Konstantin Batynkov: "life is Everywhere"
ARTinvestment.RU   07 июня 2019

In Tsereteli Gallery on Prechistenka until the end of June held a major solo exhibition by Konstantin A. Batynkov, which celebrates this year its 60-летие

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Konstantin Batynkov on Prechistenka 19 to 30 June 2019. His work - bestsellers #aauction Here and Monday will also be on the auction

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Russian Academy of arts and Krokin gallery present an exhibition of works by Konstantin Batynkov "life is Everywhere".

Born in Soviet Sevastopol in the family of polar pilot Konstantin Batynkov at the genetic level took many years and plays a specific reality, the reality of the endless spaces of continuous action builders light... of the past.

the Past is not articulated by the author and is not consistent with the physical time. It migrates into the content plans of his works, showing a kind of metaphor, rooted in the memory and reproducing almost natural landscapes of distant eternal childhood.

the images of the children in this case is actually missing or flashed where-то on the periphery. But from a speculative childhood, from this perspective, complex composition Batynkov have that unconsciously attracts the viewer. The phenomenon of a child's worldview — analogue of the "twenty fifth frame", ontologically present in most of his works. This is a special form of narration, a particular vision and understanding of reality where everything is possible. Flying cows, for example.

Batynkov is drawn to the large format, freeing the horizon, allowing you to look at almost everything that moves in the endless stream of becoming and decay, and the never-ending diorama of the observed daily life.

Paradoxically, art was born in Soviet Sevastopol in the family of polar pilot Konstantin Batynkov tells about everyday life, knowing nothing of the pathos or character. Under a Brueghel with his "hunters", with its "Icarus", with its relationship with reality, dezavuiruya the heroics, dissolved in acid the shimmering hustle and bustle "of this world", Batynkov works with staffage, giving it a special meaningful artery.

Motivation of most of what Batynkov is associated not with the mechanical creation of fantasy worlds and intricate mythologies, and with a special, very individual look and an attitude to reality, a particular perception of what exists around, but lurking in the landscape of endless Parking garages, industrial areas, power lines, smelling the current trains. In the prose days, in these zones of exclusion, what happens is that to happen, it would seem not, but here it goes life — people live, have, dream, where-то climb, suffer, die.

throughout life, and Batynkov it just draws almost no relationship to what is happening. He puts accents, he looks around, panoramic, and the focus of his interest is unpredictable, as unpredictable being atomized characters in it works. Batynkov not an artist-проповедник, he's an observer: "he sees, that sings." And this puts it very much in his art, the repertoire of its contents.

"life is Everywhere" — series new black-белых of krupnoformatnoy where Batynkov, engineered specifically Russian irony, bordering on "Onegin" spleen, depicts his native country, observed to them, whether from the margins of civilization, whether from space, whether from the window of the trolley at Korovinskoye highway.

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