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Artist of the week: Natta Konysheva — Queen of the avant-garde with Serebryanicheskaya
ARTinvestment.RU   20 февраля 2018

The artist of the older generation of Soviet avant-garde, the master of "reportage painting with elements of dreams." Today the works of legendary Konyshev are the undisputed hits of AI Auctions

If you look at the results of the auctions where they sold konyshevoy, a list of private collections and museums around the world where are stored it works, then you can marvel at how wide a circle of admirers of talent of the artist. And the author-то complex. Not decorative. Her style — primitivism expressionism genre. Hard on the fan. Sometimes very strongly. And even among employees of the Auction, which Konyshev well, certainly not a novelty, disputes regularly erupt. Than like the work Konyshev? What good is it? Trying to answer this question, a "test" fall into a meditation and some kind of stupor. Of course, "with a run" hard to say. But let's try to Express the experience and to find the appropriate words that help to describe what is so attractive in the work Konyshev.

Natta Ivanovna Konysheva was born 9 Jun 1935 in Moscow. In 1959 graduated from Moscow polygraphic Institute, where her mentor was Ely Belyutin Creator Studio "New reality". In 1960-70-х worked in applied graphic, illustrated books for publishers "Geografgiz", "Soviet writer" and Altai book publishers. Member of the Creative Association of women-художников "iris." In 1974 entered into MOSH (Moscow Union of Artists), and later — in the city Committee schedules: "there disliked it. “Go to your avant-garde!” — said in Moshe. “Go to your MOSH!” — told in the city Committee schedules. But Natta was not discouraged, fought their way to exhibitions and there, and here" (artist Dmitry Shirokov). Behind artist big list of exhibits, which begins with an informal "appartment" — widespread exhibitions in the apartments of artists or close to them-lovers, friends, collectors, etc., and poluraspredelenia impressions in the fresh air like "bulldozer exhibition". Solo exhibitions Konyshev at least 7 times was in Moscow and twice in France (1988, 1994). And in the spring of 2016 in the space of the Museum АРТ4 in Moscow hosted the exhibition dedicated to 80-летию artist, which was shown the works of 1970-80-х years from the collection of Igor Markin and paintings 2000-2005 (a collection of M. Egorov and E. Komarenko). Konyshevoy works are in the collections of the Russian Museum and the Tretyakov gallery and other major collections.

What attracts remains sealed in the subcortex of our consciousness and lives, anticipating a new meeting with the next creation of the artist? About the same incomprehensible, do not Express the feeling I have is the work of Jean-Мишеля Basquiat. Creativity specificextraordinary turned to the origins, different and eye-catching on the background of the work of colleagues. Catchy from the first seen the picture. @Ndashто they have in common. Both artists chose the action/action, the city as a place of this action and primitivist approach: one, of Haitian descent, was surrounded by his characters the familiar elements of the urban environment (cars, graffiti, police), the other refers to what is happening on the streets of Moscow, in flats, cafes, galleries — in Moscow unbridled elements, in which dwell numerous phantasmagoric inhabitants, soaring and often turned upside down. The work Konyshev — bundle of different currents of twentieth century art: primitivism, post-impressionism, expressionism and surrealism.

the Clue to solving the mystery of attraction konyshevoy, obviously, lies in how the artist herself determines the specificity of their work: "reporterlast with the element of miracles." Here we have "fashion Show at the house of artists" (1990. Oil on canvas. 80 × 90) — multi-ring composition, originating from the women in red-кирпичном dress that is deployed to the viewer; is further our opinion the ladder rises into the dark little hall in the future, in space, then moves to the woman in a black dress and fancy-кокетливой green hat and her — to the phantom figure in the center of the action. Expecting to see a display of high fashion with the respective attributes and entourage, we see a rather strange bunch in a small space — booze, not defiliruya models, and vulgarly dressed ladies, making a strange movement is clearly in a strong drunk...

Our "fashion Show," held at the house of the artist. But in what house? And in General: the show? Fleshed out the scene — integral and generally easy-to-read element in most of the works of konyshevoy, so let me share with the reader the version that seems most convincing. So, first of all, we must remember that at the Kuznetsk Bridge (again konyshevskaya Moscow!), almost opposite each other, housed the all-Union fashion house and exhibition halls of the Moscow House of artists (native place for every member Moshe). Year of painting — 1990-й — year, when General chaos dramatically gained momentum and the famous Moscow House of models already on the-настоящему died. The same can be said about the Moscow House of the artist, whose small rooms (with wooden lestnitsami in a few steps) turned to those days in the flea market and was used as a hit in accordance with the desires of those who pay the rent. And it turns out that we see some party of dressed-up with someone in that much ladies 1990-х, and the name may be an ironic allusion to standing next to, but almost non-existing House Models at the Kuznetsk Bridge. However, the work is devoid of bitterness, exhortation or reproach — it is possible to discern the irony. At first glance, the painting creates a feeling that the palette of the artist was stale — with the old paint which, when mixedworked various gray-грязные faded shades, but it is also rather telling about the attitude of the artist to the depicted event, that on Kuznetsky most, on the most fashionable for several ages the — from Famously to Brezhnev — came other "fashionista" in expensive but tasteless and flashy "rags" and "skins".

it Should be noted that the work of konyshevoy, like most works of art in General, you have to see live, as the monitors pass a small fraction of its color schemes and really kill the author's energy. So, gradually, by studying the original and plunging into the details of her work, you begin to distinguish between pure tones, shining through the grey mess of run-on colors, suddenly I see what-то a new character, its location, position and condition, a new piece of furniture or a strange item of clothing and discover a hitherto unknown world of fantasies, events, and characters — world Konyshev.

by the Way, this world never stops after the painting is finished and sold. The will of the artist, he may at any time change. Natta is known that in the most inappropriate place (e.g. on the gallery the exhibition) can suddenly grab the brush and start to edit your canvas, sold many years ago. The attitude is different: some owners look at it indulgently, while others prefer to hide away from sin. Vandalism? Fad? A question of attitude. But in any case, the part of the legend.

Now on the market phenomenon of konyshevoy. Those who follow the AI results of our Auctions knows that she simply has no equal in terms of liquidity. In our experience, painting Konyshev is sold in 100% of cases, while the volume of pieces is very impressive. For example, in 2017, of the 15 displayed works were sold 15. And this year Natta Konysheva is sold with the same confident statistics. Evil tongues in this case, immediately say: "of Course, because you have such low prices". It is useless to argue: there are people who will be hard to argue that prices are dictated by the auction, not the buyers. But partly the prices right. The availability of much help. Now the usual provision for painting konyshevoy is 10 000-15 000, and in this case they sold for 15 000-25 000 plus 15 % Commission with a probability close to 100 %. What happens if the reserve price is suddenly raised to 40 000? Our view: sales even in this case, but rather in 5-10 % of cases. This automatically will dramatically reduce the attractiveness of the author for auctions, because this percentage worsens them statistics. It is no secret that affordable prices — is always"wand-выручалочка" and great help to improve the percentage of sales. However affordable prices — is definitely not the only condition of success. The work Konyshev who-то like who-то strongly dislike (and in our team as well). But believe me many years of trading experience: no "blank" artist is impossible to sell on a regular basis, the more dozens a year, even tens of thousands of rubles. Once or twice this can be in a emotional purchase, but then would not buy for any money — inspected. To be otherwise, you need much more than just attractive prices: required history, legend, identity, mystery, historically formed a wide circle of connoisseurs and buyers. Konyshev didn't come out of nowhere. She 1970-х years, participated in exhibitions of unofficial and semi-official art. Her work was at the Izmailovo exhibition in the pavilion "culture House" at ENEA and on numerous "appartment" and avant-garde exhibitions of Dmitry Prigov. And of course, Natta Konysheva many years exhibited in "gorkomovskoy" exhibitions at Malaya Gruzinskaya. Some remember that she was a member of the group "21" (where was Kazarin, Faibisovich, Snegur, one time Zverev, etc.). Not everyone likes her, but knows and remembers a huge number of collectors. So it is definitely not just about money.

the auction record for creativity Konyshev was installed in 1990: meter painting "New year" was sold at Phillips in London for $6 700 in the conversion of pounds. On the peaks, on the eve of the crisis, in 2007 and 2013, records of sales were in the range of $1 700-3 500. But this was more episodes. Today, the real price range in the domestic auction market — is 25 000-40 000 rubles for almost foot oil on masonite. And Yes, it's important paintings and graphics exhibited and sold a lot. Tens for the year. In our database for konyshevoy there are nearly 290 entries. Who-то will say too much, but actually rather good. So the coolant in the contour of the circulation system of art-рынка filled enough.

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