Artists Vladimir and Nikita Kurdukova. The Exhibition "Freedom. Survival. Interaction"
ARTinvestment.RU   13 ноября 2018

The collection of Russian abstract art and the gallery "On Kashirke" represent the Russian artist-абстракциониста of Vladimir Kurdyukova and his son Nikita, it held together through the ordeal and won some big trouble

Artist Nikita Kurdyukov (1979), working under the pseudonym Knicca, lives in Germany. He has cerebral palsy, and his father, the artist Vladimir Kurdukov has developed a method based on drawing, which allowed to cope with the illness. At the beginning of this year he passed away.

as the philosophical basis of the exhibition used the ideas of the book "Escape from freedom" by Erich Fromm, which conducts analysis of the human psyche and problems of the relationship and interaction between psychological and sociological factors of development. Fromm raises the questions of adaptability and adaptation examines the process of individualization and separation, the psychological aspects of the process of "flight".

the Various behavioural models that can be expressed using the process of "defection" refer to three sections of the exhibition. Section "Submission and dominance" presents works in which artists are trying to get rid of the self, from self, to lose himself, to dissolve himself in another/others. A hero for Vladimir and Nikita became don Quixote. Vladimir came to the figure of don Quixote through justification of his own life, when potentially the most creatively active period he was completely devoted to Nikita. Don Quixote became for Vladimir conductor, who returned him to life, just as the conductor was he for Nikita. The theme of the fear of loneliness that subsides when people and the world around you become one, the same is disclosed in the section "to Be like everyone else". This included so-called "white" of Vladimir.

the Third section is devoted to the interaction between people. Kurdyukov preparing mankind for a new challenge. In his landscapes the last years a sense of complexity and the tightening of the external world relative to humans, but they also read and experience don Quixote, claiming that if you go the way of nobility and helping others, there is a chance for salvation.

Vladimir and Nikita were exhibited many times together. But for the first time their work will accompany presented in the form of individual excerpts from the diaries of Vladimir, which he had led since the end of 1980-х years, not missing a single day accompanying each verbal description with a sketch.

Exhibit "Freedom. Survival. Interaction" will be open to the public from 16 November to 8 December 2018. The Vernissage will be held a day earlier, on November 15 (Thursday) to 18:30.

during the exhibition, 27 November at 19:00 in the gallery discussion will be held with the participation of the Director of the film "Temporary difficulties" Michael Raskhodnikova and the founder of Russian abstract art of Olga Uskova. The discussion will be moderated by chief editor of Forbes magazine Nikolay Uskov.


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