"Artist's Book" in the Pushkin Museum. Alexander Pushkin
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The Department of Private Collections Pushkin Museum today opened an exhibition of works by Pablo Picasso, Joan Miro, Salvador Dali, Juan Gris and Antoni clave and Anthony Tapesa in the genre of "Artist's Book"

Pushkin Museum. Pushkin, January 31 - March 25, 2012
Department of Private Collections, Moscow, Volkhonka, 8 /10

The Department of Private Collections Pushkin Museum today opened an exhibition of works of six prominent Spanish artists of the twentieth century, Pablo Picasso, Joan Miro, Salvador Dali, Juan Gris and Antoni clave and Anthony Tapesa in the genre of livre d'artiste - «book artist."

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«Artist's Book», livre d'artiste, - a special type of edition of the literary text with illustrations made in the form of original printmaking (lithography, etching, woodcut, etc.); edition has a relatively small circulation (from tens to several hundreds of copies), printed on special paper and decorated in a certain way (usually Loose sheets box, box). In most cases, these editions signed by the author, artist or publisher.

book artist as a movement in art emerged in the last century in France thanks to the efforts of two well-known art dealers, Ambroise Vollard and publisher Daniel Henri Kanveylera and was actively developing in Europe. Thus, in Ambroise Vollard in 1900 began his publishing career with a book Paul Verlaine Parallelement with lithographs by Pierre Bonnard. This edition, published edition of two hundred copies, identified the standard to which A. Vollard followed in their joint work in this genre with Marc Chagall , Pablo Picasso, Georges Rouault, Georges Braque, Andre Derain, Raoul Dufy and other artists. Another publisher and a pioneer, Daniel-Henry Kanveyler, a banker from Germany, a famous art dealer, Vollard continued the tradition begun by AA Publishing books with the original printed graphics. Its first edition was published in 1909 a book of poems Guillaume Apollinaire L'EnchanteurPourrissant with xylographs Andre Derain. Among the publications created Kanveylerom for more than fifty years of publishing - such masterpieces as the book of Max Jacob Saint Matorel with etchings by Pablo Picasso, lithographs edition with Juan Gris, Andre Mason, etc.

interest in the new field has grown rapidly, and almost simultaneously with Vollard and Kanveylerom book format livre d'artiste start making Harry Kessler published by Cranach Press in Weimar, Albert Skiri in Lausanne, Gerald Kramer Geneva, Andre and Pierre Goniny in Lausanne. Somewhat later in the process included such major publishers as Louis Broder, Joseph Foret, Aimee Mage, Ilya Zdanevich , Teriad and many others.

principal feature of the book artist of the early XX century was the fact that the initiators of the publications were not professional publishers and art dealers, were interested in publishing. For them this book was not primarily a literary text and illustrations. They are increasingly regarded publication as an opportunity to present works by artists with whom to work. This trend is entrenched in the approach to the formation of the artist's books and their followers.

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Another feature of this genre of book publishing was that the images were not created as an illustrator for which important is reflected in the illustrations of individual literary works of genre scenes, and artists whose main activity was the creation of easel paintings and graphic works. They rarely literally followed the events of a literary work, in most cases "retelling" a story line for its painting. Sometimes these images very remotely reflect the specific scenes and events of the literary text, but they have separate works of fine art.

book artist, livre d'artiste, - this is quite an independent phenomenon in the art of the XX century of great interest to researchers and art lovers. Today it is difficult to name any of the famous painters and sculptors of the last century, who would not work in the genre of artist's book.

Pushkin Museum. Pushkin has repeatedly appealed to the theme of artist's book, showing works of local and international artists in the book illustrations. At this time the Russian viewers have a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the original book graphics Spanish artists of the XX century.

The exhibition at the Department of Private Collections Pushkin Museum. Pushkin are illustration Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) to lead the O. de Balzac's "The unknown masterpiece", a book of poems by Ilya Zdanevich "Afet" and "Song of the Dead" by Pierre Reverdy. The idea of ​​publishing works of Balzac, with illustrations by Picasso Ambroise Vollard owned. The publication offers a unique introduction of the artist: to sixteen pages posted fifty-six unusual figures - unique combination of lines connecting different points. All figures are taken from the notebooks of the artist in 1926. There are many interpretations of these figures, but their true meaning remains a mystery today. For a collection of poems "The Song of the Dead» (Le Chant des Morts), founded in 1945 by Pierre Reverdy French poet, Picasso had originally planned to make a series of separate illustrations for the poems. But then decided to illustrate the text by page, just as it did the old masters, decorating manuscripts. Picasso used the handwriting of the poet, which is quite freely available on the pages and added a bright red lines and bold dots, reminiscent of oriental calligraphy. Found by the artist creates an unusual sense of the decision in the audience, considering this excellent work. Another original book - "Afet" - a collection of sonnets, a Russian poet, graphic arts, one of the most virtuosic publishers' artist's book "Elijah Zdanevich. It - 76 works in Russian. Translated from the Arabic "Afet" means "bad luck", figuratively - "Beauty unrequited love." Because the sonnets were written in Russian, Picasso could hardly know their contents. In connection with this hard to believe how the image on the prints associated with the texts of sonnets. Picasso painted his close women - Marie-Therese Walter and Dora Maar. After issuing this unique book, Ilya Zdanevich defined guidelines for the preparation of his books: the use of several types of paper for printing of text and parchment in the manufacture of the cover, as well as create their own fonts.

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abstract artist Joan Miró (1893-1983) also had experience with Ilya Zdaneviches. The exhibition presents their only joint and last book, created by Igor Zdaneviches in the genre of "artist's book." As a literary work Zdanevich II chose a medieval text, first published in 1621. Continuing his experiments with the texts, II Zdanevich alternated vertical arrangement of letters in line with the horizontal, giving at the same time of punctuation. In the period from 1936 to 1939, Joan Miró wrote poetic text in the style of surrealism - Jeux poetiques. It was first published in 1945 in the journal Cahiers d'art. It is this text used in the present edition. When you open this magnificent book, you immediately realize that before you handwriting of the author - Joan Miro, the text which is a separate work of art. It serves as a harmonious addition to the fifteen colorful lithographs, made by the artist for this edition, two of which are made in full reverse. The exhibition also presents 18 lithographs that he created for his own collection of poems "The lizard with golden feathers» {he Lezard am plumes d'o), released in 1967.

obvious interest of the public calls the book "Alice in Wonderland" Lewis Carroll, illustrated by Salvador Dali (1904-1989). The artist created for each of the 12 heads of colored gouache paintings, which were then printed in the technique heliograph, which allows printing of large print runs. As the frontispiece he made a single color etching, which is two hundred copies, published with an additional suite, signed by him in pencil.

In contrast to the Spanish artist Salvador Dali, Juan Gris (1887-1924) began his career in book illustration. The first book with his illustrations appeared in 1906. It was a collection of poems by the Peruvian poet Jose Ciocan (Jose Chocano). It is interesting that these illustrations José Victoriano González-Pérez (this was the real name of the artist) for the first time signed a pseudonym J. Gris. Arriving in 1906 in Paris, Juan Gris, almost immediately entered the circle of artists and writers. Among his friends were the poets Guillaume Apollinaire, André Salmon, Max Jacob. X. Grice illustrated collection of poems and prose of Pierre Reverdy Poemes en prose. His paintings dealer Daniel-Henry stanol Kanveyler. In 1924, Tristan Tzara offered to illustrate his edition Grice Mouchoir de nuages. The book was published in 1925 with eight etchings Gris. The exhibition features illustrations by Juan Gris collection of poems «Au soleil du plafond» Pierre Reverdy. This joint effort of the artist and the poet was conceived in 1915. Reverdy wrote twenty poems planned for pictures Gris. In the title poem reflected the major themes and subjects depicted Grice: "Tube", "Musician," "Guitar," "Violin," "Vase", "Checkerboard". List poems can be regarded as Reverdy Galleries Gris. However, work was suspended due to World War II. Until his death in 1927, Grice could finish only half the picture. Only in 1955 the efforts of well-known publisher Teriada (Teriade) edition was completed. Each of the poems that accompany the lithographs of the artist, is represented in the form of a printed facsimile of Pierre Reverdy handwriting, well harmonizing with the works of Juan Gris. Despite the fact that this edition was published three decades later, after manufacture, it is one of the outstanding works of cubist period.

success for the artist Anthony clave (1913 -2005) came in 1946 thanks to the work carried out in the genre of artist's book - livre d 'artiste. It was a little on the format of the publication with a large number of colored lithographs to the novel by Prosper Merimee's "Carmen." The level of the present work said that there was a new name in the field of color lithographs. The lithograph shows the clave set of dolls, puppets, playing cards and other items. His Carmen - beautiful, but stern woman, a real gypsy. It affects the abundance of color lithographs, which is enhanced by adding a black outline. For this edition of the artist himself designed the colorful cover and hard cover (chemise). The exhibition also presents illustrations clave to the legendary novel by F. Rabelais' Gargantua and Pantagruel, "which he performed on the order of society Les Bibliophiles de Provence, and which are the pinnacle of his work in book illustration. Working on the design of the book, from 1951 to 1955, Anthony clave showed all ingenuity. He placed the picture in the text and on separate pages, creating a large number of fine drop caps, tail pieces and other decorations. To achieve such a great color combination that distinguishes this work from many others, to print each of the lithographs used from five to eight different stones. Noteworthy is the colorful lithographic artist design case and hardcovers (chemise) edition. Just look at the image of Pantagruel, steal the bells from the cathedral of Notre Dame, to imagine what pleasure awaits the reader of this excellent book, a great contribution to the creation of which together with the artist made typographers and printers.

Another Spanish master, whose works are on display, Anthony Tapes (born 1923), also worked in the genre of the book of the artist. The exhibition shows his book Petrificada Petrificante - a work created by Anthony Tapesom in collaboration with the famous Mexican poet and essayist Octavio Paz of the XX century, as well as original lithographs with embossing to a book of poetry the French poet Jean Dupin La Nuit Grandissant. On the cover of the publication caused a geometric figure, also made by stamping. All these complex solutions in the book look very natural and harmonious.

In the works of Spanish artists and reflected "the Russian theme." This illustration Anthony clave to the "Queen of Spades" by A. Pushkin and Anthony Tapesa to the "Roman Elegy" Joseph Brodsky.

The exhibition on display some 300 works of graphic art. All works are available to the Moscow collector George Gens and Boris Fridman.

the opening of the exhibition prepared by a special illustrated edition, devoted to the topic.

In the atrium of the Museum Pushkin Museum of Private Collections. Pushkin Museum is a multifunctional mediazona Knigabayt @ museum that allows visitors to view additional materials for the exhibition "The Book of the artist. livre d'artiste. The Spanish collection. Picasso. Dali. Miro. Grice. Clave. Tapes "(open from 01.02.2012 to 03.25.2012) in several electronic formats. Virtual exhibition - five unique editions:

1. Pablo Picasso. Nopoge de Balzac. Le Chef-d'Oeuvre inconnu [The unknown masterpiece] /Paris: Ambroise Vollard Editeur, 1931;

2. Salvador Dali. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Faust [Faust] /Geneva: Grafit Europf Unstalt, 1969;

3. Joan Miro. Jasques Prevert. Adonides /Paris: Maeght Editeur, 1975;

4. Antoni Clave. Jasques Prevert. Alexandre Pouchkine. La Dame de Pique [Queen of Spades] /Paris: Editions du Pre aux clercs, 1946;

5. Antoni Tapies. Joseph Brodsky. Romische Elegien [Roman Elegies] /Switzerland, St. Gallen: Erker-Presse, 1993.

These publications are included in the main exposition of the exhibition only single sheets, and a virtual exhibition presents the full.

Interactive Guide "Sputnik art» allows you to find any exhibit in the plan, get a detailed description, see the illustrations and information about the artist.

Digital Library "Knigabayt" opens up access to the electronic version album-catalog, published specially for the exhibition, as well as established on its basis a series of separate electronic editions for each of the exhibited artists.

Source : Press Release Pushkin Pushkin Museum

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