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Auction after auction "Gelos". How did
ARTinvestment.RU   05 декабря 2011

December 2, exactly one week after the auction of the season, the house "Gelos" held unscheduled auction, which so called "auction for the auction season"

December 2, exactly one week after the auction of the season, the house "Gelos" carried out unannounced trades that so called "auction for the auction season." The event was originally not pathetic - apparently targeted at those who are caught in a tight schedule the November auction, later checked himself, and now had a chance to catch up. At the same time have to consider that much of the most "delicious" things already "cleaned", sold at major auctions. Plus - that the application can be done in a lower starts. But in the whole idea - the routine.

begin immediately with the results. Of 497 lots (minus a couple of shot), according to my calculations, it sold 130 - that is 26 percent. In fact - less, because later in the published results of a number of things that I thought was sold, there was a mark of "PDR" - did not reach reserve. But sitting in a room that can not be understood. By the way, the practical rule of sales for sales in Russia this fall is 30 percent.

However, the most interesting of these auctions were not content but form.

«Gelos" not for nothing has the reputation of the "auction car." For those who understand the 497 lots, only one list which has won 56 pages, "Gelos" ottorgovalis little more than a half hour. At about 14:10 started at 15:55 and is already finished, so even a small break was. The Rate can be judged from the fact that for the first hour it was announced 336 lots. 10 seconds on the lot based on the bargaining position of third.

/> </a>  </td> <td width=248 /> </a>  </td> </tr> </tbody> </table>  <p class=mat1 This, incidentally, is very correct. At the auction (and the re-auction - twice) senseless descriptions thumb and persuade customers. Time to look and think was enough, and the meaning of the auction - technically commit the transaction. That is the formal procedure, and no show. If there is interest, you will be served: and the phone will wait and bargain without undue haste. And if there is no interest (yet immediately understandable), then a second to think - and hit with a hammer: the lot is cleared.

In tempo, like practicality. When traded, "St. Petersburg string" (called lots in St. Petersburg, but could connect to trading, Moscow), the normally coordinated and telephones, and room, and the Internet. For routine trades "Gelos" is not even printed catalogs: pictures of lots displayed on the operator panel plasma directly from the auction are simple but quite effective.

/> </a>  </td> <td width=248 /> </a>  </td> </tr> </tbody> </table>  <p class=mat1 The structure revealed no auction sales of some new and unexpected developments.

pretty well sold string of numismatics. There was dismantled more than 35 percent of the lots. Significantly, with trading in 4 steps (a rarity for the last auction), left Lot 189 - awards mark the Finance Ministry. This is understandable, as the only item associated with the judges', the firemen, the Ministry of Finance or other governmental agencies, there will be bargaining. Not difficult to guess that sort of thing to buy a gift officials - The Russian Case.

/> </a>  </td> <td width=248 /> </a>  </td> </tr> </tbody> </table>  <p class=mat1 Surprisingly good care items DPI - all sorts of fancy lights and stuff.

It is also easy to compute things that sold the worst. For example, odd volumes of collected works, posters, maps, things in a bad state (for example, a weapon with losses), or just those that are too expensive for gifts. In fact, 90 percent of cases have already guessed, will be bidovat specific item or not.

Even in this bad time painting sold - any. Evil tongues say that "Gelos" moving away from the trade of painting. But probably there is another explanation: some interesting things have been cleaned, but the other (for example, the schedule Vladimir Yakovlev ) is safe to say that they were at least heavily overpriced.

Znak < /a> Mark award by the Ministry of Finance
Gold, silver and gold plating. 55 x 37 mm Weight
21.92 g
Lot 189. "Gelos». 02.12.2011
Estimate : 150-210 thousand rubles
Result: 200 thousand rubles

Maybe not main, but not least the conclusion of all these present conditions of incubation in the hall is not required (for re-bidding in the room sat three people). 99 percent of lots sold for an absentee rates, telephone or via the Internet. It is a viable practice.

for bids observed by Vladimir Bogdanov, AI

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