Alexander Tyshler in the Pushkin Museum
ARTinvestment.RU   29 июня 2017

After two weeks in the Department of personal collections the exhibition of the master, who is considered the forerunner of the informal artists, non-conformists

Alexander Tyshler (1898-1980) — ostovar, one of the founders of the society of easel artists (OST). His recognizable distinctive style formed in the 1920s-х, Tishler managed not to change even during the dictatorship of socialist realism. No wonder he was highly respected new generation of independent artists, which came to life in 1960-е, during the "thaw". Today the work of Tischler look organically in the collections of the sixties, along with other Baptist "non-conformists" — Falk, Vladimir Favorsky, Fonvizin.

Work Tischler is quite in demand on the art market in Russia. Auction prices for drawings typically are in the range 100 000-250 000. Painting class 30 × 40 is about 900 000-1 000 000 rubles.

Curator — Anna Chudetskaya, leading researcher of the Department of private collections Pushkin Museum.


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