Auction in the Auction house № 1
ARTinvestment.RU   13 декабря 2018

In the directory — painting, graphics, applied and decorative arts, items of jewelry, used books and postcards. Near things collectible quality will be offered ideas for Christmas gifts — paintings, drawings, holiday decorations

December 19, auction house # 1 holds the last in the expiring 2018 auction — auction No. 31, which will be held at: Moscow, khamovnicheskiy Val, 10. Start of trading in 15:00.

the auction Catalog.

pre-Auction exhibition is open from 14 to 18 December, from 11:00 to 19:00 except Sunday.

lower Open a large section of the fine arts European painting and graphics. A copy of the XVIII century with paintings by Titian, "the penitent Mary Magdalene", exhibited with a starting price of 600, 000. Top-лотами section of Russian and Soviet art are two lyrical winter landscape S. Ledneva-Щукина beginning of the XX century (starts 350 000 and 450 000 RUB.), still life with flowers, I. Gorokhova 1898 (650 000 RUB), the author's version of a famous painting by A. Gorsky "missing" 1965 (start of 150 000 RUB.), watercolors, Alexander Vedernikov, great work by S. R. "Sunflowers in bucket", 1965 (from 250 000 RUB.), small sketches classics of the Soviet painting — Yuri Pimenov, Sergei Gerasimov, G. Nyssa.

Traditionally, the auction included a large string of short-run graphics of the Works of the graphic art produced since 1950-х years of high-quality color and black-and-белые prints of Soviet charts. The section will conclude with a selection of posters, the most interesting of which is "If tomorrow the war" with poems by V. Lebedev-Кумача.

In the decorative section-прикладного art includes, in particular, several samples of Russian porcelain the first half of the nineteenth century: the milkman with gribalevoy-painted Imperial porcelain factory period of Paul I (start 200 000 RUB), pair candlesticks Private plant Brothers New, big kvasnik with panoramic painted with scenes of Russian life Private plant Poskochini etc.

Among the silver items in this auction are present including works by F. Rückert, Khlebnikov, G. Klingert. A sample of the style of "trompe l'oeil" — a large silver plate with a faux napkin draped over braid (start 300 000 RUB.). Fans of the old Christmas decorations addressed a variety of glass toys on primako 1950-х years (from 500 RUB.).

The catalog includes a rare book section which has the collector's edition and good cheap books for gifts, books on art, poetry. In particular, the books "Insurance farm equity operating cost. Model rules for insurance groups when you train-дорожных enterprises" E. Vreden (start of 12 000 rubles.), "a Collection of Masonic objects of the Russian Historical Museum. I" V. M. Vikentyeva (from 5 000 RUB.), "Marquis de Sade" A. Eulenburg (from 5 000 RUB.), "song of Solomon" in the lane A. Efros (9 000 RUB), a set of "one Hundred portraits of Russian artists" (from 48 000 rubles.), "the Odyssey" by Homer translated by V. A. Zhukovsky, F. Preller drawings (80 000 rubles), pre-revolutionary commemorative edition "Caucasian mineral waters" (from 55 000 RUB.) textbook edition Sabaneev about hunting and more.

Phones: 7-499-550-94-45,8-800-302-63-32.

Source: press-релиз Auction house # 1

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