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Artist of the week: Another Art Oleg Vassiliev

Oleg Vasiliev sixties died Jan. 25. He is well known in the West and is remembered in Russia

To love Monet, do not curse Levitan.
And if I love Picasso, Repin is also not necessarily bad.
Oleg Vasiliev

Oleg Vasiliev. Source:

January 25 did not become an artist Oleg V. Vasilyev, he died at the Hospice of Minnesota (USA) on the 82-year life.

Oleg Vasiliev was born November 4, 1931 in Moscow. From childhood he loved to draw, initially - rubbings from postcards. After falling for the first time in the Tretyakov Gallery in a very early age, he became a regular visitor to her, he liked Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin Ivan , Michael Germashev .

In 1941, Vasiliev was evacuated from Moscow to Kirov in Vyatka, on his return to Moscow began attending art studio district of the Pioneer, and then - MSKHSH (Moscow Art School). In 1952-1958 he studied at the graphic (but wanted to get the scenic) faculty of Moscow State Art Institute named after VI Surikov, easel in the studio under the direction of E. A. Kibrik .

in academic school Vasilyev found ways of artistic expression, consonant with his own inner vision of the world. After graduating, he continued his creativity and refers to the experience of Russian avant-garde of the 1920s, together with like-minded friends Erik Bulatov and Ilya Kabakov Vasiliev takes lessons with outstanding representatives of this style - R. Falk , A. B. Fonvizin , B. Favorsky . Meeting with them, especially with VAFavorskiy began in 1957, determine the further development of artistic language and style, and creativity in general Vasiliev. Notes that a period of painting Oleg Vasiliev late 1950 - early 1960 is influenced by the work of Tabor. However, the idea of ​​Tabor (especially the concept of "high" and "low" space), Vasiliev creatively rethinking and processes to create your own original design space of the picture.

Oleg Vasiliev window. 1989
Oil on canvas. 99,1 x 99,1
Sale price: 156,000 pounds
PhillipsDePury. 13.10.2007

brushwork Vasilyeva, largely shaped by the influence of Cézanne and divisionism schools. Vasiliev was close sezanistskaya treatment pattern as continuous visual surface - in his works, he developed this continuity to the point, remelting of the picture together. Divisionism influence (his scientific approach to the problem of color) can be attributed to a specific spectral color of some works Vasilyeva.

Oleg Vasiliev Depth (Surface). 1986 Oil on canvas. 75,4 x 79,4
Sell ​​Price: 61 250 lbs
PhillipsDePury. 30.06.2008

Then, in the late 1950s, Vassiliev influenced by Ilya Kabakov and with the support and collaboration with Eric Bulatov, begins to engage in illustrating children's books for publishers' Detgiz "and" The Kid. " This case became his official profession for years to 30 years.

Oleg Vasiliev: «It's because of Kabakov. He said, "you do stupid, we should go to the children's artwork. There's work is more or less free, and there quieter. Earn, and then will do his. " We first separately with Eric took the book, and then it turned out that he helped me, I helped him do a book ».

Oleg Vasiliev Illustration to the fairy tale
Oleg Vasiliev Illustration for the fairytale
"Wild Swans" Hans Christian Andersen. 1976

Children illustrations Vasiliev gives about six months a year, devoting the rest of the search of his own artistic language, the creation of independent large works of art. Vasiliev tests in a variety of styles and techniques. In the 1950s, it is mainly linocut, in the next decade began working in oil on canvas.

Since 1960 Oleg Vasiliev, trying to join the Union of Artists of the USSR, but the photo-realistic, transparent, airy style of the artist estimated to be formalistic and ally he manages seven years later, in 1967.

Oleg Vasiliev House on Anzer. 1965
Oil on canvas. 69.9 x 69.9 Collection Nile K.Rektora

In 1965, Vasiliev created his first independent film "House Anzere", which marked the beginning of a brief period in the abstract artist, period, spatial compositions. Then define the principal (necessarily) the motive of most of his works (and painting and graphics) - the road. The image of the road, open space is always present in his work. The artist takes the problem of diverse - it is interesting to create a special space in which the depicted object and the entrance to which is the way in one form or another.

Oleg Vasiliev : «Any price figure of the way has to be done, is closed in a circle, to become full of itself».

artist is interested is also the problem of interaction of the object and the surface - this theme he developed in the 1960s and 70s.

In 1968, in a Moscow cafe "Blue Bird" was held discussion evening exhibition Vasilyeva, in fact, his first solo exhibition. He shows 25 conceptual works, and gets mixed response officials.

Interestingly, Vasiliev himself to conceptualists not counted: « ... was a time when all of a sudden unofficial artists were called conceptualist. And because there were some circles close friends - say, I'm friends with Kabakov to art school, more than 40 years now our friendship - Kabakov - conceptualist, therefore, Vasilyev also conceptualist. I bow ... and I pay tribute to those artists who have defended the right and the opportunity to display their works. However, for me the way the social and political struggle (and I appreciate it that way) was not possible, I would not be able to combine this with my professional work. So in this movement was not involved and even actively avoided, doing only his. However, in our "society" even such a position - employment only professional work - was already criminal. According to the principle of "who is not with us is against us" ».

His art is accused of formalism and refuse to stand. After several rejections, he stopped wearing his work at vystavkomy: « Acted internal censorship, I realized that I do not what can be put here." Later, in the 1970's and 80's, he exhibited and even receive prizes (second degree show) only with the official art - a book designer. Conceptual works made for himself and shows only a narrow range of visitors artist's studio. However Vasiliev «... in the circle was officially" unofficial "artists, hitting the pages of" A to Z "and later to" elaborate "in the MOSH. As the official artist of children's books, we Bulatov earlier been called the "formalist" in the pages of "Truth" after the defeat of the Manege exhibition, resulting in a temporary suspension of work at the publishing house ».

Oleg Vasiliev Before Sunset. 1990
Oil on canvas. 2010 x 165
Sale price: 468.5 thousand pounds
Sotheby's. 12.03.2008

Oleg Vasiliev
Lithography № 5 of the series house with an attic. 1991 76 x 53

In the early 1990s, in the West there is a strong interest in the art of Soviet nonconformist artists, and Vasilyev, a brilliant representative of this art, to fly to the U.S., where he successfully held his solo exhibition.

Since 1990 the artist lived and worked in the United States. Abroad, the public finally become valuable and interesting to the innovative ideas and concepts. In 1990 - 2000's he developed the idea of ​​the interaction of space and surface, color and light.

Vasiliev, they say, begins to work for the interest - and the interest that is and has been simmering for decades. His works fall into the large galleries (such as Saatchi Gallery), go for a record price at auction (468.5 thousand pounds, Sotheby's 12.03.2008), regular exhibitions. Finally, the work of Vasiliev returned to Russia: in 2004-2005, the State Tretyakov Gallery and the Russian Museum in cooperation with «Kolodzei Art Foundation» (U.S.), represent the first full-scale solo exhibition in Russia Oleg Vasiliev - "Memory says (theme and variation)" , to unite in the work and the exposure of the Soviet period, and the 1990 and 2000s. In 2011-2012 held a retrospective "Art Olega Vasiliev: Russian masters of the 20th Century" at the Museum of Russian Art in Mineappolise, USA. The exhibition includes about twenty paintings from different periods: the early works, written in Russian, as well as more recent work of the American period.

Oleg Vasiliev The path to the lake. 2001
Oil on canvas. 146,3 x 93,2
Sell ​​Price: 46 850 lbs
PhillipsDePury. 23.04.2011
Oleg Vasiliev A vertical composition. 2002
Oil on canvas. 91 x 61

summer of 2013 in New York City artist Alex cyn will organize evening in memory of his father and the posthumous exhibition of his work.

Maria Kuznetsova, AI

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