The Group of Seven

1914 or 1916 — 1919, Kharkov

Members: V. Bobritsky, V. Diakov, N. L. Kalmykov, B. V. Kosarev, N. M. Mishchenko, G. A. Tsapok, B. Tsibis.

Exhibitions: 1-я exhibition of paintings "Union of art" (1918, Kharkov).

a Group of young artists — pupils of the Kharkov art school (V. Bobritsky, B. V. Kosarev, N. M. Mishchenko, G. A. Tsapok) that separated the aesthetic principles of Cubo-futurism. Was probably formed shortly after a speech in Kharkov, Moscow futurists (D. D. Burliuk, V. V. Mayakovsky, V. V. Kamensky), which was held on 14 Dec 1913.

"Union of seven" has maintained a close friendship and creative relationship with avant-garde groups "Liren" (N. A. Aseev, E. G. Guro, V. V. Mayakovsky, B. L. Pasternak, G. N. Petnikov, V. V. Khlebnikov), "Group Three" (V. D. Ermilov, M. L. Manet-Кац A. Gladkov), as well as family Simakovich, who lived in Kharkiv, in particular the artist M. M. Sinyakova the-Уречиной and O. M. of Maria Sinyakova.

In 1918 the members of an Alliance founded his own Studio on Chernyshevskiy street, 39, in the house B. Zibia. Performed personal and collective orders — in particular, has created paintings artistic theatre-кабаре "House of artist" (1918; V. Bobritsky, B. V. Kosarev, G. A. Tsapok); designed rooms literary-художественного weekly "Spikes" (1918; B. V. Kosarev, N. M. Mishchenko, B. Tsibis, N. L. Kalmykov, G. A. Tsapok), collections of poetry V. V. Mayakovsky, V. V. Khlebnikov, Boris Pasternak, a literary "Collection of New art" (1919; all members), the book of A. kasteeva G. "Poetry of labor" (1919; N. L. Kalmykov, B. Tsibis). He made designs for costumes and scenery for productions 1-го Kharkiv Soviet drama theatre: "the Ascension of Hannele Mattern" G. Hauptmann, "pan" W. van Lerberghe, "dog the gardener" by Lope de VEGA, "Brandt" Ibsen, "Sister Beatrice" by M. Maeterlinck, "the Jews" E. N. Chirikov (all — 1919; V. Bobritsky, B. V. Kosarev).

as a Separate unit "the Union of the seven" part 1-й exhibition of paintings "Union of arts" in the halls of the Kharkov Art College (7 may — on 1 June 1918).

In 1918, the group published 200 copies of the anthology "Seven plus Three" (together with "Group Three"). We are also preparing the release of 2-го issue of the almanac, the monograph V. Bobrytska, albums of lithographs B. V. Kosarev and prints B. Tibia, however, the plans have not been implemented.

the Activity of the "Union of seven" stopped in the second half of 1919, when Kharkov was occupied by the Volunteer army of Denikin, after which many members of the Association left Kharkov (V. Bobritsky, N. L. Kalmykov, B. Tsibis — emigrated, B. V. Kosarev moved to Odessa).

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