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Max Beckman in the Hermitage
ARTinvestment.RU   05 января 2008

Veteran of the First World War, and later as a representative of the fascists zakleymenny «degenerative art», Max Beckman today is considered almost a major figure in German Expressionism.

January 13, 2008 finalized the first exhibition in Russia of a German expressionists «Max Beckman. Works from the museum and private collections of Hamburg and Lübeck », which takes place at the State Hermitage Museum (Petrovskaya Gallery, Halls 255-257).

Veteran of the First World War, and later as a representative of the fascists zakleymenny «degenerative art», is now considered perhaps the main figure in German Expressionism. And by the way, the author of one of the most expensive in the world: the «Self-portrait with horn» was sold at Sotheby's on 10 May 2001 for 22.5 million dollars in excess estimeyta 2,5 times. To be more correct, but today at the rating of nominal prices Skate's Top 1000, the result is located on the 79 th spot. At the time of sale it was a very high price for the work of German artist, but for six years, a lot of things happened. In the same place with a rating of 28 result in 38 million dollars in November 2006 took the «Berlin Street» Ernst Ludwig Kirchner.

exhibition at the Hermitage has about a hundred paintings, sculptures and graphics from the collection of the Kunsthalle, and other museums, as well as from private collections of Hamburg and Lübeck. The exhibition tried to bring to the retrospective, including early work of the young Beckman, pre-war almost lyrical landscapes, urban scenes hard after the First World and will continue until graphics have been implemented after the Second World War in the United States, where he moved in 1947 and where he died in 1950-m . The most highly prized «mature Beckman» - then it works particularly manifested acquired stiffness, energy, uncompromising - nothing in common with the early, almost impressionisticheskim world.

It is estimated artprice.com , suspended $ 100 invested in the creation of Max Beckman, for 10 years, turned into 156 dollars. This result is due to early mathematical averaged over run by graphics. According to specialists, expensive paintings Beckman rate of approximately 10 percent per year, typical of the works of great artists. But interest in German Expressionism is growing, so in the near future the pace подорожания must grow. Works by Max Beckman is clearly of world importance. However, observed that it is in its native Germany, the most in demand, and thus liquid.

As often happens, the market is flooded with fakes of the artist. It is believed that up to 30 percent «bekmanov», appearing in the German auctions (mostly regional) is not true. So when the deal collector and the investor is encouraged to take all precautions.

Sources: http://www .hermitage.ru/html_Ru/04/2007/hm4_1_170.html , www.artprice . com , www.tvkultura.ru , http://www.skatepress.com

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