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"Francis bacon, Lucien Freud and the London school" in the Pushkin Museum
ARTinvestment.RU   08 февраля 2019

A unique exhibition of contemporary British art from the collection of the Tate gallery (London) will be held in the Pushkin Museum from 5 March to 19 may

the Pushkin Museum. Of A. S. Pushkin together with the Tate Galleries (London) presents the exhibition "Francis bacon, Lucien Freud and the London school". For the first time Russian viewers will have the opportunity to explore the unique and most significant Chapter in the history of modern British art associated with the artists ' use of figurative painting as a means of expressing a deeply personal, sensual and intense experience of life.

Despite the worldwide fame of the majority of masters whose names are usually associated with the so-called London school, was held in Russia monographic exhibitions of Francis bacon, and only occasionally exhibited single works by Lucian Freud, Frank Auerbach, Leon Kossof. Exhibition in the Pushkin Museum. Pushkin is designed to correct this situation and with maximum completeness reflect this noticeable phenomenon, as the London school. This Association of bright individuals, who met in London, was friends and worked in close proximity to each other, left a bright trace in the art world after the Second world war and contributed to the revival of interest in figurative painting in other countries.

the Term "London school" was coined by the artist R. B. China in 1976 and later mainly used with reference to the group of six artists, which included Frank Auerbach, Francis bacon, R. B. China, Leon Kossof, Lucian Freud and Michael Andrews. In addition to these masters, the exhibition in the Pushkin Museum. A. S. Pushkin will present four artists whose creative objectives, work methods, and the circumstances of biographies allow to classify them to the London school Yuen Aglow, David Bomberg, William Coldstream and Paula to Reg.

In contrast to the abstract art and conceptual art masters from the London school has developed a tradition of figurative painting. Not trying to guess the direction of evolution of the contemporary art movements, these artists saw their task in the transmission of the real "cruel" aspects of life, in terms sensuously-осязаемой reality. This is demonstrated most clearly the work of David Bomberg and his students — Frank Auerbach and Leon Kossof.

the focus of the artists of the London school was a human body, transfer of fragility and at the same time the viability of which is devoted to many works of artists. The incredible thoroughness of the monitoring model — characteristic of the creativity of Lucian Freud, which made it the most famous portrait painter of our time.

Alongside with the reference to the human figure for artists of the London school characteristic of interest in the landscape genre. These images of London are connected with the personal stories and subjective perception of the city, in a metaphorical sense they are a kind of existential self-portraits of their authors. The idea of painting as a deeply autobiographical process — are the highlights presented at the exhibition artists.

the Artists of the London school developed complex plots, paying special attention to the dynamics and aesthetics of social relations.Francis bacon repeatedly talked about the desire to get away from the narrative, however, his works retain a continuing story about the personal life, relationships and losses. Michael Andrews and B. R. China, in turn, created images based on literary sources, photographs, and works of other artists.

the Exhibition "Francis bacon, Lucien Freud and London school" will unfold on the main axis of the exhibition of the Pushkin Museum Pushkin. The exhibition will feature 80 paintings and graphic works from the collection of the Tate Gallery.

earlier Exhibition was successfully held in London, Los-Анджелесе, Malaga and Aarhus. In total it was visited by over 600 million viewers. Curators: Elena Crippa (Tate), Daniel Bulatov (Pushkin Museum. A. S. Pushkin).

Source: pushkinmuseum.art, artinvestment.ru

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