«Broad Maslenitsa» Katya Medvedeva
ARTinvestment.RU   24 февраля 2008

March 10, 2008 in the heart of «Painting» in the Central House of Artists exhibition of works completed Katya Medvedeva (b. 1937) «Extensive Maslenitsa»

March 10, 2008 in the heart of «Painting» in the Central House of Artists exhibition of works completed Katya Medvedeva (b. 1937) «Extensive Maslenitsa». The artist remains one of the most prominent figures in contemporary and Russian art of the naive. The core of its identity expressionism - Power of Kindness. No atmosphere, no heat, the outgoing energy.

How would it explain? I recall a recent exhibition of folk art «Festnaiv'07», collected hundreds of mostly amateur artists working in the genre of primitivism. Koshechko, cows, flowers, village and urban genre scenes, modern splint. Emotionally and interesting, but, honestly, the vast majority of recreational activities make it possible to rely only on the tender emotion. That vyskochat animals a la Henri Rousseau (customs officer), it appears imagery a la Nico Pirosmani, the Mitkovskaya, then something else has seen or even really amateur ... twenty minutes later catch myself thinking that the quicker step.

And then look stumbles and stops on the unusual - in earnest folk, but is technically a professional. And, of course, like nothing on earth and certainly talented. The effect, when the eye rests, and is charging. Katya Medvedeva effect. Enough to see one or two of work to continue to accurately recognize its style and its color. Of course, this is subjective. Expressive means of primitivism and compositional eclecticism require the viewer some training. This thing is not for everyone. One like the other perplexing. Both are inexplicable, because the perception of art is a mystery, a fairly intimate thing.

You can mark several main themes in the works of Cathy Medvedeva. Its long-standing love - ballet. «Giselle», dresses, pointe. Beauty and defencelessness. This topic fell in love and its many art collectors. In recent years, the works of Cathy increasingly appear the faces of saints and martyrs of historic figures: the artist is drawn to biblical and philosophical themes.

Images of many works published on the official website of artist www.katya-medvedeva.ru , but you need to take into account the peculiarity of her oil painting: invoice, it is impossible to convey in the photograph. Plus the recent artist often works in mixed media, introduces sequins, appliqué textiles and other materials. Because of these features appear in the photographs are often distorted, live work look much stronger.

on the new images of Katya works mainly in rural areas Kasimovskij The first area in the tripartite kilometers from the capital, but often comes to Moscow.

Katya Medvedev has not yet been included in the auction «clip» semidesyatnikov on foreign bidding works appear rare. Basically things are rotating at the gallery market, are bought by collectors. Interestingly, among the first admirers of her work were Katia and Norbert Kuhinke (the «professor from Denmark», «hippie shaggy» in the «Autumn Marathon»). Paintings and graphics artist, gradually increasing in price, but still available to middle class, which mainly belong to its numerous collectors.

Source: www.katya-medvedeva.ru

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