How much does Jaume Plensa? Prices at international auctions
ARTinvestment.RU   22 июля 2019

Until September 22, 2019 at the Moscow Museum of modern art at Petrovka, 25, runs his big show. He's already a world star. But the work of Plensa still can afford many art lovers. And what are the prices?

Sculpture 64-летнего Catalan artist adorn parks, city squares and other public spaces dozens of cities around the world. Fine artist-гуманист, he speaks to the people on the eternal theme — about respect for nature, responsibility for the future, mutual respect and tolerance. And about romance, dreams, dreams, music, literature, philosophy. The most recognizable and popular images of Plenty — is translucent shapes, woven from metal letters, person, the tree-hugging and female head deliberately distorted forms, in the front reminiscent of Modigliani portraits. Very recognizable, with a strong intellectual component, but still the incredible beauty.

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Selected auction prices for works by Jaume plensy - world star, the Catalan sculptor, the exhibition which is being held at Petrovka 25. Plensa-1 Jaume Plensa. The kneeling shadow. 2008. Steel, see T. 233,7 x 149,9 x 221 sale Price: $591 000. Phillips. 16.05.2018. Auction record for the artist. Source: Plensa-2 Jaume Plensa. The Image Of Wilson. 2017. Bronze. Height 56 cm Instance 7 out of 8. Sale price: $127 000. Sotheby's. 27.06.2019 Source: Plensa-3 Jaume Plensa. Infinite IV. 2012. Steel. Height 224 cm sale Price: $450 000. Philllips. 15.05.2019 Source: Plensa-4 Jaume Plensa. The Image Of Laura. 2013. Murano glass. Height 34,5 cm Instance 6 of 8. Sale price: $28 125. Christie's. 17.04.2018. Source: Plensa-5 Jaume Plensa. House. 1987. Paper, see t 200 x 100. Instance 10 of 19. Sale price: $4000. Segre Subastas (Madrid). 02.07.2019 Source: Plensa-6 Jaume Plensa. Monochrome XI. 1990. Canvas, polyester, rubber, see T. 103 x 100,3. Instance 6 out of 20. Sale price: $3000. Fernando Durán. 10.04.2018 Source: Plensa-7 Jaume Plensa. Little wanderer. 2007. Metal, plexiglass. The sculpture 37 see Instance 3 of 7. Sale price: $83 300. Bonhams. 07.03.2018. Source: #of homeplans #петровка25 #Plensa #MMSI #mmoma

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on the prices Of the works of active sculptors often difficult and even incorrect to judge by their current auction results. Work with collectors tightly controlled galleries and better things in the years settled in private collections and the owners are in no hurry to carry them on auction. In this situation, random public sale (including auction statistics and it) can create a distorted picture gallery when prices are three times higher rare auction results. But so, too, sometimes, and this is not very surprised. Planseu also today primarily engaged in the gallery. So, in Paris and new-Йорке they are represented by Galerie Lelong & Co., and in Chicago and again in new-Йорке — gallery Richard Gray. But the market Plenty has its own characteristics.

From Jaume plensy in parallel with the primary gallery has already formed a very developed market for secondary sales. At auctions Spain (especially active Subastas Segre andFernando Durán), Italy, Belgium, great Britain, annually sold many dozens of his works. Some expensive sculptures buy more than ten a year, for several million dollars. The same painting sold by Plenty, its graphics, a lot of draw objects and even specific small painting (heard of it?). The artist is very popular, liquid and fantastically expensive.

Although everything is relative... From a few hundred dollars to many hundreds of thousands. The current auction record — [email protected] now;[email protected];— was installed a year ago at Phillips. So many have paid for six-foot sculpture on the main theme [email protected];— is woven from the letters of the human figure "Kneeling shadow" (see And such the price is not such an exceptional case. Two months ago, again at Phillips, another steel man of letters about the same size was sold for [email protected];000. So objectively this topic is today the most expensive and sought-after among collectors and investors. The second value plot — female head (in the interpretation of the author's images of dreams, memories). For a large sculpture (e.g. bronze with a height of about 60 cm) the collectors have to pay [email protected];000–300 000. Interestingly, there are many works that exist at times in 8-10 copies. (It is known that collectors trajnosti today no longer bother.) To the higher price segment include large scale installation Jaume plensy. And he gets sculptural composition under 40 meters wide. They too find a buyer, and the auction prices are over [email protected];000.

On the local European markets the prices can be 20-30% lower than Christie’s, Sotheby’s and Phillips. Small mass objects (e.g., a charming female images of Murano glass or small installation), you can try to buy in the range of [email protected];000–[email protected];000. But often there are many things with not the most recognizable stories. By the way, the auctions not only offer a static sculpture, but also the audience's favorite mechanized objects. For example, the surrealist sculpture with a pump for transferring wine or water (as "the Dream of Dante" on Petrovka), are on the auctions around [email protected] now;000.

Around this same price range applies while painting Plenty. The indicative budget for his paintings — [email protected];000. But there are options four times more affordable. Plenty is a series that can be attributed to the genre of drawing and painting. It sounds paradoxical, but it is a meter signature paintings, executed in mixed media on canvas edition to 20 copies. In Spanish and Italian auctions you can buy them for about $5000. However, sometimes the same cost of an original abstract acrylic, at least on paper.

Finally, the available material Plenty at auctions — that draw graphics (prints, digital printing). Depending on the story they are priced from $700 to $3000. If you are using recognizable images, as in the sculptures, it is more expensive. And abstract watercolors — cheaper.

So that in principle there are options for every budget and for any tasks: from the investment collectibles to intelligent design of the home. If you compare, in terms of budgets, the purchase of the works, Plensa today is comparable, for example, with the acquisition of the best worksRussian of the sixties. What can I add? Artist liquid. Prices are rising, although not as fast as 8-10 years ago. By the way, the statistics I see a lot of cases where sculpture, purchased just five years ago in the galleries have already been resold at auction in two-три times more expensive. Well, it is advantageous, albeit not very well.

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