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"Ilya and Emilia Kabakov. In the future take not all"
ARTinvestment.RU   18 сентября 2018

Kabakov retrospective in the New Tretyakov gallery includes 40 paintings and 27 drawings, as well as the 12 installations and 10 models from the collections of 18 Russian and foreign museums and private collections. The exhibition will run until mid-January 2019

Work for a retrospective at the Tretyakov gallery was brought from the gallery Tate Modern (London), Centre Georges Pompidou (Paris), the Austrian Museum of applied arts / contemporary art (MAK) (Vienna), Museum of art avant-garde of Europe (MAGMA of Europe) etc.

New exhibition season in Tretyakov gallery opens the international inter-Museum project — exhibition of works by Ilya and Emilia Kabakov. Over the years they have performed over 500 solo exhibitions at the most prestigious venues in the world. A real demonstration — the first large-scale retrospective of Kabakov. The project, on which the Tretyakov gallery has worked together with the gallery "Tate Modern" and the State Hermitage Museum, has already been presented in London and Saint-Петербурге with the features of the exposition and composition of the exhibits. Realizing the significance of the event, the Tretyakov gallery is only the second time over the years in the building on Krymsky Val has provided the largest showrooms, where traditionally shown deployed monographic retrospectives of the classics of Russian art for a personal project, contemporary artists.

Ilya I. Kabakov (1933) — one of the founders of the Moscow conceptual school, Creator of a special kind of contemporary art — "total installation". Since the late 1980-х years all of its projects, he performs together with his wife and collaborator Emilia Kabakov (nee Lekah).

the works of Kabakov devoted to universal, understandable to everyone feelings — fear, hope, a dream. Many of them take the audience "back in the USSR", in the world of communal apartments and "common areas", the inhabitants of which tell traces left by them: personal items, household items, drawings, paintings, texts. The concept of "total installation" can be compared to the idea of Gesamtkunstwerk — universal works of art, synthesizing its various kinds. Kabakov installations involve complete immersion of the viewer in the environment, generated by a specially designed space in which play an important role not only paintings, texts and objects, but also the architecture, wall color, light, sound. The first installation Ilya Kabakov created in 1980-х years in his famous Studio on Sretensky Boulevard. In 1987, received a grant of the Ministry of culture of Austria, Kabakov first went abroad and for six months lived and worked in Graz. Since 1992, he resides in the United States.

the name of the project "In the future take not all" borrowed from one of the most important installations, occupying a Central place in the exposition. The exhibition presents works spanning a period of almost six decades — from the early works of Ilya Kabakov, completed before departure from the USSR, to installations, layouts and picturesque series of recent years. For the first time in an exhibition history of software gathered together paintings, drawings, objects and installations of artists: the albums "Ten characters", installation "the Man flown away into space from his room", "the incident in the corridor near kitchen", "Trash man or the man who never threw anything away", and "Three nights", "the Maze. The album of my mother" and others. From the exhibitions at Tate Modern and at the State Hermitage Museum this exhibition is different because it includes the installation "the Empty Museum", and a number of key works by Ilya Kabakov from private collections.

the project gives the opportunity to a wide audience acquainted with the work of Ilya and Emilia Kabakov, to feel that contemporary art can cause incredible emotional involvement, to be clear and accessible. It is this quality of the works of Kabakov, clear plastic solutions, mastery of artistic expression make their statements relevant to different audience.

the exhibition is accompanied album-каталог in Russian and English languages, which includes more than 100 illustrations, articles largest art critics, and excerpts from texts by Ilya Kabakov. An extensive educational programme accompanying the exhibition includes a meeting with Emilia Kabakov, lectures, thematic excursions, film screenings.

For the opening of a New exhibition at the Tretyakov gallery dedicated the premiere of the film "the Poor people. Kabakov", filmed by the Museum of modern art "Garage" to the 85-летию Ilya Kabakov. The author of the tape became a journalist and broadcaster Anton Zhelnov. The premiere will take place in the summer cinema "Garage" on 6 September. In the Museum cinema of the Tretyakov gallery, the film will be presented on 8 September and 13 September, he will be released.

In preparation for the exhibition Ilya and Emilia Kabakov gave the Tretyakov gallery his legendary Studio on Sretensky Boulevard, as well as 3 paintings which will be exhibited there. The workshop will be Department of the Tretyakov gallery, where will be saved the memorial part, created the exhibition dedicated to the history of Moscow conceptualism, areconducted discussions and meetings.

the Exhibition in the Tretyakov gallery completes unprecedented for the Museum world for the breadth and value triad international exhibition of works of the leaders of modern conceptual art and opens the way for new projects.

Emilia Kabakov, the artist: "the Hermitage and the Tretyakov gallery — is great museums not only in Russia but throughout the world. For any artist it's a dream and honour to exhibit here. For 30 years we have done more than 300 installations, but show them mostly abroad in ”foreign“ space. And for us as artists it is very important to see how they ”work“ in the Tretyakov gallery, in its context, where they are interpreted otherwise, and ”sound“, and even looks. Here they are different, people differently perceive and react to these works. At the Tate the visitors cried at the Hermitage — no, but reacted emotionally, the work was affected by their own experiences, evoked childhood memories. It is important that in such a difficult time museums — Tate, the Hermitage, the Tretyakov gallery — work together. Cultural connections — is that today helps us to be human".

Zelfira Tregulova, General Director of the Tretyakov gallery: "For the Tretyakov gallery this project is incredibly important — we hold the first exhibition of the world's most famous Russian artist and thus restoring historical justice. Using the works of the signs and peculiarities of Soviet life, Kabakov created and create works that don't RAID ”parochial“, and through the specific facts of their biography convey universal meanings, a story about life and suffering. This project finally loudly announced in Russia, — homage to the great artist, dedicated to his 85-летию".

Source: press-релиз GTG

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