Villie Mikhail Yakovlevich

Villiers Tcherniakov

1838 (St. Petersburg) - December 16, 1910 (St. Petersburg [?])

painter and graphic artist.

Biographical information about the artist numerous. Willie graduated from Nikolaev cadet school, and then from 1857 he served in the Life Guards Regiment in the rank of second lieutenant. In 1862 he retired. While still an officer, mastering watercolor techniques under the guidance of LO Premazzi. In 1863 he presented to the Board of IAH "castle ruins Wesenberg," "Church of St. Nicholas in Revel", "Cellar in Narva", "Type of Narva" "The Castle Nishlot in Finland and some others for which he was awarded the title of artist.

In 1865, went abroad, where for three years perfecting their skills in the studio Portals in Brussels. He was elected an honorary member of the Belgian Royal Society of watercolors. In 1868 he exhibited at the Academic Fair in St. Petersburg made abroad work in the same year was elected an academician. About six months engaged in "removal of" Savvino Storozhevkogo Monastery, near Zvenigorod for Empress Maria Alexandrovna.

in 1869 again went abroad, he lived in Dusseldorf, Munich, Venice, Florence and Paris. In 1873 exhibited his work at the World Exhibition in Vienna. In 1886 he returned to St. Petersburg.

got carried away studying monuments of ancient art, some of them captured in his watercolors. In 1903 he was awarded the rank of Full Member of IAH.

worked primarily as a landscape painter. Participated in academic fairs and exhibitions of the Society of Russian watercolors.

Works villas are in many museums and private collections, including the State Russian Museum, the Scientific Research Museum of Russia Academy of Arts and others.

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