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Artist of the week: Vladimir lyubarov
ARTinvestment.RU   13 июня 2017

For the first time in the Auction AI exhibited a picture of one of the most well-known among the living and popularly beloved artist. This is the lyubarov, who created the amazing "country Peremilovo" and populated it with special people

Collector first purchased the work of Vladimir Lyubarova, in every sense of envy. He does not have to painfully Wade through the information jungle and bit by bit collect information about his new artist. Lyubarov has long been a very famous and successful people about whom much is written. At his exhibitions (in 2008 he even had a personal exposition in the Tretyakov gallery) can meet Natalia Nesterov, Tatiana Nazarenko, the writer Voinovich, Andrei Makarevich, Clara Novikova, hockey player Vyacheslav Fetisov and even coach Leonid Slutsky (lyubarov —'s a hockey fan from the 60-летним experience). About Lyubarova filmed several documentary films, written dozens of articles. And published books, catalogues, and he himself is the author of several books. Lyubarov today in fact so famous, that he not only imitated, but also forged his work during his lifetime. That, in fact, can be estimated as a sure sign of national recognition.

Most Lyubarov to success is no stranger. A further 25-летнем the age of the young artist's after school at "Surikovka", the army and the Moscow Polygraphic Institute were employed in the field of book illustration. It was one of the rare areas in the Soviet Union escaped the draconian total control of the ideological authorities. Not only that, the illustration helped artists earn very well, and were allowed to maintain relative independence of creativity. From late 1969-го and 1990 lyubarov has illustrated more than 100 books, including his favorite science fiction — from Stanislaw LEM, the Strugatsky brothers to whom he was friends and later even worked together. A few years lyubarov has worked in publishing, "Advertising", but one of the most significant episodes of his biography was the work of the main artist of the journal "Chemistry and life". This publication is, paradoxically, has become an important source of information about semi-forbidden culture and creative oasis for artists that are not built into the system of socialist realism. In 2010, the organizers exhibits "Chemistry and life. ISOURCE" recalled the role of the journal in Soviet times, : "While reports of the achievements of Western scientific thought cleverly "disguised" with the related problems of the domestic economy, and an interesting debut in the magazine V. Pelevin was marred by a failed (-за vigilant party control) an attempt of the editors to publish under the guise of medical essay in category "Diseases and drugs" stories by Mikhail Bulgakov's "Morphine" and "Star rash". Practical courses of English, French, German for chemists organically coexisted in “Chemistry and life” to fiction by R. Bradbury, S. LEM, K. Bulychev, and that, in turn, were interspersed with various excursions into art history, starting with primitive cave paintings and ending with the surreal revelations of S. Dali, R. Magritte. In short, the magazine could find the recipe and the cultivation of the beds ready to have a snack in the form of pickled cucumbers, and enjoy the serene sleeping Nude "Venus" Giorgione". Illustration for "Chemistry and life", in addition to the Lyubarova, doing such famous artists as Yuri Cooper and Dimitri Lyon.

After perestroika in 1988 lyubarov with Strugatsky organized a "Text" — the first independent private publishing house, which eagerly took up the issue of fantasy and other genres, which are clamped under the Soviet regime. For three years he was firmly immersed in design work. And it was not until 1991, when there was a important turning event in the life of an artist — Peremilovo.

How and why?

Lyubarova is favorite Hasidic parable, which he says on behalf of Rabbi Zusi. Say, one day the disciples asked the wise SUSU: "You're old, gonna die soon, what would you say to God?" And zusia said, "When I get to heaven, there will not ask me: Why did you become Moses?". Instead, I asked: "Why weren't you Susa? Why didn't you become what could only be are you?".

In General, as-то.

the artist your ideological turn describes as follows: "At the end of the eighties of the last century next to my name began to write "known, saying, book artist-график". And I earned those Soviet times very well, had a cooperative apartment and broken “Moskvich”. But then to me that-то knocked. Suddenly tired to make images to other people's writings, I am sick of the capital running and I, again together, went to some God forsaken village of Peremilovo, on the border of the Vladimir and Yaroslavl regions. Thus, my good collie, Parikka became a border dog and I'm — village artist with intellectual-городским past".

Today Peremilovo and lyubarov almost synonymous. The artist has populated a dilapidated village real romantic characters — Russian men and women with their own strengths and their weaknesses, in the pursuit of happiness, then sorrow. But more often in joy. Picture permilovskoe cycle like the embodiment of the famous lines of Joseph Brodsky, written in 1964:

In the village God lives not in the corners,
do you think the scoffers, and everywhere.
He sanctifies the roof and utensils
and honestly door bisects.

In the village it is in excess. In the iron
he cooks on Saturdays, lentils,
dances dreamily on the fire,
winking at me, as a witness.

Peremilovskiye Hasidim — other very appreciated by collectors cycle of VladimirLyubarov — is, of course, a fiction, a metaphor, an artistic technique. In reality, not in the Vladimir village no Hasidim. The Hasidim came to Peremilovo Lyubarova after a trip to Holland. The artist talked about his revelation as follows: "...one day I was invited to Europe, to Antwerp. People to look and itself to show. For starters, guests of the Russian “village,” the artist was pretty drunk and took the unconscious body to the hotel. Woke up this morning, headache, as if drinking in the village with a neighbor Nicholas. Went for a walk in the fresh air, suddenly I see: meet the man with the black beard, black coat and black hat, followed by a second, then a third... And they all resemble each other like drops of water. We have, I think, to heal, went to the shop and there behind the counter stands a man — in a black hat, with a black beard, but without the coat. And only then I realized that he was in the Jewish quarter — is no wonder that so many books I illustrated! And back in Russia, I naturally drew a lot-много Jews, and all of them I have turned exclusively Russian Jews. Besides, I put them in the picturesque village of Peremilovo that they, like me, fell a little bit of happiness".

it Should be noted that our position of darling of the public lyubarov is without snobbery and with a healthy self-irony. His paintings he prefers to call "pictures" for most of the year living in solitude in a village 160 km from Moscow, a lot of work, but after months of "savagery" in his Peremilovo gladly meets with fans in Moscow.

And many fans. And just admirers and collectors. The owners of the great meeting at-прежнему hunt for the main work Lyubarova, preferring paintings 1990-х years, especially the first permilovskoe cycle (up to 1995). The market works Lyubarova today is almost entirely dealer and gallery. At auction his paintings have appeared only three times, however long ago — two-три years ago, in 2014-2015 All pictures of size up to a meter, were sold in the range of $4 000–$6 000. And it was all excellent things, but the beginning of 2000-х years.

it Turns out that "Below sea level", presented at the Auction AI — is the first case, when the auction the picture of Vladimir Lyubarova 1990-х years. By the way, thing published: it is reproduced in color on the 91-й page of the catalogue "Vladimir lyubarov : series: the Village of Peremilovo, the city of Pinch, Amsterdam," published in 1999.

this would fit and finish. But just to name ARTinvestment, a few words about the "investment", more specifically, about the factors determining the investment potential of Vladimir Lyubarova. What works in plus? Well,-первых, distinctive, unmistakable style. As aptly remarked one devotee of creativity, "lyubarov not a name, but a genre." This genre with varying degrees of success have tried to call as-то academic. The exhibition in the Tretyakov gallery there were a combination of "intelligent naive", "postmodern prints," the comparison with romance Chagall and the Douanier Rousseau. I personally see the intersection with the fat, Fernando Botero, but it's more stylistically. Far more important that the system of images found so precisely that quickly "went to the people" — in calendars, models, craftsand forgery. The second plus — creativity Lyubarova is well described, there are catalogs, publications. In particular, lyubarov — is one of the best if not the best informative website among the living Russian artists, which collected the materials — not read. The third plus — established and expanding circle of collectors, has all the necessary driving forces. And finally, the most important positive factor — a large number of high-quality works, the "blood" necessary for the functioning of the market. I suppose that on the hands and in museums is more than 1,000 paintings Lyubarova. He works a lot. It is known that his first peremilovskiy the cycle created in 1991-1995, there were about 300 works. And this was only the beginning. Contrary to popular belief a large number of good products on the market — is not a minus, but a plus. A healthy market needs a representative material for circulation and broad base of buyers. This gives extra motivation driving forces and contributes to the promotion of the artist on the art-рынке. Finally, another important plus. For all its popularity work Lyubarova are not unapproachable for the price. Good stuff you can find in the price range of 250 000-350 000. Cons? Perhaps there is one: Lyubarova is not yet well developed market of secondary sales, little auction results. However, it will come with time. And right now, we just contribute in the auction history of the artist.

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