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ARTinvestment.RU   08 июня 2008

Today one of the largest contemporary art fairs ArtBazel. Many publications are already beginning to move their outcome

It is noted that this year's trade ArtBazele is much slower than in previous years, due to not very active buyers of dollars. Concerned economic recession, a weakening dollar and rising prices at the crazy art market, Americans are in no hurry to make expensive purchases. Gerd Harry Laybke from the gallery Eigen + Art (Berlin, Leipzig) says: «Talk to U.S. on some good work, and he said:" Too expensive! "Even before I told him I mention the price!» Collector of the United States, bought picture of a German Martin Kippenbergera of 1.3 million dollars, before all, decided to make the purchase, came to the booth to watch the work of five times. «Last year the gallery to sell nine of the first two hours, and now sell six of the first two days», - noted the dealer Josh Baer. Gallery of San Francisco, John Berggruen, who usually sells the works of art only to Americans, said that this year he bought only from collectors in Europe.

However, most dealers are satisfied: waiting for something worse. Organizers have called this fair a success. They say that many collectors do not buy at ArtBazele, waiting for the end to have to bargain with the gallery, which can reduce the price after the fair. In addition, many dealers are looking forward to major acquisitions collectors billionaires from Eastern Europe, in particular, Roman Abramovich.

It should be recalled that on 12 June in Moscow will be a closed event, devoted to the opening of the Center for Contemporary Art (CCC Moscow). The audience will come to a new center in September. According to the head of the project, Abramovich girlfriend Daria Zhukova, it is planned to exhibit works of contemporary art world-class. Maybe there can be seen and the first work purchased for Abramovich ArtBazele, - sculpture cult Japanese Takashi Murakami «Oval Buddha» .

Artists from the East to enjoy the show very popular. The main stars, of course, Chinese. Many galleries have declared their intention to open branches in the Middle Kingdom. For example, PaceWildenstein (New York), privezshaya basle work in fashion Syaogana Zhang and Zhang Juan, wants to open a gallery of the Olympic Games in Beijing. Most works of Chinese artists, brought PaceWildenstein, have been sold on the first day of the fair. The success of Chinese art - is one of the major trends of today's art market, largely due to the advent of its customers-billionaires from the eastern countries. In the future, according to analysts, the same will become a popular Japanese and Korean art. Beijing is rapidly becoming one of the major art centers of the world.

One of the main events of the fair was the exhibition Ellsuorta Kelly. In honor of 85 anniversary of a famous artist in New York, Matthew Marks gallery in Basel brought about 20 paintings and drawings of Kelly, as well as one of his sculpture. The exhibition is small, but very representative: it covers all periods of art by American artist associated with such movements as abstract expressionism and minimalism.

Kelly visited ArtBazel the first time in 1965. «It was much less than artists, and art world was very different», - with some nostalgia, he said.

In addition to art fairs, Ellsuort Kelly visited the Foundation for the spouses Bayeler where the exhibition «Fernand Léger: Paris - New York» . The organizers of this large-scale exhibition aimed to show us the great modernist with America and American art. The exhibition features many famous works of Leger (narpimer, «Divers»), as well as the work of American artists, who influenced his art, including works by Kelly Ellsuorta.

After closing «ArtBazelya» immediately begin preparing for another show - «ArtBazel Miami Beach», which will be held in the United States, from 4 to 7 December this year.

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