhibition in the State Museum, which is preparing a directory published articles, organized public access and exhibits her get a good addition to the provenance. Indeed, for anyone but especially for the inexperienced buyer of the participation of the public in an exhibition in the museum - a powerful argument in favor of its authenticity.

In this situation, the organizers obviously, there should be a more rigorous professional selection . It is difficult to imagine that such objects have fallen into the same exposure in the Museum of Private Collections Pushkin Museum. Or at the same antique shops. The event is not public, purely commercial, and yet in recent years there working hard advisory council, which obliges the parties to withdraw from the stands is questionable things.

the question about what we cared. Problems with identity and purchased expertise - this is still a sore point of the antique market. Falshakov rampant in the mid-2000s had a tangible negative consequences for all the galleries, including the honest work. Scandals counterfeiting traditionally give strong arguments competitors and detractors of the antique market. The restoration of confidence novice collectors and investors - a fragile, complex and very long process. In which we had great interest. And success is. The market really is cleaner and more attractive to new buyers. More recently, we are proud to say that 2012 was the year without scandals in this area, with a clear positive dynamics. And in early 2013th initiated readers have to go back again to uncomfortable topics.

happening all the more strange that in the current transparency hide show with questionable work almost impossible. Suffice it to recall situation with "Goncharova" in catalogs Anthony Parton and Denise Bazetu , which caused a strong resistance of the Russian Confederation antique and art dealers (MKAAD). An attempt to legalize questionable things had backfired, and the name became common nouns cataloguers.

But back to the show. Is it worth watching? Completely. I must say that with all annoying flaws selection of paintings by famous artists (which you just take the amendment) exhibition turned out interesting. Graphics, DPI, Russia and Europe - very eclectic and definitely not boring. If we consider it not as a museum but as a purely private - with the riddles of the collector, then it deserves to be.

Malevich KS Basil Katchalov in staging Andreeva "Anathema". 1908
paper zincography
Stelletskogo DS Saint George
Stelletskogo DS Saint George
fabric, colored embroidery
MA Vrubel Hamlet and Ophelia
VRUBEL MA Hamlet and Ophelia
oil on canvas

Zamirailo VD Saint George
canvas stretched on wood, oil
Millioti ND Forest
Millioti H . D.
Forest Gouache on cardboard


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