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Provincial motif. Gennady Myznikov
ARTinvestment.RU   10 октября 2019

In the exhibition halls of the Moscow branch of "Union of artists of Russia" on the Treadmill today opens the exhibition of national artist of Russia Gennady Myznikov S. (1933-2018)

"In the pursuit of novelty, for endless change of impressions, the art is in what-то as lost psychologism, attention to person. Maybe that's why I love static, I appreciate the ability to live long, to peer at the human face or the area of nature... In motion sometimes lose the sense of reality of the object world, and with it the sense of beauty. Sometimes I want to stop and stop others..." (Gennady Myznikov).

10 Oct at 17:00 in the halls of the Moscow branch of "Union of artists of Russia" opened a personal exhibition of works of national artist of Russia, academician Gennady Myznikov. This exhibition is dedicated to the memory of the master, recently deceased.

the exhibition presents works created over 60 years since the late 1950-х years and until recently.

Gennady Myznikov — one of the brightest representatives of the sixties, the generation that ran over artists "severe style". However, his other art — lively, bright, in it one can hear echoes of the old Russian painting and folk art. The artist did not seek the illusory nature, is often resorted to in-plane structure of the painting. Using techniques primitive handed impartiality, immediacy of sensations. Used rich vibrant colors characteristic of folk aesthetics, boldly face them with each other, sought the sonority of the tension of contrasts.

For more than fifty years the creative activity Gennady Myznikov constantly discovering different genres and developed new themes. Widely known painters brought large-scale multi-figure compositions of historical-революционные themes: "Strike" (1960), "feast" (1964), "V. I. Lenin. Revolution" (1961-1987).

the Intimacy of the exhibition halls MOSH involves the displacement of the main focuses of the exhibition with a large genre of works towards personal: suburban landscapes, portraits of loved ones, still lifes, drawn from an old, but expensive things. You can see them, along with such landmark works as "girl from the suburbs" (1964), "Evening" (1965), "Beyond factory gate" (1968), "self-Portrait with family" (1978), and others.

the Leitmotif of the exhibition will be the theme of the Russian provinces, with running across the sky Cumulus clouds, with orderly rows of pines and birches, calm surface of the lake and measured river flow in calm weather. In these works embody the artist's dream — "stop yourself and stop others."

the Curator of the exhibition was Victoria Zubravskaya, the artist's daughter and head of the exhibition Department, gmvts "ROSIZO". Victoria's childhood was a model for portraits of the artist: for example, "portrait of a Wiki" (1968) in school uniform or "Portrait of V. G. Zebrauskas" (1982) in a red dress.

"it Attracts good painting, one that causes the visitor the delight of the successful combination of colors, the richness of texture of the canvas, sharply captured character. That's why we go to exhibitions — with the impression of a holiday, which we lack in modern life, full of struggle and contradictions", — says Victoria Zubravskaya. This is the case when the relationship between a curator and an artist is so strong and mutually reinforcing that the viewer can easily read the statusthe main emphasis, rhythm and associative relationships between the works within the exhibition.

there are more than 60 paintings and graphic works from the collections of vtoo "Union of artists of Russia", private collections and the artist's family collection.

Gennady S. Myznikov (1933-2018) was born March 12, 1933 in the old industrial town of Orekhovo-Зуево, not far from Moscow, in a working class family. In 1950 he graduated from Likino-Дулевское artistic-ремесленное College, where he received a specialty of a painter on porcelain. In 1950-1956 he studied at the Leningrad higher art-промышленном school. Mukhina, Department of monumental painting. Participant of all-Union art exhibitions since 1956. Member of-корреспондент the Russian Academy of arts (2001), people's artist of Russia (2005). The work of Gennady Myznikov stored in the State Tretyakov Gallery, State Russian Museum, State Museum-выставочном center "ROSIZO", Moscow and regional museums and private collections.


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