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ARTinvestment.RU   07 августа 2019

8 Aug auction house "Russian enamel" will present a collection of 350 lots of rare books, autographs, photographs, posters, postcards, historical papers and maps totaling over 10 000 000 rubles

Online-каталог auction.

Among the most interesting and important to select top 10-лотов autographs and rare books of the first third of the twentieth century:

Lot 164. [Autographed by V. Bryusov, A. Mercero (Valdoro)] verharen, E. Helen of Sparta. Tragedy in 4 acts / authorized translation by Valery Bryusov. M.: Publishing House "Scorpion", 1909.

Lot 170. Kuzmin, M. A. [autograph by F. Sologub]. First, second and third books of short stories. M.: Scorpio, 1910-1913.

Lot 180. [The first book] Burliuk, Giving.DAV. Noisy "Benoit" and the new Russian national art (Conversation G. Burliuk, G. Benoit and G. Repin on art). N. D.B. The parody and imitation. SPb.: Negoitate Schmidt, 1913.

Lot 188. And manuscripts of David Burliuk: poems "Strelna", "Order", "Play old tower children...". [M.], 1910-е years.

Lot 189. Balmont, K. D. [autograph] Poetry as magic. M.: Scorpio, 1915.

Lot 198. [Autograph of the writer and goalkeeper Vladimir Nabokov] Minutes of a football match between team 6-й school and team Tenishev school line players. [SPb.], October 1, 1916.

Lot 204. The manuscript of Andrei Bely: the poem "Joke", "Karma", "I", "Baby", "Word", "News covered...", a fragment of a poem "the Motherland". A Letter By Maria Samoilovna Tsetlin. Date. 1918 7 sheets.

Lot 240. Typescript with extensive handwritten revisions of oberiut Nikolay Oleynikov: a Red bow. The story of a platoon commander. Draft. [1920-е gg] 10 l

Lot 251. Kruchenykh, A. [autograph Boris Chirkov] Nintendo mystery Comedy. 1. Funeral hearses. 2. You do not know about Yesenin. 3. Outside or inside? 4. Persecution. 5. Nintendo people. Products No. 136 / Portrait of Esenin on the cover and figure V. Kulagina. M.: Izd. the author, 1926.

Lot 276. Harms, D. [autograph] Alveus. A popular essay about the real creators and all creations [Typescript with dedication "моему beloved friend L. G. Bader]. Moscow, 1933.

With all the auction lots can be found before 7 August 2019 at the pre-auction exhibition at the office of the auction house "Antiquarium" (Moscow, Nizhny Kislovskiy lane., 6, p. 2).

the Auction will be held on 8 August. Start of trading in 19:00.

Phones: 7 495.792.48.92; 7 985.969.77.45; e-mail:

to Participate in the auction online.

Source: press-релиз the auction house "Russian enamel"

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