Jubilee auction "Antiquarium": sold 27 million rubles
ARTinvestment.RU   19 декабря 2018

At auction December 15, left 82 % of the lots. Revenues amounted to 60,46 % of the average total estimate

Fiftieth account auction house "Russian enamel" was held on Saturday, December 15. Striking collection of 200 lots of icons, paintings, drawings, antiquarian books and autographs, prepared by the organizers of the auction, caused a considerable stir in the environment of the Moscow collectors and dealers. By the beginning of the auction hall was full, and online to participate signed up 42 people (in the bidding process the number of Internet-пользователей exceed 60). In the end, sold lot 164 of 200 (82 %) is 27.39 mln (60,46 % of the average total estimate). Most lots were purchased online-игроками (about 57 %); active buyers in the room were few, but they in total purchased approximately 36 % of lots sold; the percentage of sales by correspondence and telephone rates was not significant.

Lots, stepped price level of 1 million rubles, at the jubilee auction "Russian enamel" was six. Expensive to sell a set of 30 sheets of original illustrations by A. F. Pakhomov for the story of Nikolai Tikhonov "From sea to sea" (this book last came out in 1928 and since then was not republished). Lot became full-time buyer for 1.5 million rubles From behind him for 1.3 million rubles online-игрок bought at the start of the scenic work of Alexander Vladimirovich Makovsky "Work" in 1922.

the Expected top-лотом was the first complete works of Vladimir Mayakovsky (volume 1-6 came out when the poet's life; volumes 7-10 — posthumously) with dedicatory inscription by the author on the title page of the first volume to address the wife of the poet Semyon Kirsanov Claudia Kirsanova: "Tom / not bought in the shop / and tenderly / gift Klavka / Vlak / 18/II 30". Per lot traded Internet absentee bid. What began with 500 thousand rubles, bargaining eventually settled on the online-ставке of 1.25 million rubles.

many times more expensive valuation at auction December 15, was sold to an autograph poem by Alexander Galich "St. Petersburg romance" with the dedication "With love" writer Natalya Ryazantseva. Lot of 4 handwritten sheets were estimated 60-100 thousand rubles. The fight became a participant in the room, Internet and telephone bidder. Dotorgovalas to 1,1 mln. — is 18 times more than the lower estimate! Victory hall.

Reached a seven-results and autographs of Joseph Brodsky. Especially liked the collectors autograph poem 55-летию new-йоркского friend of Brodsky's Roman Kaplan, however (andwith Mikhail Baryshnikov) was in the restaurant "Russian samovar". For a humorous message on two pages "to Roman Kaplan, the day after his pyatidesyatiletiya", accompanied by a sketch of the author in the bar, was trading up 1.3 mln (estimate for the lot was 400-600 thousand rubles). A lot went to full-time participant, pereprevshego Internet and phone.

Another dedication to — on the collection of poems "the view from the hill" (Stockholm: HYLAEA, 1992) — Brodsky left in address spouse Lyudmila and Viktor stern: "Take, Sterny, this "View". / I'm afraid it will not surprise you. / But hard to impress, probably / Ludmila stern and Victor stern". In this instance of compilation, released an edition of 25 numbered copies, contains more typos and even added Brodsky hand-pieces of poems. Per lot fought all those applicants in the hall, by phone and online: the hammer price amounted to RUB 1 million (estimate 400-600 thousand rubles).

Among other important sales 50-х auction "Russian enamel" may be noted: the sale of the first collection of the lyrical poems of Pushkin (St. Petersburg.: In type. Of the Department of Education; in type. Imp. Russian Academy, 1829-1835) for 825 thousand rubles (estimate: 200-400 RUB thousand) and the sale of over 850 thousand rubles. "the book of the Marquise" by K. Somov. But farthest from the estimate went price a self-published book Ilya Kabakov's 1982 "60-е years" (the first typed copy with author's corrections) with an inscription by the author to the poet Lev Rubinstein. With the assessment of 30-50 thousand RUB lot dotorgovalas to 675 thousand lower estimate, therefore, was exceeded in 22.5 times!

Such was the jubilee, but the last in the expiring year auction "Antiquarium". This week, Saturday at 14:00 in "the Antique centre on the Garden" will be another auction. The theme, as you can guess, is Christmas: "Christmas toys, decorative-прикладное art and books." The prices of many lots — from 3 rubles.

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