Lot 601 a total estimate of 15 million rubles at the auction "In the Nikita"
ARTinvestment.RU   10 октября 2018

18 October 2018 in the "House of antique books in Nikitsky" will auction № 124 "Painting, graphics, decorative-прикладное art, autographs, rare books on art, photography". Auction start at 19:00

Online-каталог auction.

Lots are divided into thongs, which are arranged chronologically and grouped by collections from which they came.

the Auction opens the section of ancient illustrated books and iconography:

Lot 2 — Psalter, printed at the Moscow print yard in 1619 Sofia priest Nikon, decorated with a woodcut depicting king David;

Lots 10-23 — string of icons, among which the organizers of the trade mark lot 13 — "virgin of Iver" in a silver frame, made in the Moscow workshop of I. Alexeev (1904-1917.), and lot 23 — "Christmas" (Palekh, the end of the XVIII century).

In the string of paintings available small paintings of the masters: song "Brod" 1880-х. N. K. Pimonenko (lot 28); "Grazing geese" by V. I. Zarubin (30), "Portrait of Natalia Brukhonenko daughter Svetlana Kysylevska" 1937 N. K. Schwede-Радловой from the collection of family, Brukhonenko-Успенских (49); "Mozhaysk", 1948, S. V. Gerasimov (53) from the collection of family Nadezhdy Alekseevny Peshkova (triumph's) — daughter-in-law of A. M. Gorky; "Tevye-молочник" — composition based on a story by Sholom-Алейхема 1964 A. L. Kaplan (58).

In the string printed graphics, the auction house said the engraved views of the Moscow Kremlin P. Picard 1710-х. (77-78) from the collection of Pashkovich; monotype E. S. Kruglikova, "Landscape with green vase" 1928 (107) and a lithograph by A. Pakhomov, 1942 "snow" (116).

In the string of original graphics, the participants are offered, in particular, "portrait of an unknown" E. Rossi 1850-х. (154), self-portrait A. D. Kivshenko 1869 from the collection of A. A. Yar-Кравченко (157); watercolor landscapes by A. Benois (162-165); a series of military drawings 1914-1916 artist, architect, active participant of exhibitions Association "Jack of diamonds", "World of art" L. R. Sologub (192-207); astrometrically series of drawings for the magazine "Peasant woman" and "Bast" 1920-30-х. I. I. Dubasov, who from 1928 to 1974 he was the chief artist of Goznak (220-231); the Crimean landscapes of M. A. Voloshin (261-263); project and the drawings of the masters of Soviet avant-garde and constructivism the brothers A. A. and V. A. Vesnin (268-270).

the auction features a retrospective of illustrations for children's books 1940-60-х. Work performed remarkable Soviet artists and graphics: V. M. Konashevich (286); I. L. Bruni (287); Y. I. Sooster (317); A. M. Laptev (296-300); D. N. Domogatskii (301); R. A. by Varshamov (312-314); N. I. konyshevoy (327); VG by Steevy (348) A. M. Kanevsky (354);, G. V., Alimov (356-357).

will Attract the attention of collectors pen drawings B. P. Sveshnikov (395-400) and the album summer sceneries T. A. Mavrina (391).

decorative String-прикладного art open two mosaic compositions, monuments of Russian mosaic art, made in the famous St. Petersburg workshop of A. A. Frolova, where he created mosaics for the Cathedral of our Savior on spilled Blood (Church of the Savior on spilled Blood).

Collectors of porcelain may be interested in items made at the State porcelain factory in 1920-30-е.: tray, painted by L. N. Hausam, 1919 (419); decorative plate with romantic landscape on a sketch by M. Adamovich 1919 (420); and a full tea set "Blue flowers" in 1933, the author of the paintings of A. V. Vorob(422).

In a string of books kits magazines "Old years". 1907-1916 (450) and "the Golden fleece" (451).

the collection Ends with the auction, the string of photographs in which in particular, offered military photos of K. K. Bulla (544-547), the block of material associated with the official visit of cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin in Poland from 20 to 22 July 1961 and documentary materials associated with the cosmonauts V. Tereshkova and V. F. Bykovsky, with autographs.

lots Pre-show is open until October 18, 2018 (12:00 to 20:00 except Sunday and Monday) at the address: Moscow, Nikita lane, 4A, page 1 (M. Okhotny Ryad).

the Auction will be held on October 18, 2018 Start of trading in 19:00.

Tel: (495) 926-41-14, e-mail: info@vnikitskom.ru.

Source: press-релиз "House of antique books in Nikitsky"

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