«Russian painting of XVIII - early XX century» Chelyabinsk from the Museum of Art at the Tretyakov Gallery
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Exhibition «Russian painting of XVIII - early XX century» Chelyabinsk from the Museum of Art, under the project «The Golden Map of Russia», starting June 12 in the Engineering Building Tretyakov Gallery (Moscow, Lavrushinsky Lane, 12)

Next, the 33rd, the exhibition is a multi-year federal project «The Golden Map of Russia» provides a collection of the oldest in the South Urals Art Center - Chelyabinsk Museum of Art. For the first time in its history, the museum exports outside the region the best part of his collection. Opening of the exhibition will be held prior to the celebration of 75 anniversary of the Chelyabinsk region.

based on the collection formed in 1940, Chelyabinsk State Regional Art Gallery (now Museum of Arts) were those works of Soviet artists to traveling exhibitions «Ural-Kuzbass in art» (1935-1936), later transformed into an exhibition «Sur Ural art »(1936-1939). In part, this was the work of local artists, but for the most of their colleagues in Moscow and Leningrad, seconded to the Urals documented record unprecedented in the history of an industrial building and the enthusiasm of working.

Founded as a collection of contemporary Soviet art, over time, Chelyabinsk museum included in its collection of works of Old Russian and Russian art XVIII - early XX century. A collection of classic Russian art in the gallery initially formed from the funds of the State Russian Museum, where in May 1941, arrived more than 100 paintings, drawings and etchings, specially selected for the historical and monographic principle. The beginning of World War II led to the temporary closure of the gallery, and later - to its elimination. The newly opened art gallery restored Chelyabinsk succeeded only in 1952.

In 1950-1960's collection of galleries added from the collections of the metropolitan and regional museums. For example, in 1960, the Tretyakov Gallery conveyed to the museum a number of paintings, executed by masters of academic schools, including those submitted at the current exhibition «Portrait of Baroness SN Staal von Holstein» (1859) IK Makarova.

As a result of the reorganization in 2005, Chelyabinsk Art Gallery has been merged with the Museum of decorative arts and formed Chelyabinsk Art Museum. Currently, his collection includes more than 14 thousand pieces.

to the Tretyakov Gallery in the exhibition from the museum funds selected 68 best works of art XVIII - early XX century. The earliest on the creation of the exhibits - parsuna «Благоверный Prince Alexander Nevsky» (no earlier than 1724), which until 1917 was in the Alexander Nevsky Lavra in St. Petersburg. The exposition includes the magnificent pair of miniature work of Dmitry Levitsky ( «self» and «Portrait of Nikolai Levitsky», 1783). This is the most well-known and frequently published by the museum exhibits.

The exhibition presented a large portrait gallery, consisting of works AG Venetsianov, VA Tropinin, VK Shebueva, Kramskoy, VG Perov. Among of the most interesting exhibition of landscape paintings of the IK Aivazovsky, Ivan Shishkin, I. Levitan, VD Polenov, S. Zhukovsky, N. Dubovskoy, KF Bogaevskogo, PI Petrovichev.

The exposition includes images of three representatives of the famous family of artists Makovsky - genre work of Constantine and Vladimir and Alexandra landscape.

The beginning of XX century, presented a vivid and emotional etudes FA Malyavina ( «Baba»), figured composition «Bather» (1910) NI Feshin, still life and landscape of N. Kuznetsova, Russian masterpiece Avant-garde - kubofuturisticheskim portrait «artist Tatlin and Bandura. (Kubizm. Musical Instruments) »(1916) painted by W. E. Pestel.

attention of professionals and attract visitors «Portrait of NA Rusakova» (1912), reflecting the trend in early ekspressionisticheskie creativity AM Rodchenko. The model of this work was born in Chelyabinsk district, the most brilliant artist of the pre-Yuzhnouralsk time Nicholas Afanasevich Rusakov (1888-1941). His work focuses on a particular section of the exhibition. This is the first metropolitan audience familiarity with the legacy master. Rusakov studied NI Feshin art school in Kazan, and KA Korovin from the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, has been a fan of creativity MA Vrubel. In 1915, inspired by the fate of P. Gauguin, he went to sea voyage along the coast of Indian subcontinent in search of harmony in the lives of people not touched by western civilization. Rusakov was one of the founders of art schools in the South Urals, the creator of the Chelyabinsk Branch of the Union of Artists. The exhibition features 21 paintings and graphic works of masters in the Oriental theme.

specially for the exhibition in the Tretyakov Museum restored a number of specialist works and historical framework, published catalog containing material on the history of the Museum and Art of Southern Urals.

The exhibition will run until August 17, 2008.

Source: museum.ru

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