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"Differently-разно" in the "Cabinet" sold by 45% by lots and 61% for the money
ARTinvestment.RU   04 июня 2019

A strong result for the auction among the working week. Online involved up to 75 people

the End of may and brought to Moscow not only the abnormal warmth but also the present abundance in the auction house "Russian enamel". For one only last week of may in Nizhny Kislovskiy pereulok passed three of the auction: book on Wednesday 29-го, visual arts Thursday, may 30 and Saturday, children's Day, "Imperia" has prepared another book auction, a session of which was devoted to children's literature.

Beginning of the auction the relay was successfully launched in Wednesday, may 29, at the auction "Differently-разно. From the German of surveyors to the Soviet non-conformists". To 7 p.m. in the audience were at least a dozen people. However, the performance of the so-called "dealer" trading full-time attendance buyers have long ceased to influence the majority of purchases at these auctions are done via the Internet, by phone or absentee rates. However, sales in the hall this evening was still, and quite a lot — approximately 9% of the lots sold. The same was purchased by phone. About 19 % of lots were sold at the absentee rates. Finally, the most numerous and active category of buyers is, of course, was online-биддеры, the number of which ranged from 40 to 75 people: they have won 63 % of the lots. Just managed to implement 199 of 440 lots offered in the catalog, and it is 45 %. Revenues amounted to almost RUB 3 million, or 61 % of the average of the total evaluation. A great result for dealer trades among the working week.

Top-лотом auction "Russian enamel" on may 29, was a rare regimental edition — "History 93-го Irkutsk Infantry of His Imperial Highness Grand Duke Mikhail Alexandrovich regiment from 1785 to 1913" S. A. Gulevich (SPb.: The publication of the [email protected] semicolon Type. The headquarters of the Guard and of the Petersburg military district, 1914). A lot was purchased at the only online-ставке equals the upper limit of the rating, — 450 thousand.

Bought through the Internet and absentee rates on a selection of old maps for a total of about 200 thousand rubles. the Most expensive was tinted with watercolors engraved "Map of the Russian Empire or Muscovy..." Frederik de wit Nicholas and by two, printed at the end of XVII — the beginning of the XVIII century. From the start 70 thousand rubles. the price has risen to 85 thousand.: online-игрок could not argue that the high correspondence rate.

Over 60 thousand rubles by correspondence rate was sold the first posthumous edition of works by Pushkin — works, published by the St. Petersburg printing house of I. Glazunov in 1838-1841. Over 42 thousand rubles, in the evaluation of 20-22 thousand rubles., left the first edition of the second volume "Dead souls" N. V. Gogol. The lot was bought online-участник. Another selling above estimate: the book "principles of chemistry" D. I. Mendeleev with a fold-out periodic table, estimated at 10-11 thousand rubles, went online-покупателю three times more expensive than the evaluation of — for 30 thousand rubles.

Lively was online-торг for "the History of the reign of Alexander II" (SPb.: Type. T-ва "Public Benefit", 1882): from 20 thousand RUB reached a winning rate of 50 thousand RUB Another biography of the Russian monarch — Nicholas II, only published in the Soviet period (in 1929 in Kazan, Professor N. N. Firsov), and therefore full of hard-hitting criticism of the last Romanov, were sold at 20 times higher than the estimate. The book, modestly estimated at 2 thousand rubles., sparked a lively fight the Internet with the phone buyer. In the result the lot win phoneplayer for 40 thousand.

On the upper estimate for 100 thousand rubles. was sold to a bilingual (English and Russian) publication "Paradise Lost and Returned Paradise" by John Milton illustrated by Gustav Dore (published by A. F. Marx, 1895): the lot was acquired by the party in the hall.

With a good bargain between your phone, Internet and part-time left a rare book Russian abroad "His Imperial Majesty's Own Convoy", published by Colonel N. By V. Galushkina in San-Франциско in 1961. The lot went to a telephone buyer for 65 thousand rubles (estimate 15-16 thousand rubles).

At the end of the catalogue drew the attention of the customers three new-йоркских edition of Joseph Brodsky (all three — signed by the author): in the Treasury auction of these items brought a total of 150 thousand.

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