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Kandaurov Konstantin Vasilievich

KANDAUROV Konstantin Vasilyevich

1 (13) October 1865 — 12 августа 1930 (Moscow)

Painter, graphic artist, theatrical artist-декорационного and decorative-прикладного art

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Кандауров, Константин Васильевич


KANDAUROV Konstantin Vasilyevich

1 (13) October 1865 — 12 августа 1930 (Moscow)

Painter, graphic artist, theatrical artist-декорационного and decorative-прикладного art

From a noble family. Studied in MUZHVZ (1880-1885, did not graduate). He lived in Moscow. Was married to the painter Ю. Л. Оболенской often worked in collaboration with her. He painted landscapes, still lifes, genre scenes; worked a lot in watercolors. Author paintings: "Summer. Picnic" (1917), "The Steppe Crimea. Sheikh-Мамай" (1917), "Persian still life" (1918), "Puppets puppet theater" (1919), "Asters" (1924) and others. Studied wood sculpture: "Carousel", "the circus" (both — 1916).

In 1887-1897 — artist-исполнитель of the Bolshoi theatre. In 1910-х — artist-осветитель of the Maly theater, 1920-1926 — artist of the Maly theater. He designed the performances: "War of kings card" campaign in the Moscow puppet theater (1918, jointly with Ю. Л. Оболенской; based on an album of color lithographs — "War of kings", Moscow, 1918); "snow maiden" А. Н. Островского in the Moscow theater of cooperatives (1923, together with Ю. Л. Оболенской).

was friendly with many well-known representatives of the artistic life of Moscow and St. Petersburg of the first third of the twentieth century — А. Н. Толстым, С. И. Дымшиц-Толстой, А. Н. Бенуа, М. В. Добужинским, А. Я. Головиным, К. С. Петровым-Водкиным, Н. Н. Сапуновым, С. Ю. Судейкиным, П. И. Нерадовским and others. Repeatedly visited the Crimea, where I was staying at М. А. Волошина and К. Ф. Богаевского.

Dealt with the organization of art exhibitions: "World of art" in Moscow (1910-е), paintings В. Д. Поленова cycle "From the life of Christ" in favor of the wounded of the First world war (1914), "Artists of Moscow — war victims" (1914), paintings and sculptures of Russian artists, organized to benefit victims of war the Belgians (1915), the avant-garde exhibition "1915 год" (1915) in Moscow; "War and the press" in Petrograd (1914) and others. Had a collection of paintings and drawings.

From 1907 — participant of exhibitions (14-я the exhibition of Moscow Association of artists). A member and Exhibitor associations: "Jack of diamonds" (1916), World of art (1911-1917; in 1916-1917 — Secretary of the society), "Heat-цвет" (1924-1928). Participated in exhibitions: contemporary Russian art at the Art Bureau Н. Е. Добычиной in Petrograd (1916); 1-й and 2-й exhibitions of paintings of the professional Union of artists-живописцев (both — 1918), 1-й and 4-й the exhibitions of Moscow repository of modern art (both — 1919), 4-й state exhibition of paintings (1919), the exhibition in memory 100-летия birthday А. Н. Островского (1923), 1-й traveling exhibition of paintings and drawings (1929) in Moscow; 1-й state exhibition of art and science in Kazan (1920); 1-й traveling exhibition of paintings by cities of the RSFSR (1925); contemporary art exhibition in Simferopol (1927); 3-й (1927), 4-й (1928), 5-й (1929) exhibitions of paintings by contemporary Russian artists in Feodosia.


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