"Simple summer" Boris Kocheyshvili Russian Museum
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On Wednesday, August 14, at the Russian Museum (St. Petersburg) opens a personal exhibition of Moscow artist Boris Kocheyshvili. In the exhibition — paintings and reliefs

From August 14 to 16 September at the State Russian Museum, held a personal exhibition of Moscow artist Boris Kocheyshvili. The author formed his flamboyant style back in 1960-е: graphic and at the same time plastically sophisticated, full of a kind of grotesque and subtle poetry @ & mdash; his works are recognized at first sight and well [email protected]

the exhibition in the Russian Museum will show the works of the last decade: paintings and plaster reliefs. Reliefs, or three-dimensional pattern, created by the artist in original author's technique. For perhaps the first time in the history of relief art form, the limited technical features of the casting in forms, Kocheyshvili managed to move scenic improvisation into a solid material and lock in a cast the free movement of spatula. Relief staging literally come to life: each volume casts a characteristic shadow with a clear margin, and the figures engage in dialogue that the actors in theatre [email protected]

"2000-х Kocheyshvili increasingly drawn to painting... Motives architecture (Baroque volutes and curls, the ruins of colonnades and entablatures fragments) paradoxically form the landscape, judging by the names ("Field", "edge of the Sun", "Glade") — natural, natural. ...Actually, Kocheyshvili stung dialectic “stage” and natural, organic. It often becomes a special “internal” story. So, in the work "Fly away", "the Door in the forest" painting the event is played in a specially prepared stage, even stage design, space" (Alexander Borovsky, head of the Department of contemporary art state Russian Museum).

drawing, painting, relief and poetry in the works of Boris Kocheyshvili flow into each other and out of genre boundaries. Conformism in relation to the material Kocheyshvili not familiar, he does not follow the laws of the genre and mixes techniques, achieving a refined figurative language. Case when procurement Committee of the state Tretyakov gallery has not been able to solve the storage, painting or graphic arts, to include cardboard Boris Kocheyshvili, characteristic of a peculiar and easily recognizable manner [email protected]

Kocheyshvili not only a major contemporary artist, and poet, author of six books, his poems were included in the two volumes of "Russian poems 1950—2000 years: an anthology (First approximation)". Even the title — "Simple summer" —; derives from the name of the collection of poems by Boris Kocheyshvili, which was released when-то in samizdat. The exhibition at the Russian Museum reissued the book as official publisher and is provided with copyright [email protected]

In the space of the exposition is organically included the poetic lyrics of the artist-поэта and broadcasting of a documentary film about [email protected]

What is this

one with me

the landscape is empty


stunted field

forest no

as well

I saturate the landscape


"by Itself the question arises as to what "niche" is placed Boris Kocheyshvili. How to write about it? Who is he? A modernist? Sixties? A nonconformist? Unfortunately, our understanding of the trends in contemporary art is extremely scarce. We do not have enough terms and concepts. All of our existing elementary and too conventional" (Valery Turchin, doctor of art, Professor).

the artist's Works are in the collections of the state Tretyakov gallery, state Russian Museum, the Pushkin Museum im. A. S. Pushkin (graphic study) and other Metropolitan and regional museums and in private collections both in Russia and beyond [email protected]


the exhibition will Open on 14 August 2013. In the beginning 16.00.

Presentation of the poetic collection "Simple summer" and a meeting with Boris Kocheyshvili will be held on 12 September 2013. In the beginning 17.00.

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