Moscow Museum of modern art will celebrate its 20th-летие large-scale exhibition 99/19
ARTinvestment.RU   17 декабря 2019

The exhibition, which opens on December 19 in the main Museum building at Petrovka, 25, — attempt at-новому to look at the extensive Museum collection of Ukrainian art: the curators of the project were 20 well-known figures from various professional fields

Invited by the curators of the project: Mikhail Alshibaya (medicine), Aliona Doletskaya (media), Andrey Malakhov (television), Vladimir Mukhin (gastronomy), Olga Treivas (architecture)Diana Vishneva (dance), Alisa Khazanova (movie), Fedor Konyukhov (sailing), Ilya Lagutenko (music), Andrey Artemov (fashion), Oleg Voskoboynikov (story), Frederic Malle (a perfume art), Kirill Serebrennikov (theatre), Katie G. (philosophy), Vladimir Sorokin (literature), Fyodor Smolov (sport) and voice assistant Marusia (information technology). In the exhibition also took part the Director of the Center. Georges Pompidou, Bernard Blistene, British artist Martin creed, the President of the Russian Academy of arts Zurab Tsereteli, responsible for the direction of "art".

Each hall of the exhibition, which occupies all three floors of the Museum, — is essentially independent supervised project on a topic related to the professional activities of the curator. For example, in the hall of Fyodor Konyukhov collected works that illustrate a personal story about his many travels. A hall Andrey Malakhov talks about the images of broadcast TV, which can be easily changed under the influence of fashion, public sentiment, or audience expectations. Happens to them and the transformation of character, for which we observe from the screens. The works presented in this room, talking not only about the professional experience Malakhov, but also about his personal tastes as a collector. No less interesting and varied collections presented in the rest of the exhibition halls.

the Exhibition ends with a room of the curator of Zurab Tsereteli, the founder of the Moscow Museum of modern art, whose collection began the history of the new Museum in December 1999.

on 19 December, on the occasion of the opening of the jubilee exhibition and the first day of the exhibition, will host a performance by British artist Martin creed GETTING CHANGED.

Jubilee project involves a rich educational programme for professionals and a wider audience, and for people with disabilities. The exhibition will run for almost six months, until 17 may 2020.


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  • 20.02.2020 Artist of the week: Vyacheslav Pakulin Pakulin — talented Russian artist, one of the founders of the Association "Circle of artists" who wanted to create "epoch style", a brilliant representative of the Leningrad school of painting
  • 14.02.2020 Literature: Georgina Adam. Dark Side of the Boom Writer Georgina Adams does not seek to bring to light the "dark side" of the art market. According to the author, the only way to understand — it yourself to experience it
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  • 11.02.2020 The person of the week: Alexander Savko Post-ирония in art Forbidden fruit is sweet and always attracts attention as the picture of Alexander Savko, the permanent participant of contemporary art-сцены, yielding the canvas is presented on the curatorial auction "XXI century"
  • 11.02.2020 The management of the collection. Modern requirements Under the heading "Management of the collection" we will analyze the main objectives of the management of the collection of objects of art. For what it is, what are the modern requirements to the Manager as to avoid unnecessary costs and mistakes associated with the management?
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