The futurist group Chervonnaya Troika


Members: A. G. Bach, G. A. Vyatkin, N. A. Mamontov, L. N. Martynov, V. Mol (Malakhov), P. A. Osolodkov A. Sorokin, V. I. Ufimtsev, B. S. Chable-Табулевич, V. Y. Shebalin

Exhibitions: 1-я (1922, Omsk) — 4-я (1922, Omsk).

Futuristic literary-художественная group. Was initiated V. I. Ufimtseva, B. S. Chable-Табулевича, N. A. Mamontov, L. N. Martynov and V. Y. Shabalin under the influence of lectures D. D. Burliuk on futurism in Omsk. In his art practice, meshed with the young painters of the Moscow Association "Jack of diamonds";, this proximity was highlighted in the chosen group name.

the First exhibition opened may 1, 1921 Club Trotsky (now — officers). The group organized three so-called "fence" exhibition, held a series of debates. During the summer of 1921, the participants sailed on hitparade "III international" by the Ob and the Irtysh; in field printing ship was printed small edition "Futurists — collection 1", containing poetry and linocuts — portraits of members of the Association.

In 1922 the group's activities ceased in connection with the departure of artists from Omsk.

In 2010, Omsk regional art Museum. M. A. Vrubel the exhibition of "knave of diamonds" — "Chervonnaya Troika".

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