"Sculptor Paolo troubetzkoy" in the Tretyakov gallery
ARTinvestment.RU   20 июня 2018

Presents 68 works of sculpture from the collections of the state Tretyakov gallery, state Russian Museum and the collection of D. M. Yakobashvili

the Tretyakov gallery opens the exhibition of Pavel Petrovich Trubetskoy (1866-1938), an outstanding sculptor, one of the major figures of the Silver age, representative of impressionism in plastic. His work is equally belongs to Russia — the homeland of his ancestors — and Italy, where he was born, matured as an artist and lived most of his life. Since the first and only exhibition of the works of Trubetskoy in Moscow, held in 1991, it took more than twenty-five years. Then the exhibited works from the collections of the Tretyakov gallery, Russian Museum and other museums in the country. At this exhibition for the first time in Russia presents about 30 works created [email protected] semicolon is part of the collection of the Moscow collector and patron of David Mikhailovich Yakobashvili.

Pavel Petrovich troubetzkoy, the son of a Russian Prince P. Trubetskoy and the American pianist Ada Wynants, was raised in a Bohemian Italian art lovers, but did not receive systematic art education. Aesthetic views of his contemporaries was not new to him since childhood and were close to the nature of his talent. He understood the culture "bozetto" — sketch from nature, which was used by his first teacher, the Italian sculptor Giuseppe Grandi, early artistically developed and has found a creative personality. Troubetzkoy took the ideas of impressionism and created his own sculptural language: the surface of his works vibrates, breathes and is modeled juicy, temperamental, bold strokes of the stack and fingers.

In Russia Paolo troubetzkoy appeared established and well-known sculptor, participated in many competitions and exhibitions, tried to hand in all genres of sculpture — from animals to portrait, from a tombstone to a public monument. In 1897 he accepted the invitation of the Director of the Moscow school of painting, sculpture and architecture of Prince A. E. Lvov and to teach sculpture. Especially for Trubetskoy was built in a separate workshop with overhead light and large doors that could move the pairs of carriages and the Cossacks on horseback, built a foundry and was discharged from Italy great caster Carlo of Robekki.

In 1900, when p. P. Trubetskoy showed his work in the Russian section of the world exhibition in Paris and received the Grand prize-при, he, in the words of Auguste Rodin, was the beginning of a "Russian triumph" in the world and his name became associated with the Russian sculptural school. One of the best works of Trubetskoy was "Seated lady. Mrs. Bernheimer" (1897), showing a honed sample impressionistic stylebold black and white contrasts, swirling composition and virtuoso "painterly" brushstroke.

Attention to the artist in Russia was unprecedented. The personality of p. P. Trubetskoy — vegetarian, surround yourself whole menagerie, basically do not read books for the sake of individuality, — caused a burning interest of the public. His work gave rise to a fierce controversy in the art world. Critics of the old academic wing could not appreciate and understand a new plastic shape and dubbed the art Trubetskoy decadence. His workshop became a magnet for artists and the public, came to pose Leo Tolstoy.

the Top creative Trubetskoy was the monument to Alexander III was opened on Znamenskaya square St.-Петербурга 23 may 1909, — is one of the most striking works not only of Russian but of the world of monumental art of the early twentieth century. The monument evokes a sense of incredible power, personified huge harsh country and became a symbol of the era.

In Russia troubetzkoy has created about 50 works in many ways, typical portrait-statuette, many of which are on display at the exhibition. The sculptor imposes high demands on the quality of the bronze tides of his works and controlled as the process of translating them in bronze, and the final result. Casting technique cire perdue (lost wax) excluded the possibility neavtorskimi repetitions.

the exhibition presents a number of famous and significant works, made in Russia, — from the collection of the Tretyakov gallery and the Russian Museum. More than half of the exhibits — works from the collection of the Moscow collector D. M. Yakobashvili — portraits, statues, composition, made in France, Italy and the USA. Most of the exhibits from this collection, the Moscow audience and the experts will see for the first time. Among the masterpieces — portrait of George Bernard Shaw, portrait statues by Giacomo Puccini, Auguste Rodin, Enrico Caruso. Jewelry exhibition — portrait of the wife of the sculptor Elin troubetzkoy, known in a single copy.

on 22 June at 15:00 at the cultural center in Tolmachev (Small Tolmachevsky lane 6, building 1) will host a meeting with Roberto Trubetskoi-Хан, Grand-nephew of p. P. Trubetskoy, who will share family memories.

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